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The Blood "Issue"

Updated on October 27, 2011

Solution to the blood "issue"

When God created mankind, He created them male and female such that they would be able to procreate and replenish the earth. God had designed the natural female to go through monthly issues. Should she become pregnant then the issues would cease during the course of her pregnancy. After pregnancy, these issues would last until the female had gain a certain age of maturity after which the female would always be reminded of the past physiological and physical experience.

Symbolically, the bride of Christ, the members of the church of the Living God, has had “issues”. Those “issues” are the things, which come from a vessel that often brings defilement.

These "issues" can be the result of the spiritual wickedness that the "bride" has allowed to fester in the soulish parts by either the condition of things spoken, things heard or events seen. The root of these condition are devilish, highly offensive and are passed down generationally as “issues” that stand between the Bride of Christ and the bride's pursuit of the Kingdom.

In the biology of the female, you cannot have an issue and pregnancy at the same time: one must stop for the other to begin. In spiritual things, the revealed word will stop a particular “issue”, allowing the "female", the Bride of Christ to become “pregnant” that a progeny may come forth and be a spiritual blessing to mankind. This pregnancy I mention is becoming filled with a revelation from God, the "fruit" of which is a blessing to the Church as a whole just as a physical woman's child is a blessing to her family and in time the nation.

Nowadays, the natural female has more biological and spiritual issues that any other time in history. The reason being that the natural female wants the pleasure out of Christianity but not the sincerity of being a bride that will bring forth children. And so when the Bridegroom invites her into deeper fellowship with him she prefers to be deceived by the enemy and linger with the “issues” rather than giving glory to God. This is regretful to many who name the name of Christ Jesus.

Looking back at Eve, we can see how the enemy deceived her into thinking that if she eat from the tree that she would have the capacity of God.

Eve in her deception saw that the tree,

I. Was good for food

II. Was pleasant to the eyes

III. It gave wisdom

Eve was not satisfied with the role that God had made her to fulfill and so she tried to gain wisdom and knowledge from the hand of another. This other was not her “husband” neither her God. Therefore, we see that the woman had developed an “issue” and it was not because God had made a wrong creation but that the creation had made a wrong assessment. Eve wanted to know the entirety of God’s knowledge and to eventually perform them. As we know in retrospect, God would not have it to be so.

The problem with “issues” is that it kept recycling itself down through the decendants of Eve. Noted among these issues in woman of the bible was the rejection, an issue of Sarah, Leah, Rebecca, Hannah and Tamar, Judah’s daughter-in-law.

And finally we get to a certain woman in Mark 5 with an issue of blood for 12 years.

Here we see the Lord Jesus Christ in his earthly ministry acting in the governmental capacity of God. For every thing we have seen Jesus did, it was the Mighty God at work.

We know that the number 12 is the meaning of spiritual government where lasting executive decisions are made so that the kingdom of earth may be as the kingdom of heaven. Were man’s heart, soul and spirit may come into alignment with God so that righteousness, joy and peace may be upon the earth.

God was setting precedence in motion so that the spiritual problem of “issues” would have a spiritual solution with spiritual results that would have eternal value.

We see that the woman with the issue had gone to every one but none could help her. He was demonstrating that where the Law was lacking that grace would be found in his Son. His Son represented the kingdom and there was healing in the King’s domain. Therefore her answer was to be found in the Kingdom of Heaven which Jesus represented.

Her natural medicine from her physicians was not able to heal because in order to get the right results you had to use the “right medicine”. She had need of a spiritual supply.

Listen, the world will try to tell you that they know the answer to your spiritual problems but after a time you will see that they are merely “well-wishers” and not problem solvers.

After she had heard of Jesus, the woman with the issue, decided upon a plan. I believe that the Holy Spirit brought this plan to her.

She had been like the prodigal until the Holy Spirit said to him, “The servants in your father’s house are eating better that this, isn’t it about time you went home?

So the Holy Spirit inspired this woman with the issue to go in the press behind and just touch his garment and she said, yes Lord I will. It’s amazing how the same God that inspires us is the same God that turn around and make provision for our healing. Talking about “One-Stop-Shopping”.

The woman having perceived to have heard from God came with an intention, she had an objective and she would not be denied. She stood for all women from the past, present and future that the “issue” would be stopped today. And God also hoped on the faith of the woman with the issue that a precedence would be forever set forth.

Strengthen by the workings of the Holy Spirit, she moved out in the operation of faith and touch the kingdom. She touched Jesus, she touched the word and immediately Matthew 8: 17 began to be a testimonial.

“That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Esaias the prophet, saying, Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses.”

Jesus felt the virtue depart from His spirit and ask, who touched me?

The virtue meant the spiritual morality meaning that the woman would be no longer conformed to the world but be transformed by the renewing of her mind. Today more than at any time moral excellence is an issue among women and among the bride of Christ.

Virtue meant to have courage, confidence, chastity and power.

Therefore God did an executive action in the woman (symbolize the bride of Christ), which created in her a new woman, filled with confidence.

Now the woman doesn’t have to settle for the “issues” that the enemy brings for she now possess the mind of Christ and her suffering in the flesh has caused her a mind to ceased from sin.


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