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terrorism 1

Updated on August 22, 2016


new problem arises with the passage of time, but the main reason of any unfriendly happening in a poor country is due to their rulers.

people in their are selfish and are unaware of their basic rights, giving full control to the people who they love or their ancestors supported.

In asian countries like pakistan,india specially, people are not self-dominated. They support to a politcal party to whome their ancestors were supporting and this is the main cause that both of the countries are suffering from so many troubles

those people who wantts their country to lift high up in the sky they shoul root out selfishness and should work hardly and should promote a right person to be their leader.


Nawaz sharif who is a pakistani prime minister is a well settled and rich man in pakistan. He owns the sugar mills and steel mills, having many branches in other countries also. whenever the seat of prime minister is in danger many restless attacks are seen in the country. fo example last year imran khan started a revolution against him, many of innocent people were died in model town by police under order of prime minister, those people were supporting one of the imran khan comappanions Tahir qadri. still people are seeking for justice. long story in short the basic terrorism attacks are also due to politicions who are trying their best to save their ministri seats...

people should support this kind of rulers?

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