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What Is the Problem with Nigeria?

Updated on January 26, 2017

Is Nigeria's problem bad leadership or bad followership?

Nigeria has witnessed series of leaders and leadership style, trust me, she has seen the not-so-good, the bad, and the ugly. But no leader or leadership style has brought her out of the dungeon she seems to be in every leader in his style has been found wanting in various aspects, which has led me thinking; “IS NIGERIA’S PROBLEM BAD LEADERSHIP OR BAD FOLLOWERSHIP?”

We talk about development all the time. But where is this development going to come from when we do not care for the things or obey the laws we already have.

Times when Nigerians lacked followership skills

Now let’s start from somewhere. Once upon a time, the rivers state government, under the administration of Rotimi Amaechi came up with the policy; “keep rivers state clean”. They went as far as putting trash baskets at almost everywhere in the city of Port Harcourt, just in case we happen to drink our not-so-pure-water while walking on the streets, disposing the sachet wouldn’t be a headache. But guess what? Brothers, sisters and others, those fragile baskets became a refuse dump for some residents of Port Harcourt. This act not only frustrated those innocent baskets, but also the law, and the government.

Also, bail is free right? But we pay anyway. Now I’m not talking about the policemen who collect this money, I am talking about us who actually give them this money. We know it is free, we hear it every day, we even see it on stickers in these police stations, so I ask again why do we pay? We have the right to say no, but we brush it aside with the attitude of; “na so dem dey do”.

There is also the problem with hawking, and as a matter of fact, underage hawking, I mean children, and teenagers who are supposed to be in school, hawking during school hours. I always hear, it is illegal, but I see these children everywhere in the streets. I’m not talking about the policemen who do not take them into custody, and wait for their parents or guardians, I am talking about those who actually send those children outside to hawk, and us who buy form them.

There is also the issue of vehicles going through a thorough screening before they ply the road but trust me when I say numerous vehicles especially the commercial ones that ply the roads are road hazards, but we board these vehicles anyway, even at the expense of our lives, and I ask, why? Have we become so used to disobedience that obedience is now far-fetched in our thinking?

Let's obey the law

I am not exonerating the government, I am Nigerian, and it is in our gene to always blame the government when things go wrong, trust me, a typical Nigerian can link a cockroach dying, to the failure in government. However, this is not about the government.

If we had seen someone misuse those trash baskets, would we caution them or leave it at; “na dem sabi”. What if we refuse to pay for bail.—except it is a court order— Just think about it, what if everyone that is been asked to pay for bail bluntly said no, and sue if they had to? Really, what would happen? What if we stopped patronizing these child-hawkers, what if we stop the haste for a moment, and actually be sure that our vehicles, and the taxis we board are road worthy, what would be the outcome? I know someone may be feeling like “na dis small small tins go make us beta?” and the answer is yes! Those little things we ignore, could really be our goliath.

We should stop asking what government will do for us and start asking what we as a people can do for ourselves. What are we afraid of? “IS NIGERIA’S PROBLEM BAD LEADRERSHIP OR BAD FOLLOWERSHIP?


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      When you get to an ATM stand, then you'll be able to testify that we have a problem with following orders. I still think that perhaps it is as a result of a kind of fear of dominance.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      We are our bigger problems, and remember, it takes a good follower, to be a good leader

    • profile image

      Clara Shino 

      2 years ago

      I think it goes both ways, both the leaders and we citizens are to blame. Sometimes we only obey the law when it is convenient


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