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The War of 1812 Bicentennial - Celebrating 200 Years of Peace with Britain

Updated on August 25, 2015


On June 18Th, the United States declared war on Britain. On June 19Th, 1812 President James Madison announced the declaration to the world. James Madison advocated for war for many reasons. Among them; Britain's on-going war with France; sanctions on American trade and impressment of US Navy personnel; and British support of American Indians. At the time, the United States was also considering expanding into Canada. This year, on June 18Th, 2012 marks the 200Th Anniversary of the Declaration.

June 18Th, is an important date in US and British history as it marks the last time the two Nations engaged in war as enemies and the first time as Allies. For 200 years the two Nations have been able to find a common ground, among their political differences, and fight together during times of foreign entanglements. Such an ability to co-operate is something to celebrate 200 years later.

This lens is an acknowledgement of the Bicentennial. It is also an ongoing history lesson into the war. More information will be posted once I find it. Everyone is welcome to contribute to this lens regarding the War of 1812.

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The Battle of Queenston Heights - 1812
The Battle of Queenston Heights - 1812

The War of 1812 - Timeline

War of 1812 Almanac

1811 November 4 War Congress convenes

November 7 Battle of Tippecanoe

1812 June 18 United States declares war on Great Britain

June - August Baltimore Riots

July 1 United States doubles Customs Duties

July 12 General William Hull enters Canada

July 17 Fort Michilimackinac surrenders to the British

August 15 Fort Dearborn massacre

August 16 General William Hull surrenders to General Isaac Brock at Detroit

August 19 The Constitution defeats HMS Guerrière

October 13 General Isaac Brock is killed at the Battle of Queenston Heights

October 18 The Wasp defeats HMS Frolic

October 18 The Wasp captured by HMS Poictiers

October 25 The United States defeats HMS Macedonian

November Madison wins reelection

November British blockade South Carolina and Georgia

November 23 Americans retreat from eastern Canada

November 27 Americans attack outlying positions at Fort Erie

December 3 William Eustis resigns as Secretary of War

December 3 to February 5, 1813 Monroe serves as Secretary of War

December 29 The Constitution defeats HMS Java

December 29 Paul Hamilton resigns as Secretary of the Navy

December 26 Great Britain proclaims blockade of Chesapeake and Delaware Bays

December 29 The Constitution defeats HMS Java

December 29 Paul Hamilton resigns as Secretary of the Navy

1813 January 12 William Jones assumes his duties as Secretary of the Navy

January 22 Battle of Frenchtown

January 23 River Raisin massacre

February 5 John Armstrong becomes Secretary of War

February 24 The Hornet defeats HMS Peacock

March Captain David Porter of the Essex rounds Cape Horn and sails into the Pacific to prey upon British whaling ships

March 27 Oliver Hazard Perry arrives at Presque Isle, Pennsylvania, to assume responsibility for constructing a fleet on Lake Erie

March to December British naval forces raid in the Chesapeake Bay area

March 30 British blockade extended from Long Island to the Mississippi

April 15 Americans occupy part of west Florida

April 15 Wilkinson occupies Mobile

April 27 Americans capture York (Toronto)

May 3 British burn Havre de Grace

May 1 and ends on May 5 Siege of Fort Meigs

May 26 British blockade additional middle and southern states

May 27 Americans capture Fort George

May 29 British forces repulsed at Sackett's Harbor

June 1 HMS Shannon defeats the Chesapeake

June 6 Detachment of Americans defeated at Stoney Creek

June 22 Battle of Norfolk

June 24 Battle of Beaver Dams

June 26 British attack Hampton

July 27 Battle of Burnt Corn

August 1 Major Croghan successfully defends Fort Stephenson against British attack

August 2 Battle of Fort Stephenson

August 4 Admiral Perry gets his fleet over the bar at Presque Isle and into Lake Erie

