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About Technology and Faceless Communication

Updated on November 17, 2012
the world is shrinking or is it?
the world is shrinking or is it? | Source

Online Communication

As technology advances at light speed, over the years, the changes in communication methods have increased exponentially since the discovery of the radio and television. These changes have definitely affected and changed the society we live in and the way we interact with each other. As the world grows smaller and the window to it gets bigger we are not necessarily growing closer as a human race.

Inspired by a hub written by "Cardisa" titled The Hypocrisy Of Online Communication this is a glance at the new world evolution in communications that is underway some of the distinct behavioral trends that have evolved, some good, some bad and some very ugly.

There have been some great outcomes as a result of better and increased communications, supported by transportation in the earliest days of print the world became connected.

New technologies such as television, the internet, wireless cellphones to name a few, have us looking at the world from different perspectives and have enabled the populations to share the huge differences that exist in different parts of the world and show human reality as it really is; warts and all.

Using Technology to Affect Change

Awareness and Fundraising

The Good

There are huge variations in the lifestyles and needs all over the world. There is incredible imbalance between nations, countries and continents. The devices, toys and tools used by everyone in our world today have allowed instant access to share life moments through instant communication. Part of what that has resulted in is instant change.

Individual messaging is one of the most important and best parts of this information sharing time we live in. The fact that individuals have taken control of the communication tools, stopped relying on the media to relay important events and are deciding what is important enough to share is monumental.

People have started banning together through the use of these new technological toys to make change. Change in their communities and change in the world. Corporations and government enterprises are being pressured to be accountable for their actions and decisions. Pressure that used to come in the form of a few picketers outside a building or storefront now can have worldwide impact as petitions and boycotts can climb into millions of signees within hours.

This ability to share and right the wrongs has had a positive effect on pushing the world forward in the right direction. People speaking up, showing the world what is happening, sharing with the world from their point of view, asking for help, giving help; these are all good things that have come from the technolgy advances we have experienced to date.

Another good outcome from the technological advances is the "video phone" (for lack of a better all encompassing term). This has changed the distance between people significantly. It has allowed a very personal and visual connection to be a reality while living anywhere in the world. It has allowed us to travel with part of our world in our pocket, available to make contact whenever wanted.

television and films are teaching a generation of viewers how to act
television and films are teaching a generation of viewers how to act | Source

The Bad

What is the reality of how the new media and technology used is affecting our world? Has it brought our world together or made it bigger? Are we, as a human race more connected or more self centered? Despite the opportunity the internet and the multiple communication tools of today make available, these advanced toys have done a great job of separating individuals, countries and cultures.

These faceless mediums have taught people that they can do and say whatever they want with no consequences, or consequences that don't matter.

Television and films constantly demonstrate an uncaring, sarcastic way of conversing with each other too much of the time. The most popular are filled with violence and killing. We forget that writers take their time creating witty scripts that are made to captivate large audiences.

It's all a make believe world meant to distract us from the real life around us that isn't as exciting. The more we are exposed to these attitudes, the more we seem to believe that it's okay for us to treat each other the same way.

Over the internet, a platform where you can be anyone you chose to be, people can be especially harsh. In the hub titled The Hypocrisy Of Online Communication , Cardisa discusses how free people feel to be nasty and unkind in the online world. I too have seen how courageous and brave people get when they think they are protected because they are in an online world where nobody knows their name.

I however don't think the courage to be nasty, sarcastic, mean and viloent is only being practiced online. I believe it's being practiced live, daily through the actions of so many people wanting to have control.

Starting in the playground and working it's way up through the various ranks of organizations, corporations and governments worldwide, bullying is in full swing and people with the most power are still the angriest and unhappiest.

We've been so over-saturated with sarcasm, violence and unrealistic scenerios that we have forgotten the the real way to treat each other right.

Too many times during the day too many people have toys in their hands that are distracting them from dealing with their real life that is passing by them. People are focused on looking for happiness in the wrong places and too many times they take what they see on the screen, in a book or in a game as the way it should be done and are disappointed when they can't attain the same ending to their own story.

We have a population coming forward that has been brought up by the screens of technology, and they feel pretty free to say and do what they please. They feel entitled to what they want when they want it and seem to have attitudes only seen in music videos. They've been watched over after school by video games, computers, television shows, films, bands and friends.

Time with working, divorced, single and various other parental combinations is limited, so independence and decision making is occurring at younger ages. These kids are relying on the programming that they've watched and interacted with for years to give them the answers to life's everyday occurrences.

