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Are you what you wanna be tomorrow?

Updated on July 11, 2017

The Truth:

Being a juvenile is without question the most amazing stage of life. It's in here when we discover our dreams and passions as well as what we dislike about what surrounds us. It plays an important part in everyone's identity. But nowadays minors are less aware that time goes on and that they need to start building a plan if they want to have a clear vision on where they are going in the future. It has been shown that the world is becoming a more highly competitive place, so the ones that are better prepared are most likely to succeed. But all of this requirements becomes demanding for adolescents and they end up ignoring the truth and rather look for distractors to create the illusion that nothing bad will occur.

The importance of Future Building:

As seen in the introduction of this Hub, society has been growing immensely in past couple of years, provoking a huge alarm on people to have a successful life by applying to a stable job and being able to sustain themselves as well as having the possibility to achieve their deepest desires.This is why it is vital for teenagers to build a clear outlook of how will they use their free time as well as exploit the abilities they might have to allow them more possibilities in obtaining their dreams in life. At fist glance, this looks to be a really hardworking task without any sense whatsoever, but it is actually easier than it looks and comes with great benefits on having a life with a clear objective in mind.

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How to start forging your future?

One great way to understand where you want to go is without a doubt, visualizing it. It may look dumb, but imagining your dreams and goals you want to achieve actually sends to your brain the message that there is a path to follow. Another great way of having a better glimpse is doing a list of everything you would like to have in your perfect life. It may be any type of objectives; from wanting more money to even have better relationships with your family and friends. Shaping your ideas from your head to the paper gives you a more method to concentrate in those aspirations and letting go from distracting factors in your head.

Visualization is a great tool for success!
Visualization is a great tool for success!

Intervenient factors

However, even though you have already begun with this process of building your way of living for a greater cause, it's important to understand that being a stripling implies a lot of distractors that could misguide you in accomplishing your dreams and goals. Such baits could be:

  • Hanging out with the wrong people (sometimes leading to addictions that you don't even know if you will be able to get out),
  • Using your free time in things that at the end they won't give you any benefits (youtube videos, video games, porn)

All of this examples will only take up your valuable time from improving yourself as a human being. But it is also a bad idea to leave everything you enjoy and only spend your whole time in building your destiny (if you don´t enjoy yourself today you might never do it).

Don´t let other define who you are... You are YOU!
Don´t let other define who you are... You are YOU!

BartoX Opinion

I consider that it is inevitable that with time passing by it will be more difficult for people to have opportunities of finding a nice job easily. This is why I think young people need to start thinking unique ways in reaching their cravings in order to see them come true. I'm not saying that you need to spend all the afternoons building up to something it hasn´t even happened, but It's important to take your time and think if what your doing will be useful in your future, because you don't know if one extra effort can be the difference in fulfilling your dreams. It's not about what will you do in the future, but about what are you doing right now to get there.

All your dream can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
All your dream can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. | Source

Thanks for your visit!

I hope you enjoyed this Hub. I left a video that covers a bit more about how ¨youngsters¨ think about their future. Enjoy and see you next time. :)

Source: WWLP-22News


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