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The Versatile Banboo Plant for Green Living in Arts and Science

Updated on January 30, 2013

Bamboo: Incredible Versatility & Enormous Utility

Bamboo is one of the most versatile and economically important plants in the world. There are about 1450 species of Bamboo in the world that have been identified and classified. Over 400 species grow in the United States where Bamboo is used as ornamental plant outdoors, and decorated and functional use indoor structure and as artistic element of décor.

In Asia, where the Bamboo has been a part of the economic and cultural traditions, Bamboo has many different applications, from part of quisine, structural material both indoor and outdoor, furnitures, art and more.

Bamboo grow rapidly, and can be harvested in about 7 years, compared to a softwood pine tree that needs 10 to 15 years bfore harvesting. Softwood provided by pine trees of various species are a vital forestry product in many States in USA, including here in Virginia and adjacent North Carolina. In indoor/outdoor structural applications, bamboo have seen applications in creative designs , particularly from architects and designers from Asian countries. It's interesting that scientifically Bamboo is classified not as a tree but as part of the grass family.

But it's durability is symbolized in Chinese culture as a symbol of longevity. In India, bamboo symbolized friendship. In both countries, there is an old artistic tradition based on use of bamboo in everyday living.


Economic Benefit as important as Green Living Benefits of Bamboo

Economic benefits of Bamboo can be strengthened in the United States as well many countries in Asia going forward. But what would be important is to strengthen Bamboo forestry in a way as an element of reforestation that is a high priority in the United States as well as in Asia and South America where Bamboo can add value as an element of systematic reforestation and harvesting as possible.

In fact, due to possibility of creating jobs for the poor by bamboo based furniture making and as part of durable structures for indoor/outdoor living, bamboo can provide additional value to local use and create urgently needed employment among the poor.

Such initiatives to add jobs in local ecomomies in Asian, South America and Africa using Bamboo’s versatility is already under way. In America, use of bamboo grown in milder climates in the South and in the State of Hawaii, where bamboo is part of the local cultures, applications of bamboo can be strengthened for indoor/outdoor construction applications and other use as we succeed in strengthening growing bamboo as part of reforestation in America.

In this brief introduction and forum, I will highlight some of the uses of bamboo through examples and photos, and reference to worthy organizations who are already active in encouraging growing bamboo and using them for economic and green living benefits in America and specially Asia where a strong tradition already exists for centuries.

Versatile Bamboo Photo Gallery

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Bamboo Indoor Decorative Plant


Bamboo Flutes, An Ancient Music Instrument


Bamboo Mask Art from Africa and Asia


Bamboo Indoor Garden for Home, Business Office or Medical Facility


Many Times of Bamboo Furnitures indoor and outdoor


A Bamboo Forest in USA - In State of Hawaii, Bamboo is part of the culture


#CountyfairTownfest - Arts & Science Bridge for Community Boosters & Fans


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    • profile image

      CuriousBoy 4 years ago

      From the Feng-Shui point of view Bamboo is also an important element to any garden.

      When I bought my house years ago when I planned the garden the first thing I did has been to place many of them in a "strategic" position to create a positive "chi" and all my guests who enjoyed to drink something in a corner just next to the bush of bamboo said that they felt almost immediately a sense of peace and wellbeing...

      Many Chineses thinks that not having a bamboo in the garden is plain foolishness!

    • Beatlechan profile image

      Beatlechan 4 years ago

      We give lucky bamboo plants to friends and family when they move to a new place. They are nice to look at and very easy to take care of. Thanks for the lens.

    • about-pomeranian profile image

      about-pomeranian 4 years ago

      Thinking about to buy lucky bamboo plants for my home.

    • profile image

      silverliningcanada 5 years ago

      Bamboo is the best! Nice lens.

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 5 years ago from New Zealand

      Nice Lens, good reading and all true, creating jobs for the poor.

      I like it will feature it on my lens The green Issues. Thanks for sharing. Blessed