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The Brave New World of Health Care_ a Classic Book Review with Commentaries for Public Choices in Healthcare Reform 2012

Updated on February 2, 2013

Some Key Issues relating to Public Law 111-148 On a Presidential Election Year 2012

I am preparing myself to appreciate and understand deeper the Health Care Reform that surely will become a key focus of the Presidential election now. .

This commentaries and review is based on a classic book available at Fairfax Public Library (likely also at the reader's public library) is titled "The Brave New World of Health Care, by Richard D. Lamm, Former Governor of State of Colorado.

Here is a brief introduction to Mr. Lamm given at Wikipedia.

An American politician, Certified Public Accountant, college professor, and lawyer. He served three terms as 38th Governor of Colorado as a Democrat (1975-1987) and ran for the Reform Party's nomination for President of the United States in 1996.

To prepare myself, Issues of Health Care Reform has been on going for decades now with realization that the current trajectory of healthcare spending both public sector and as a nation is growing in cost at an unsustainable rate while delivering health benefits far below the leading developed nations of the world such as France, Germany, Japan and others.

Something has to be done to help move America to direction of Healthy America in a different trajectory than the one we have had for many decades now that strengthen quality of care while reducing cost via systematic process of innovation. This is the goal that has been stated recently in preparation for final adoption or rejection of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as it stands now a referendum due in the Presidential Election of 2012. .

After many decades of discussion and failed legislation for a comprehensive national health care system, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111-148) was signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010.


"Recognizing that Universal Coverage is a Two-Front War" Richard D. Lamm

There are number of quality books written by qualified and knowledgably writers on this topic in the last ten years or so as the debate and discussions have intensified as the current health care system as it exists in the United States have increasingly moved to an unsustainable trajectory requiring wisdom and experience as desirable from a policy perspective. In this series, I will be examining perhaps the top 3 to 5 books in this "Healthier Community Conversation Series". This discussion is the 3rd topic.

The first one is titled "A Concise Primer to Mental Health & Pursuit of Happiness'. Second is titled "Healthcare Reform 2012 USA__ a Concise Primer on Healthier Community Mission Part One"

My favorite book on this topic I will discuss perhaps next time is a more recent publication, "The Innovator's Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care", McGraw-Hill, 2009, by Clayton M. Christensen, a Professor at the Harvard Business School. Christensen is a well respected business school faculty for a book on business management that many including myself have appreciated in the context of the various industries modeling that is highly useful business analysis and prescription for business.

0101 Theme of this book from Front Book Cover : - 0102 Theme of this book from Back Cover :


0101 Theme of this book from Front Book Cover :

"What Every American Needs to Know About Our Impending Health Care Crisis. Death is always a loss, but now it is often a publicaly subsidized even. The postponement of death is an imporatn value, but it must take its place among other health values"

0102 Theme of this book from Back Cover :

Point 01: THE AVERAGE AMERICAN woman can already expect to spend more years caring for parents than she spents caring for her children.

Point 02: THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM is consuming massive resources that are desperately needed in other parts of the economy if we are to leave our children a sustainable society.

Point 03: THE LARGEST PURCHASE the average American family will make in their lifetime is no longer their house, but their healthcare

Point 04: HEALTH CARE is a fiscal black hole into whch we can pour all of our children's future. Yet we are no healthier than many nations that spend for less

0103 Some Key Statistics Preface Section - 01032 ( Select)Per Capita Personal Health Expenditures, by Age Group, Seleted Years 1966-95 (in dollars)


0103 Some Key Statistics Preface Section

Year Education Defense Health Care

1960 6% 6% 6%

2003 6% 4% 14.2%

01032 ( Select)Per Capita Personal Health Expenditures, by Age Group, Seleted Years 1966-95 (in dollars)

