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The terrible African burden

Updated on October 28, 2011

The African is in a very big dilemma. He has got a very heavy burden of cross on his shoulder capable of enslaving him forever. These are some of the worst problems or challenges the African has to confront or battle every blessed day.

Loss of identity

The African does not actually know who he is. The African is always caught up in this strange dilemma between two worlds and this is his greatest burden. He is always trapped in the confusion of being between and betwixt, i.e. neither here nor there. He does not know if he should bear his European name or if he should remain local and use his local name which is always enriched with deep meanings.

He is always at the receiving end of whatever the rest of the world decides. Such disposition exposes him to untold confusion and sufferings because he does not know his left from his right.

If you remain local, you are accused of being uncivilized. You go the European or Western way, automatically you are accused of forgetting where you came from.

This quagmire inasmuch as it sounds funny is not funny at all. That is one reason why we have traditional weddings and white weddings because we as Africans must satisfy the two different worlds. It is not then surprising that we have Africans who practice Christianity or any other foreign religion during the day and hardcore African traditional religion at night. And so whenever you mention something like “give to Caesar, what is Caesar’s and to God, what is God’s” many Africans will immediately understand as well as misconstrue it because invariably, that is what we have been indoctrinated into doing all along.

Technological backwardness and lack of indigenous technology

If you are looking for the next big bang in terms of technological breakthroughs and inventions, obviously you shouldn’t be looking in the African way.

This is simply because there is no hope there, so to speak! To make it worse, there is still the dearth or lack of indigenous technology with which to tackle the increasing challenges of technological constraints and advancement being witnessed in the world today so as to not be left out.

The African cannot think. The African is so dumb. The African cannot see ahead of him. Haven’t you ever heard of that statement that “if you want to hide something from an African, put it into writing in a book”?

The African has nothing to contribute except if it to kill his brother with the weapons of mass destructions created abroad just like what Gaddafi and co are doing to each other in Libya at the moment.

But do you the worst thing? Till today, the African still strongly believes in all that BS!

Bad leadership

Whenever the subject of bad leadership comes up, thoughts of many African countries normally jump onto one’s mind. The African society is always a very good example of what it feels like and what it means to have the ailment of bad leadership - almost all the time.

Bad leadership is the reason why Africa is so underdeveloped. It is the same reason why many people will not think twice to leave the African shores and look for greener pastures elsewhere especially in America.

Bad leadership opens the door for bad followership because when the leaders are not all that committed towards delivering the dividends of democracy or whatever system of government they are running to their people, the door of chaos normally opens to threaten the survival and general wellbeing of all and sundry.

The resultant effect is a continent populated by growing number of disillusioned people who are always immersed and suffering from more and more confusion, and with leaders who seem so discordant with what is really going on in their respective countries especially as it involves giving their people the type of governance they want.

Colonization and Imperialism

The white colonial masters discovered the diamond in the dirt that was waiting to be found in Africa and they moved in fast.

They introduced their own system of government and religious beliefs which made it easier for them to cease, control and also rob the continent of almost all her human and natural resources and in the process upstaged the status quo in the normal lives of the Africans and since then Africa has never been the same.

Today, colonialism has gone, or so? But it has been replaced with neocolonialism and imperialism whereby major decisions that will affect many African lives as regards to our economic well being are made in a White House or at the headquarters of IMF or the World Bank, all in Washington D.C. and most of those economic policies conjured up in those places aforementioned don’t favor the ordinary African on the street that much, if at all, in the end, if you closely look at it.

The shattering end result is a poor, hapless and helpless continent always at the mercy and receiving end of almost all global economic speculations and experimentations designed to benefit only those who they are supposed to benefit.

Brain Drain

The brain drain is one the biggest terrible vicious circle Africans face. Many Africans continue to throng to foreign embassies in desperate search of visa to leave the motherland and escape the massive hardship they face on daily basis. And as they go, they take along with them all their expertise, ideas and innovations, and experiences leaving a continuous confusing dust trail of brain drain behind. Not encouraging at all.

