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Star Trek Posters

Updated on August 30, 2017

Star Trek Posters And More

I Just Got A New Star Trek Poster And I Am Out Of This World Thrilled With It! The pixelated poster by John Martz is called "Trexels", and it is 235 Star Trek characters done in 8-bit pixel art. Take a look at the picture I took and tell me what you think about it. There was a challenge issued with was, "Can you name all the Star Trek Characters in it?" Well, can you? I could not...even tho' I am a Trekkie from all the way back to the beginning. If you can, drop a comment and let me know or better them!

I found some great posters of the characters and scenes I loved in the Star Trek episodes and movies and I think you, all you Trekkies out there, will like them too. So enjoy my lens, the posters, name those characters if you can and drop me a line anytime...I'd love to hear your thoughts about my new of his 8-bit Star Trek characters!

You are going to find lots of Star Trek Posters on this lens, plus lots of unique and funky Star Trek fun items, so sit back and enjoy seeing lots of your favorite characters and movie or TV scenes.

The original TV series, also called Star Trek: The Original Series or TOS, was followed by:

  • by Star Trek: The Animated Series - 1973
  • Related shows Star Trek: The Next Generation - 1987
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - 1993
  • Star Trek: Voyager - 1995
  • Star Trek: Enterprise - 2001
  • Star Trek - 2009

The title of this lens is poster but I did add some pictures and links to some unique Star Trek merchandise when I found it. You will find funky little items like Star Trek cuff links, a USS Enterprise telephone, a Lt. Uhura collectible collectibles and wonderful gift ideas for any Star Trek fan!

Star Trek The Original Series Posters - TOS Posters

Looking at these posters reminds me of the first time I saw the crew of the starship USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) . The Star Trek main characters were:

  • Captain James T. Kirk
  • First Officer, Lt. Commander Mr. Spock
  • Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Commander Leonard "Bones" McCoy
  • Chief Engineer, Lt. Commander Montgomery "Scotty" Scott
  • Communications Officer, Lt. Uhura
  • Helmsman, Lt. Hikaru Sulu.

The original TV show was first shown on Sept. 8, 1966 and ran until June 3, 1969.

"Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. "

Star Trek The Original Series (TOS) Trailer

Here's the intro from Star Trek The Original Series! Enjoy!

Star Trek The Animated Series Trailer - Animated Deja Star Trek

Here's the intro for the Animated Series and right in the beginning it's like watching the TOS version!

Star Trek: The Next Generation Posters

Star Trek The New Generation, or TNG as it is sometimes referred, aired in 1987. That's a long time for Star Trek fans to wait for new episodes, 21 years to be exact. TNG had a new cast of characters for us to meet and learn about. The crew of the USS Enterprise in the New Generations is:

  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard
  • First Officer Commander William Riker
  • Lieutenant Commander Data
  • Security Chief Lieutenant Tasha Yar
  • Ship's Counselor Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi
  • Tactical Officer Lieutenant Worf
  • Chief Medical Officer Commander Beverly Crusher M.D.
  • Conn Officer Lieutenant Geordi La Forge

There are a few unusal crew members serving aboard the Enterprise in TNG...Lt. Commander Data is an android, Lt. Worf is a Klingon, helmsman Geordi La Forge was born blind but wears a visor that interfaces directly with his brain and allows him to see, and Lt. Commander Diana Troi who can sense other people's feelings . Now that's quite a collection of interesting and unusual characters that Gene Roddenbury assembled for us, don't you agree?

Star Trek The New Generation Trailer - TGN

Watch the intro of Star Trek The New Generation spoken by Patrick Stewart as USS Enterprise Captain Jean Luc Picard.

Star Trek Vs Star Trek The New Generation - Everyone has a favorite Star Trek Series

Star Trek has a huge fan base, but many fan are divided about which Star Trek series is the let's find out what all of you think!

Which Star Trek Series Is Your Favorite - The Original (TOS) or The New Generations (TNG)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Posters


Who out there likes Deep Space Nine or is it DS9? This Star Trek series first aired in 1993 and if you thought Star Trek The New Generation had a strange cast of characters, wait until you read about the Deep Space Nine cast! Deep Space Nine was a mining station that was once held by the Cardassians, a predatory race who ruled over the Bajorian race. When the Cardassians left Bajor the Bajorians quickly invited the Federation of Planets control of the Mining Station, renaming it Deep Space Nine.

The cast of Deep Space Nine Is:

  • Commander Benjamin Sisco
  • First Officer Major Kira Nerys
  • Chief of Security Constable Odo
  • Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Julian Bashir
  • Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Jadzia Dax
  • Miles O'Brien Chief Operations
  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Miles O'Brian
  • Quark, the Ferengi Bar Owner

And of course, I found more fun, unique and funky items with a Deep Space Nine theme.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Trailer - DSN

This video's sound is a little bit loud, so you might want to turn down your speakers.

Star Trek: Voyager Posters

The USS Voyager gets thrown across the galaxy by an energy wave and must make it's way back to Earth. The trip back to earth will take decades to complete and you know there will be many challenges to over come along the way.