Age Group 1966 1977 1987 1993

All ages 182 658 1776 2884

Under 65 155 512 1287 1946

Age 65+ 445 1856 5360 8953

Ratio 65+/65- 2.97 3.63 4.16 4.80

010303 U.S. Ranking Out of 29 Developed Nations


010303 U.S. Ranking Out of 29 Developed Nations

1960 1990 1995

Infant Mortality 12th 21st 23rd

Life Expectancy 13th 17th 20th


Life Expectancy 17th 21st 21st


From Healthier Community Memory Book 2012-2015

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Thank you grandma for the Music Box gift ! - Key Points: A six count indictment of U.S. Health Care (Page 29)


01. Uninsured

Highlight: “ We have ignored the wise warning of health economist Robert Evans that a society that spends too much on health care and not enough on other health-creating activities “may be actually reducing the health oits population thorugh increased health spending””

02. Elderly

Highlight: “We tax our working poor (who often do not have health insurance themselves) to raise a pool of money . much of it goes to subsidize health care for those often richer than those we tax” page 30

03. The Public Policy of Health

Highlight: “By our obsessive search for health through medicine, we have ignored many important health related services.” Page 30

Weekly Trip to the Healthy Living Community Center - Key Points: A six count indictment of U.S. Health Care (Page 30)


04. The Specialist

Highlight: "Government has been the chief funder of a medical education system that has given us too many specialist physicians". Page 30

05. Hospitals vs Schools

Highlight: "Government funding has helped to build an overcapacity into our health system infrastructue which would never be tolerated in any other branch of government.

Page 30

06. Ethical Demands

Highlight; American Health policy lacks goals, lacks priorities, lacks a broad moral vision. America has quietly and almost unknowingly backed into spending onedolla of every seven dollars of is GDP on health care wihout asking where we are going and how we are goint to get there.

O103 Possible Solutions: Recognizing That Universal Coverage is a Two Front War

From the section, "A Tale of Two Governors "

Highlight; "in a world of trade-offs, can we honestly say that the dollars spent at the end of life are morally superior to the dollars spent (or not spent) on the medically indigent in the prime of life ?" Page 33

Thank you America for keeping My Mom Alive (Early Diagnostic, yea !) ! - 07. A Poem (A Living Will)


Stanza I

Take me off the tubes and hose,

Stop the IV as it flows,

God forbi that I should live

Punctured like a bloody sieve.

Stanza IV

What good reason can there be

For prolonging misery?

When my vital functions cease,

Let me go in grateful peace

By May V. Traeger of Sun City, Arizona

As submitted to the editor ofa Phoenix newspaper

Page 75

Need to Prevent Suicide In our Communities for young people and elderly at risk - Conclusions 07 Go beyond eliminating waste and inefficiency


#07 Go beyond "eliminating waste and inefficiency"

" Does not a society owe a greater moral duty to a 10 year old than to a 90 year old ? Should not a patient's smoking and drinking habits be weighed against h ehigh cost of rescue procedures ? Page 125

Suicides are a major cause of death amoung teens+ and increasingly elderly in America


Need to Support Innovative New Technology Develoment via non-profits and tech biz Private Public Partnership - How ? What Success Models for Federal Lab Tech T


Photo Gallery 03 BA Follow Up - A Healthier Community Bridge Arts and Science__Cafe Twin

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Your Referendum and sharing of knowledge and experience appreciated

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    • waldenthreenet profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @Gypzeerose: I appreciate your comments very much and value your experience toward what must be done in terms of actionables beyond 2012. The biggest problem I see is the lack of public literacy about the issues that can lead to action on a community level as is critical. I am not a political person, but I do think progress is being made via the "multidiscipline" approach of the "success models' . I would welcome your comments in this presentation from webminar I participated and found most valuable. Utuble Intro:

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 

      7 years ago

      I am a long time nurse, and I have been a patient, so I have thought a lot about these issues. I had my health care cancelled in between the time I had chemotherapy, and went to pick up the medicine for nausea. I just happened to have had some medicine left over and it was a good thing because it cost $1000. Horrible memory. I do not understand why Americans settle for so little - they are the most politically naive people in the world sometimes in relation to what their options should be. I believe that some kind of basic health is a right - even a two-tiered system is better than nothing.


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