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The Crimes Tend to Rise in Indonesia

Updated on April 7, 2014
Hate Crimes
Hate Crimes

Indonesia is an independent republic consisting of approximately 237,000,000 people and more than 300 ethnic elements. According to that information, Indonesia belongs to one of the biggest countries in the world, but in the other hand Indonesia has a high crime rate, the crimes tend to rise in Indonesia year after year.

There are many forms of crime have been occurred in Indonesia, several famous terms of crime in Indonesian society are violent crimes, sadistic crimes, and of course corruption.

Violent crimes in particular (for example, extortion, assault, robbery, rape and murder) produce a feeling of danger and insecurity in many people. Narcotic offenses and the growing involvement of youth in criminal offenses have greatly concerned society. Is this the price that a society in some sort of developing country is expected to pay for economic progress?

The mass media has created a new term in the Indonesian term ‘sadistic crimes’ to describe the horrific crimes frequently documented. Under this term come the mysterious killings of known criminal gang members, 'robbery and rape of the victim', 'rape and killing of the victim', and 'murdering and cutting the body into pieces to be easily discarded'. The particular crimes shock the public is understandable and these kinds of crime tend to rise in Indonesia .

Corruption term, to corrupt means: “To change from good to bad in morals, actions or manners.” Corruption, intimidation and rape are not terms most would normally associate with members of the government official. Even so, power sometimes intoxicates and can make one feel like they are above the law (the rules), even if they are sworn to protect it.

That’s why, as soon as it is discovered that anyone in a command position in a Law Enforcement Organization has insured up or operating in corruption they must be banned from their position.

Three reasons why the crimes tend to rise in Indonesia: The first reason cannot be separated between the cause factor and the result, because they have a firm connection, as well as the other two reasons:

1. Poverty that causes low human development, according to UNDP (the United Nations Development Program) benchmarks, Indonesia with 18 percent or 40 million people estimated to be living below the national poverty line.

Poverty and low human development lead to numerous other human security problems, including hunger, poor access to healthy drinking water, disease, poor access to satisfactory health care and of course those situations cause the crimes tend to rise among them in Indonesian poverty society.


2. Poor policing of Indonesian government that causes poor network of law enforcement, because of this, in Indonesian contemporary society has appeared a new proverb that “Law was made to be broken”. It means that power sometimes intoxicates and can make one feel like they are above the law, even if they are sworn to protect it.

And we have not possessed a strong arrangement of criminal code law concerning to the offenders of law in the criminal justice system.

The criminals who have done various violations become unclear in their law status, this situation makes possible for them to submit appeal. In the future, they can get the deduction from the punishment period, or as long as they have a lot of money they can free without any rules and regulations at all, in the other words, ‘bribe’.

The worst, the vast majority of Indonesian government official members “who are educated and have a strategic position in government current administration” have done this kind of 'bureaucratic corruption' that are in the form of accepting bribes.

And so, it is distinct that poor policing will cause poor network of law enforcement, it means that the criminal justice system is not work and by all means will causes the crimes tend to rise in Indonesia.

3.Last and the most important reason that causes crimes tend to rise in Indonesia is morals of Indonesian people that causes corruption, but, at this opportunity I want to put in the front about corruption that have been perpetrated or committed by Indonesian government officials who are educated and have a strategic position in federal administration, without ignoring that most of the people of Indonesian society have done such bad habit throughout the country in every parts of sector.

The most important one is an expansion of this type of ‘bureaucratic corruption’ will not only brings vast financial losses to the nation, but more importantly will lower people's morale. It will decrease the people's confidence in true government efforts to improve people's welfare through economics development plans.

Solutions, above all, these high crime rates in Indonesia that tend to rise year after year, cannot be reduced without any consciousness and awareness of Indonesian people, especially Indonesian people morals.

The government has to improve the economic condition of the country through the improvements of economics development plans that support to poor citizenry to achieve the economic welfare of Indonesian society, to ensure the poverty can be decreased.

Hopefully, in the foreseeable future by lessening the poverty line in Indonesian society, furthermore, it can lessen to the high crime rate in Indonesia.

For Indonesia, a research area which is still under-developed is research in relation to corruption, its causes, and effect; it is links to organized crime and anti-corruption methods. It is hoped that in the coming years, research in law enforcement, as well as in the criminal justice system will have a better reception compared with the preceding years.

The converter should have coherent education and prevention programs with enforcement methods and arrangements for the care of drugs and alcohol addicts to the youth.

Trying to keep works together with the other states in the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) to prevent and war various crimes in Indonesian society that seems tend to rise and world globally.

The international exchange of data and experiences will probably enable a cross-cultural comparison of Indonesian respective criminal justice systems. This in turn, will hopefully improve Indonesian crime-control mechanisms and develop more effective rehabilitative and prevention approaches to minimize the crimes in Indonesia that tend to rise year after year.

Irwan Sukmawan


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      Nobody 5 years ago

      Wow good descriptions and i did use this website for my project

    • Irwan Sukmawan profile image

      Irwan Sukmawan 6 years ago from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

      Thank you! :)

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      JS Matthew 6 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      What an interesting Hub with great information! Voting up and sharing!