But who is to be blamed?

Yes, everybody wants to go to the place where the grass is greener, where the land is already overflowing with the biblical milk and honey and better their lives but ironically, the ONLY guaranteed way to make your OWN grass green is by staying beside it and watering and tendering to it for good until everything turns green.

Culture and language

The African culture and languages are under such a great attack. The foreigners who invaded us have succeeded in planting the seeds that will eventually seal the end of the traditional African language and culture.

How did they do this? Simple. They made us to see how “barbaric” our culture is and how unfashionable and out of place our languages are.

No wonder the African languages are gradually being relegated to the background as more and more Africans continue to see the reason why they SHOULD never speak their indigenous language again which happens to become increasingly so so vernacular and archaic as the days go by!


Religion is good as it satisfies that inherent man’s inclination towards believing in something (greater or powerful), whether seen or unseen but as Africans we bought it from those that introduced their religions to us hook, line and sinker not minding the many discrepancies or ludicrousness that always comes with some of these religious teachings.

The bad news is that religion is crippling the Africa society as brothers continue to kill and maim each other as wars continue to rage over what? Over nothing serious except the fact that “my god is better than yours”

Which god?

Of course, foreign gods, come to think of it!


One real pain the African bear is the pain of racism. Whenever you think racism, more often than less, the color you see is black and then you start thinking about the sufferings of [black] Africans first. I don’t know if in history there is any other race who has suffered from racism and prejudice more than the black race.

Racism is the one reason why Africans are not seen as being mentally equal to other people from other different racial backgrounds.

Yes. The African is in a very big dilemma. He has got a very heavy burden of cross on his shoulder capable of enslaving him forever.

But the greatest of all the burdens the African face is that most times, he is not even aware of the problem he is facing. That is what I call maximum ignorance. No wonder, solutions to such debilitating African problems are still a mirage and will always remain a pipedream!


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    • mintinfo profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi Emmyboy, AfRAka is a redefinition of a people. Professor MOmOh of the Dohgon University of Thought reworked it because the term African was a name given to us by others. Since it is too common to change it can be reworked. In this case to mean First-Sun-Soul

      Af means First

      RA means Sun

      ka means Soul

      Knowledge is power. The only way for AfRAkans to define our own destiny is to gain knowledge.

    • Emmyboy profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Nigeria

      Mintinfo, you and I, we both think alike. Thanks for stopping by...

      But wait a minute, what do you mean by AfRakan?


    • mintinfo profile image


      6 years ago

      You are a true thinker Emmyboy. If I were white, a christian or a muslim, would I agree with your assessment of the AfRAkan reality? No. So why do I. I agree because I am a descendant of AfRAkans and I am frustrated at the condition of AfRAkan people.

      It is undeniable that AfRAkans are the first humans on the planet. The more the white man digs, the more it becomes evident to him. So we give birth to every other race. Does that make us a prototype or a Carbon copy? We are the Carbon copy. Therefore we are not lacking anything! Most of our brain functions have simply become dormant through neglect.

      We forgot how to use the Dark Energy of the universe to stimulate our creativity and heighten senses such as intuition. Now we rely on the Lie = light = white noise radiation that shuts down our ability to think. We have become slaves to Right Brain self gratifications such as fun, lust, and pleasure.

      No matter how man tries to explain nature he cannot deny that the universe is in control. He says that God is in his favor but his god sends hurricanes to wipe him out and make him look like a fool. The new age of Aquarius is coming and it will force human consciousness to reconnect with nature.

      Keep up the good work. Its good to see that some of us are still Aware.

    • Emmyboy profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Nigeria

      It is the ignorance on the part of many Africans that is making the whole situation so discouraging and appalling with no hope of a better tomorrow in sight!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      7 years ago from The Caribbean

      Wow! What you described is indeed a heavy burden. Are you saying that this situation is hopeless? I hope not.


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