The cast of Star Trek Voyager is:

  • Captain Kathryn Janeway
  • First Officer Commander Chakotay
  • Security Officer Lieutenant Tuvok
  • Helmsman Ensign Tom Paris
  • Chief Engineer Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres
  • Operations Officer Ensign Harry Kim

The Voyager had it's share of unusal crew members just like the other Federation starships. The doctor for the ship was a holigram known as "The Doctor' and one crew member was once Borg, her name is Seven of Nine.

Star Trek Voyager Trailer

Watch the intro to Star Trek Voyager as the ship is thrown across the galaxy.

Star Trek Enterprise Poster

The Star Trek Enterprise series ran from September 2001 to May 2005. This series takes place on the first Warp 5 starship. The Enterprise crew is:

  • Captain Jonathan Archer
  • Science Officer Lieutenant T'Pol
  • Chief Engineer Lieutenant Charles "Trip" Tucker III
  • Tactical Officer Malcolm Reed
  • Communications And Linguistics Officer Hoshi Sato
  • Helmsman Travis Mayweather
  • Chief Medical Officer Dr. Phlox

Let's see what posters and goodies I can find for Star Trek Enterprise.

Star Trek Enterprise Trailer

Watch this intro to Star Trek Enterprise the series video.

Star Trek Movies

Here's a quick list of the Star Trek movies.

  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture release in 1979
  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan released in 1982
  • Star Trek III: The Search for Spock released in 1984
  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home released in 1986
  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier released in 1989
  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country released in 1991
  • Star Trek Generations released in 1994
  • Star Trek: First Contact released in 1996
  • Star Trek: Insurrection released in 1999
  • Star Trek Nemesis released in 2002
  • Star Trek released in 2009

I am not going to list each one with the characters, but I am going to talk about the last one. Star Trek released in 2009 with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto is one of my very favorites. And I was more surprised at that than anyone else when that happened. I have been a Star Trek fan since the very beginning and when I heard they were making a movie without the Kirk and Spock that I have come to love over the years, I knew I would not like it. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. I think that the new Star Trek is equal to the Original. Yes, I know one is a series and the other a movie, but for me, Chris Pine became James T. Kirk...he replaced William Shatner and Zachary Quinto became Mr. Spock, replacing Leonard Nemoy. I guess it 's time to pass on the baton and let these new stars bring us new adventures with the crew of the Starship Enterprise.

The crew of Star Trek 2009 release is:

  • Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk
  • Zachary Quinto as Lt. Commander Spock
  • Karl Urban as Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy
  • Zoe Saldana as Nyota Uhura
  • Simon Pegg as Montgomery "Scotty" Scott
  • John Cho as Hikaru Sulu
  • Anton Yelchin as Pavel Chekov
  • Leonard Nemoy as the Older Spock

Star Trek 11 Movie - XI Trailer - Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto

Here's the 1st, 2nd and 3rd intro to the Star Trek movie released in 2009.

Star Trek Movie Collectibles

Perfect gift ideas for the Star Trek fan in your house. Look at these fun and unique items from the 2009 Star Trek movie starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto as James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock.

Star Trek Animated Christmas Video

Star Trek Christmas Ornaments

Here's a great holiday gift idea for the Star Trek Fan you know. A great way to celebrate the holidays is by spreading some cheer...and giving some gifts...check out these ornaments.

Cool Star Trek Gift Collectibles and Gift Ideas

I love the USS Enterprise bottle opener and I bet just about any Star Trek fan would! Here are some more unique and fun gift ideas. This is a great idea for the Star Trek fan who likes beer or other drinks you would need a bottle opener for.

Star Trek Calendars

Get a calendar to hang up in the office or place one on your desk. Find wall and desk calendars with a Star Trek theme.

Star Trek Starship Blueprints

If you are a serious Trekkie and love the ships of the future you will enjoy these blueprints of star trek ships.

Star Trek Ship Models

Like to build models? Like Star Trek? Pick out some of your favorite Federation Starship model kits you can assemble. Imagine how much fun it will be to assemble and decorate these Star Trek vessels. These starship and alien ship models also make wonderful Christmas and holiday gift ideas for anyone who enjoys the challenge of model building.

Star Trek T-Shirts

Star Trek T-Shirts are the perfect gift idea for the fan in your house...even if it's you! Find the perfect T-shirt for yourself and your family to wear.

Star Trek Original Crew T-Shirt Medium
Star Trek Original Crew T-Shirt Medium

My favorite USS Enterprise crew ...


More Star Trek Collectibles And Unique Gift Ideas

How about that 3-D chess set we used to see on board the Enterprise? Did you ever want to play a game of chess on that? Or how about a coffee mug with a Star Trek theme? Take a look at what I found!

Star Trek Games

"Wanna Play A Game?" OOPs, wrong movie, but yes I would like to play a game. Do you have anything with a Star Trek theme?

Star Trek Books

Find the books you want on your favorite subject...Star Trek books! You can find hard cover, paper back and Kindle ebooks too.

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Fascinating collection of Star Trek posters. Thank you for publishing this lens.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Fantastic posters - I'm a huge Star Trek fan.

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      7 years ago

      Great StarTrek posters lens here. I am a trekkie and love this lens. Great work!

    • yourselfempowered profile image

      Odille Rault 

      7 years ago from Gloucester

      Wow, excellent lens - really great information and some fabulous products! :)


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