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The Autism Site

Updated on July 5, 2014

Autism Disorder - How can We Help?

What can autistic people achieve? What are the limits of this baffling disorder?

Well, Jason McElwain made national news in 2006 as the high functioning autistic boy shocked his varsity team members and the stands by scoring twenty points in the last four minutes of the game. Up to that point the autistic boy had only been the team manager up to that point.

Jason McElwain experienced autism at its best. Some individuals on the autistic spectrum live very full lives - some are totally dependent and require 24-hour nursing care.

If you can say anything about the people who are on this autistic spectrum are any thing - it is that they do not fit into any one mold. I have been personally touched with autistic individuals in my family and friends.

But you can say that they need help - and the people who love them need help so that they can lead the kind of wonderful, unique lives they are entitled to.

The Autism Site - one of the Greater Good Click to Give programs, exists to help meet that need.

Creative Commons photo: President George Bush met Jason McElwain to congratulate him after his victory, and wish him well.

Temple Grandin - Clare Danes in this Moving Biography

Temple Grandin is probably the most famous autistic person to date - because of her many accomplishments. She was diagnosed with severe autism as a child, and her mother was instructed to institutionalize her. Her mother refused to accept this reality for her - and became dedicated to finding help for her precious daughter.

Temple Grandin
Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin found that she could relate best to animals, and in caring for them it was that she found her purpose and her salvation. The story of how Temple Grandin was able to succeed through all kinds of wonderful help from those around her is moving and inspiring. Temple Grandin went on to be one of the most influential people in the movement to change conditions in slaughter houses to more humane ones, as well as being a teacher about autism and an out-spoken voice for human potential.

This movie is convincing, and authentic - you will get a true sense of what it is like to live in the life of an autistic person.


Rosie and Others Share their Live - Many people on the Autistic Spectrum

This video shows a wide range of young people who fit somewhere on the autistic spectrum: from Rosie who is has a diagnosis of aspbergers syndrome to much more serious cases, one of whom is her own brother. The term "Pervasive Developmental Disorders" is often used as well.

Both children struggle, although they have a very supportive environment that helps them deal with the fact that they do not understand relationships, social cues, etc.

The Autism Site Helps Get Help to Autistics and their Families

And it doesn't Cost You a Dime

If you press the Magic Button everyday you will be able to donate to autistic support charities - and it won't cost you anything!

This will help in getting the early intervention to those who need it most.

Resources about Autism Available on Amazon

Here are three wonderful resources for those who are suffering from this disorder.

1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism or Asperger's, Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition
1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism or Asperger's, Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition

An excellent guide for parents and teachers of children with this difficult condition.

Autism: A Practical Guide for Parents
Autism: A Practical Guide for Parents

Another highly rated guide that can help bring joy to the process of raising autistic kids.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Magnetic Responsibility Chart With 90 Magnets
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Magnetic Responsibility Chart With 90 Magnets

Autistic kids need order and this magnetic board for chores is very effective.


Service Dogs Help Autistic Kids

Autistic Kids can be really helped by service dogs.

Rainman- Beautiful Tale of an Autistic Man - and the Brother he teaches about Love

Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman hit a home run with the 1988 movie Rain Man. The story starts when materialistic Charlie Babbit is called to his estranged father's funeral. He is infuriated to learn that almost all of his millionaire father's estate has gone to an unknown heir.

He discovers that the heir is a brother he did not know he had - who is an autistic savant. The road trip that they undertake is truly memorable, as Raymond Babbit shows his amazing savant talents in some unusual settings (Las Vegas?) and Charlie Babbit learns to love.


Based on the life of Laurence Kim Peek, an American savant - we catch a glimpse of the autistic that is rarely seen, and understand more the love involved in a family like this.

If you want to see Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman at their best - you don't have to go Rain Man (Special Edition.)

far away from


Are Vaccines to Blame?

Probably not. There is no real evidence of a tie between autism and vaccines.

Severe Autism - This Man and His Family Have a Very difficult Life

Unfortunately not all sufferers with autism or Asperger's have lives as productive as Temple Grandin. Some require loving care for their whole lives.

Still there is always hope, and always something to learn about this disorder. If you want to help you can always

Click here for an easy and free way to help fund therapy to help children with autism at The Autism Site!

The Fabulous Temple Grandin - Giving Hope to all those With Autistic or Special Brains

Coming out of deep, severe autism to be a spokesperson for autism and a revolutionary in the world of animal husbandry and animal welfare - is Dr. Temple Grandin. She has revolutionized the world of the slaughter-house, making it a much more humane and healthy place.

Temple inspires all people to be what they can be - and to rise higher than than they thought they could.

Where does Your Money Go?

The Autism Site Uses the Money they Earn From Your Clicks wisely

The Clicks that you Provide help autistic kids and their families in several ways.

Lekotek - Interactive Therapy is family play therapy with the advantage of being fun, and of directly involving the child's family. Positive reinforcement comes naturally during play — whether by the successful attempt to accomplish a task, or by a playmate encouraging the behavior.

National Autism Association — Helping Hand Program is another charity that is supported through the Autism Site. This charity focuses on speech and behavior therapy, which are other very important parts of the early intervention that is so important for the lives of these people.

The third Charity that the Autistic Site gives to is Autism Speaks — which focuses on effective, relevant research on autism.

All together, these are a thorough, comprehensive program for assistance for autistic people and their families.

Squidoo Lensmasters with Aspergers

Two Wonderful Lensmasters Share their Stories

We are blessed on Squidoo with two amazing lensmasters: Kylyssa and Mystic Mama who are self-defined "Aspies." I was intrigued, touched and blessed by their sharing and hope you really enjoy their lenses.

How I've Coped with Aspergers
If I could be comfortable in social situations and make eye contact without wanting to scream - if I could understand what emotions people around me were dis...

How to Be a Good Friend to an Adult with Aspergers Syndrome a.k.a. High-Functioning Autism
To present even a reasonable appearance of normality, many people with any degree of autism at all must memorize hundreds of social rules. We aren't done eve...

Vaccines Don't Cause Autism
Some celebrities are speaking out against vaccines on the grounds that those celebrities believe vaccinations cause autism. They have created vast anti-vacci...

To keep it simple, Aspergers is a type of high functioning Autism. The Scientific, medical & mental health communities seem to enjoy debating whether or ...

eBay Auctions to Help Autism

My son has Aspberger's disorder and he has started an eBay business. Check it out!

A Three Year Old with Autism - Very Bright Child with Lots of Challenges

Here is a child who has many challenges, in fact he was thought to be mentally retarded - and with a lot of help, he was able to succeed.

Once Again - With Vigor!

Do What you Can to Help People on the Autism Disorders Spectrum

remember to click everyday..................

its FREE! And it gives so much!

Bloomingrose is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to She also receives affiliate commission from eBay and other affiliate programs on items that are for sale, unless specifically indicated.

Other Click to Give Charities

You Can Spread Lots of Good Around Every Day - In All Sorts of Ways - Click to Give!

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    • Gypzeerose profile imageAUTHOR

      Rose Jones 

      4 years ago

      @Digory LM: Thanks for sharing, I hope that they get all the services they need.

    • Digory LM profile image

      Digory LM 

      4 years ago

      Thanks so much for the lens on Autism. I have a son with Aspergers, and so does my fiancee.

    • aviwolfson profile image

      Avi Wolfson 

      5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Great resource on Autism, thank you for for sharing.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Fabulous lens. Such an important topic, I'm glad I stopped by here today.


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