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The benefits of recycling in my community

Updated on December 6, 2012

The benefits of recycling in my community

The importance of recycling in some communities can't be overemphasized because of the volume of refuse that gets dumped into water basins in some communities. This has resulted into flooding and other environmental problems. If only people would realize that from a refuse dump the poor man could be lifted ,they would start recycling .



The benefits of recycling in my community

In some communities like mine ,they understand a particular verse in the bible differently .The verse that said that from a refuse dump the poor man would be lifted. Some of them believe they could stumble on some cash in the refuse dump and become rich .The stories of guys who hid money in refuse bins to evade their wives , only to lose it to refuse collectors didn't help matters at- all.However, i believe the bible was talking about making money by recycling those refuse by turning them into cash.

Lack of recycling has resulted in a lot of refuse both biodegradable and non- biodegradable being dumped illegally .This has resulted into a lot of dire consequences in some communities. Some of the problems caused by lack of recycling include


Some communities especially those in tropical climates are easily submerged by water . Most times the only succor some people have is their believe that water would no-longer be used to destroy the world.This flooding is caused by dumping money into the rivers and other drainage basins .This money which are in the form of refuse has blocked dams, rivers and other natural water basin .Another problem is the clogs of plastics and other refuse in the water which looks very unsightly .

Poor environmental hygiene

This materials would dirty the environment in places where refuse collection is very poor .This refuse dumps is an eyesore in some communities .Some of this materials may get buried in the soil and could be hazardous to the ground-water. There are other legions of problems caused by lack of recycling.

However , if recycling is taken seriously ,the benefits are legion .It will clean the environment because of the reduced volume of refuse and some of the materials carried by run-off water to clog up the rivers would be reduced. Above all , it would create a lot of job opportunities especially for those who are willing to be lifted from a place of refuse.

Recycling is not difficult to start in some communities ,all it needs is just a clean bag and willingness to achieve upward mobility .This is why leaders of communities , aspiring leaders and everyone who doesn't like the status- quo should read about recycling to help ameliorate this problem. This will also enable them to use their know-how to maximize the economic potentials of recycling and maintain a good environment


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