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Steamcon IV

Updated on February 24, 2015

Victorian Monsters

Steamcon, a glorious steampunk convention held annually in the fall in the Seattle area, is the longest running steampunk convention in the US. This year it will be held on Halloween weekend, so the theme will be "Victorian Monsters". In the dark and foggy streets of Victorian London, many of the most famous monsters of all time were born. Dracula, Frankenstein, the Invisible Man, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, Jack the Ripper and many more fiendish ghouls began there and Steamcon will take a look at them through the lens of steampunk. It will be a frighteningly fun event, not to be missed.

Kim Newman is the Author Guest of Honor!

Kim Newman is a novelist living in The U.K. His book Anno Dracula, embodies the theme of Victorian Monsters quite well and as do his novels The Bloody Red Baron, Dracula Cha Cha Cha and The Hound of the d'Urbervilles. His website, 'Dr Shade's Laboratory' is located at He can be found on Twitter as @AnnoDracula. He has been awarded numerous honors during his career including the Bram Stoker Award, the Children of the Night Award, the Fiction Award of the Lord Ruthven Assembly, and the International Horror Critics' Guild Award.

Joe Benitez is the Artist Guest of Honor!

Joe Benitez is comic book artist whose creation "Lady Mechanika" is inspired by the steampunk community. Last year he won the Airship Award at Steamcon III for his gorgeous artwork.

Joe has worked for DC Comics and Image on such titles as "JLA", "Superman/Batman", "Supergirl", "Titans", "The Darkness" and"Weapon Zero" .

Rasputina as Musical Guests of Honor!

Rasputina , Melora Creager ‘s a cello-driven band that is renowned for their quirky music style as well as their fascination with historical allegories and fashion, especially those pertaining to the Victorian era.

Cellist and vocalist Melora also writes all of the lyrics and creates art for the band's albums, singles, and website. Daniel DeJesus, cellist and vocalist and Dawn Miceli, celebrity podcaster, percussionist and singer round out the band.

And that's not all!

In addition to all the wonderful folks above, we will have many more speakers and performers to edify and entertain you! As well as...

The ever popular Grand Mercantile, filled with steampunk wares!

An extraordinary Art Exhibition showcasing steampunk artists from around the world!

Several games parlors full of fascinating pastimes.

The Phantom Cabaret where you can hear exotic music.

The Sanitarium Tea and monster costume competition!

The Carpathian Cotillion to show of your dancing proficiency.

A concert featuring the Nathaniel Johnstone Band and Rasputina!

And so much more. It's guaranteed that there will be more than you can take in at any one time.

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts on Steamcon!

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