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Stolen Slavery Through our Minds and Spirit

Updated on September 29, 2014

Slavery takes many forms and can be voluntary, enforced, political, religious or just plain stupidity. Our minds are fed by emotions and psycology, not widely recognised. From the minute we are born someone is enslaving us through our minds.

If we make someone believe what we tell them and, as a consequence, that steals their mind in a direction they may not normally have gone then we are enslaving them, kidnapping their brain and ensuring they abide by our will. Emotionally we tend to cling to the things that hurt us for some reason.

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The brain channels
The brain channels

Caught Mentally into the future

The brain is full of little channels that are blocked until stimulated and encouraged to open. Once opened they contibute to intelligence and store knowledge. That can be comprised of good or bad information for the child's future.

What goes in by age seven stays for life, This is an adage proven time and again. What parents put into our brains, habits, emotions, fears, psychology and so on, will never fade, but they are only a small part of the influence to which children are subjected.

These days children are released to outside influences from a few months, even weeks, old. They are nurtured by child care centers, other minders, carers, and so on. Many are plonked in front of a television set to watch violent cartoons, animated figures of all descriptions, and many will be subjected to adults confused and emotionally insecure as their role models. They are subjected to the ways and temperament of those people.

In their early childhood they may get great input or little. They may acquire skills or lag behind, They may be religiously influenced or taught atheism. They may be well tended or ignored. They may be abused or not. There are so many possibilities that the current generation of teenagers are, for the main part, lost in a world of confusion, drugs, alcohol, stupidity and demands,

They take on board messages that tell them how to act, how to live and how to survive. Many of those messages will focus on survival at the expense of others.

To explain this better I met a school teacher one day who told me that, although she is an English teacher, she has never understood what a noun is. After picking my jaw up and closing my mouth I asked her "how come?"

"I never learned grammar at school and now it simply won't register." she replied.

I have six grandsons with 3 different sets of parents (2 per set). Their intelligence and knowledge is vastly different. My eldest daughter, Karen, focused on teaching her boys from the beginning and by the age of 2 the eldest, Christopher, could identify and name any object, animal or other thing he saw. He could also master the alphabet by recognition and so on, now he has tremendous focus, great at school and although he just turned 6 is already a great chess player and can build and do things well beyond his years.

My eldest grandson, Robert, who was not given this type of tuition as a baby had far greater problems at school than most kids and I ended up home schooling him from age 7. He hated school and could not get along with teachers or anything else. He had very little focus and simply could not concentrate long on anything, So it matters what you allow your child to absorb when young. There are many cases I could cite but won't as you probably can draw your own comparisons.

The brain needs to learn but beware what you teach it. It is a sponge, hungry for knowledge and it can so easily be channeled in a direction that may not be the best for it, in the long run. Education is important and skills and knowledge develop from the stimulation acquired in the first years of life. Don't put your child in the path of someone who will enslave him/her to their own thinking.

How important is early brain development?

Or should we just ignore it?

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Grabbing Brains and Building Wealth

Religious parents will ensure their child is educated in their belief system. Most parents will, therefore, send their children to a school run by their religion to continue with the education into that dogma.

When the society in which they live is adamant that such religious indoctrination must take place then there is little that parents can do but comply. In countries where the religion dominates politics as well then this is law. Everything within the country is focused on that faith or creed.

The Catholic Church, for instance, controls how people think in countries like Mexico, Italy, Spain, and so on. Islam controls countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and so on are under that religious domination. Hindu controls countries like India while Judaism has Israel under its control. China, on the other hand, has little religious influence since communism drove it out. Western countries like Britain, United States, and Australia have a policy of separation between church and state so that no one religion has dominance and all people are free to exercise their beliefs as they see fit. But where does that leave us.

In order to dominate in the countries where their religion might be in the minority groups will use population growth in their own faith to outnumber the others. This is how Islam and Catholicism got control of so many territories. Now, even if followers want to separate they can't because to express such a feeling could result is isolation, becoming an outcast and even death.

Many religions practice excommunication and ostracism to keep their following. But this is slavery. If people are brainwashed into believing that what they are doing is right then we have a situation where mass murder may result. This has become very clear with terrorists who are out to kill those whom they believe are a threat to their god(s).

Ireland suffered for 30 years due to that type of brain control. Now the world faces Islamic terrorism because of the brain washing from religious leaders and others in their communities.

The World we Live In

Recently a horror story on the television of a man who went to the Philippines and was captured by Islamic terrorists along with his cab driver and friend was watched in awe as the thoughts racing through my head were almost as horrific.

He went to that country as a missionary but the church he was focused on had gone out of business. On his way there he had met a woman on the plane called the Blind Prophet. She asked him to join her band and that is what he did. She gave him a companion, Reno, to show him around Manilla before they set off in the cabs for an unknown destination.

While driving through a narrow street gunmen wearing balaclavas stopped the cab with rifles and demanded the driver, Reno and himself get out. They were tied and blindfolded and forced to board a boat which took them to a remote island. There they were abused as the gunmen tried to discover where the blind prophet had gone. None of them could say. Forced up the steep mountain for days on end they suffered constant beatings and hits in the back from rifle butts and were tied up unmerciffuly at night, Eventually they stopped somewhere and there one of them was beheaded. Possibly the cab driver,

Later on they were moved higher up and into a cave but before he was locked inside Reno was brought before him and beheaded in front of his eyes. He knew he was next. Their lives were worth nothing in the face of stopping someone these Islamist extremists considered a threat to their God.

Later the leader of the pack drove a large syringe into his knuckles in an attempt to discover what he wanted to know. Eventually one of the guards helped him to escape and he went back to America from whence he could tell this tale.

The Philippines has many instances of this nature and the terrorists there are out of control due to the many hundreds of islands and wilderness available to them to hide in. Many hundreds of tourists are kidnapped for ransom and other things and the tales are alway horrendous. The brainwashing that goes on from young childhood onwards by religious groups is one of the major causes of this form of terrorism and yet people want freedom to belong to such a religion, even if the belief system is corrupt and working against humanity for the sake of some unseen god and promises of eternal paradise in a non-existent heaven. The other trigger to get them in is the threat of hell.

Do you think freedom of religion is a good idea?

How responsible for terrorism is religious brainwashing

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The begining of Islamic Terrorism

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      People should have freedom of choice when they reach an age of accountability. I agree we get programmed by our elders, and some people never realize they don't believe the truth. Its sad.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I hate to admit that I did a very good job of programming my children. Although I have managed to escape a lot of early religious programming, they are still locked inside and their beautiful minds will not allow them to consider other realities. What is even sadder is that most people do not consider this programming or slavery, but call it education. True education would include opening the door to all kinds of information and allowing the person to draw from it what speaks to them at that time.


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