That's the bad.

the potential for world wide harmony exists
the potential for world wide harmony exists | Source

The Ugly

The ugly results of our technological communication boom can be seen in the really destructive ways that the tools have manipulated and used to destroy people and places, to create and spread lies and to glorify acts against humanity and nature.

Because what we witness in other parts of the world is not happening in front of us where we can see it live and in person, because it is so different from our daily life experiences, there is a tendency by those living in wealthier populations is to disassociate or not understand what they are witnessing.

Watching trauma and terrible living conditions, famine, death, starvation and war has become part of the regular programming in our daily lives. It is glorified and perfect, it is marketed to us, it is sold to us as an acceptable way of life; and more parts of society than not have bought into that way of thinking. We have been trained to watch out of curiousity and not to engage, not to worry.

writing to the world
writing to the world | Source

Up to now the internet has been a place where individual freedom has been exemplified; the only place in my opinion. A library put together by individuals of the world, filled with what they believe to be important and accessed by anyone who wants to.

Ugly is the fact and reality that governments run by corporations want to control (and are already controlling to a degree) that individual information flow and access to the internet. They also want to take and manipulate the private information the world's individuals gave in trust to the internet and use it for their benefit. They want to interfere and abuse the biggest, realest communication tool ever created, created by people for people: kind of a government unto itself don't you think?

in person communication is becoming rare
in person communication is becoming rare | Source

We are living in bigger cities and closer quarters and yet more communication is done using the technological toys we have been taught to rely on and not in person with our neighbours. The world we actually play in is becoming more electronic as we stop interacting and connecting with those in our own back yards.

Individuality seems to be more prominent even though the possibility and potential to change the world is greater than ever as a result of the knowledge gained through the accessibility and information sharing of the internet. Enormous positive change should be the obvious desired result, but it is slow.

As with anything new growing pains occur and opportunities to evaluate and make changes for the better are constantly present. I am hoping that in the end, the new technical advances that continue to present themselves have a more positive influence on the direction our world is going as opposed to the nasty direction it seems to be heading in.

Your Say

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    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      very good additional points Rachel, thanks for stopping by and contributing them.

    • profile image

      Rachel 5 years ago

      Very very insightful girl, great read, and oh so true. The new technical advances are filled with positive opportunities for the world to grow in postive directions, but alas, with government and corporate involvement, I fear that it could never happen.

      They want us to watch terrible living conditions, famine, death, starvation and war, whcih is part of regular programming. It causes fear in the people, and it brings them closer to having complete control over people.

      Keep writing girl, had to stop and comment, can't wait to read more,

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      @ Amy: well said and great examples of exactly what I'm talking about. Thanks for contributing your thoughts, and I too believe we all need to be aware of what's happening to us as a human race as a result of the new technological paths and where they are taking us.

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      @ Cardisa: your hub really got me thinking and inspired this hub, I appreciate that you felt it was worth reading!

    • Amy Becherer profile image

      Amy Becherer 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      Never before has the old adage "Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see" been more appropro. I read articles online that are flagrantly incorrect. I never trust research from one source, because I can find the opposite info on the next one I read. There are only certain scientific sites where I believe what I see.

      Although connections across the globe invite us to reach out and touch is suspect who we are reaching out to.

      Bullying has taken on a new brutality in its anonymity and covert methods in attaining incriminating information are real and destroy lives. Just today, a 10-year old girl in St. Louis, a victim of unrelenting bullying at school, went to a sleep-over at a neighbors, where she was unknowingly videotaped in her underwear and humiliated online. Not too long ago, a brilliant college student was videotaped secretly with a lover and after finding the live stream posted, jumped off a bridge, killing himself.

      Ironically, but predictably, and unfortunately, there will always be those who abuse. As adults, we must be circumspect and cautious in protecting our privacy. The law is a step behind new technology. It is important to avoid being too trustworthy before it is earned. Parents have a huge responsibility in protecting their children in all aspects, including the internet. It is very sad that the cost has been so high with innocent lives lost. Yet, I still see too many risks taken online, even among adults. What does it take? Great, well-written topic that everyone needs to read, believe and understand.

    • Cardisa profile image

      Carolee Samuda 5 years ago from Jamaica

      Wonderful my friend! Girl, you said everything so well and you touched on how our children are being brought up. I also loved how you on the fact that the government want to now control the freedom of the internet. Thanks for a great read and thanks for including my hub.

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 5 years ago from Canada

      thanks @cclitgirl: glad you found it insightful, and appreciate that you understood what I was trying to convey!

    • cclitgirl profile image

      Cynthia Calhoun 5 years ago from Western NC

      Very insightful hub. I completely agree with you on all points, too. The internet is such a good thing, but it can create such misunderstanding, too. Awesome hub, voted up and across.