August 30 Fort Mims massacre

September 10 Battle of Lake Erie

September 27 Harrison lands in Canada

October 5 Battle of the Thames

October 16-19 Battle of Leipzig

October 25-26 Battle of Chateaugay

November 3 Battle of Tallushatchee

November 4 Great Britain offers United States direct peace negotiations

November 9 Battle of Talladega

November 11 Battle of Chrysler's Farm

November 16 British extend blockade to all middle and southern states

December 10 Fort George evacuated and Newark burned by Americans

December 18 Fort Niagara occupied by British

December 19-31 Lewiston, Fort Schlosser, Black Rock, and Buffalo destroyed by the British

1814 January 22 Battle of Emuckfau

January 24 Battle of Enotachopco

March 27-28 Battle of Horseshoe Bend

March 28 HMS Phoebe and HMS Cherub defeat the Essex

April 11 Napoleon abdicates French throne

April 14 United States repeals Embargo and Nonimportation Law

April 20 HMS Orpheus defeats the Frolic

April 25 - May 30 British extend blockade to New England

April 29 The Peacock defeats HMS Epervier

June 28 The Wasp II defeats HMS Reindeer

July - September British occupy eastern Maine

July 3 Americans capture Fort Erie

July 5 Battle of Chippewa

July 25 Battle of Lundy's Lane

August U.S. banks suspend specie payments

August United States public credit collapses

August 8 Peace negotiations begin in Ghent

August 8 Great Britain outlines initial peace terms

August 9 The Creeks sign a treaty at Fort Jackson ceding much of their land

August 13 and ends September 21 Siege of Fort Erie begins

August 14 British occupy Pensacola

August 15 Battle of Fort Erie

August 19 British land near Benedict, Maryland

August 24 Battle of Bladensburg

August 24-25 British burn Washington

August 28 British capture Alexandria, Virginia

August 28 Nantucket declares Neutrality

September1 General George Prevost moves south toward Plattsburgh

September 4 Armstrong resigns and Monroe takes over as Secretary of War

September 11 Battle of Plattsburgh

September 12-16 British repulsed at Mobile

September 12-14 Battle of North Point, near Baltimore

September13-14 British bombard Fort McHenry, near Baltimore

September 13 Francis Scott Key writes the Star Spangled Banner

September 14 British abandon attempt to take Baltimore

September 17 Americans sortie from Fort Erie

September 26 British squadron captures General Armstrong

October 21 Great Britain offers peace on basis of uti possidetis

November 5 Americans evacuate Fort Erie

November 7 Jackson seizes Pensacola

November 11 Jackson returns to Mobile

November 22 Jackson leaves for New Orleans

November 25 British fleet sails from Jamaica for New Orleans

November 27 Great Britain drops the uti possidetis

December 14 British overwhelm American gunboats on Lake Borgne

December 15 - January 5 Hartford Convention

December 15 - February 27, 1815 United States adopts additional internal taxes

December 23 British land their troops below New Orleans

December 23 General Andrew Jackson attacks in a surprise night battle

December 23 - January 1 Preliminary battles around New Orleans

December 24 Peace of Ghent signed

December 28 United States rejects conscription proposal

1815 January 8 Americans defeat British in the Battle of New Orleans

February 4 United States adopts second enemy trade law

February 17 United States rejects National Bank proposal

February 17 Ratifications of the Peace Treaty exchanged and President Madison declares the war at an end


'Common Ground (Dress)'
'Common Ground (Dress)'

Common Ground (Dress) Tartan

I have designed and registered a tartan to, personally, commemorate the 200Th anniversary of the War of 1812. The design details can be downloaded from J Orr Tartan Design, ordered from eBay, or requested from the Scottish Register of Tartans. The tartan may be used for personal, non-commercial and commercial use. Though I own the tartan design and details, I am offering it up to the public for historical reasons.

How do you plan to celebrate the War of 1812 Bicentennial?

See results

Contemporary and Historic Flags

More to come.

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    • Unlimited11-11 profile image

      Tom McHugh 

      5 years ago from Lake Champlain, Vermont, USA

      interesting lens

    • lyinseeker profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @TeacherSerenia: Let me know when you're finished putting that lens together so I can add it to the featured lenses module.

    • lyinseeker profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @TeacherSerenia: . . . and that the British razed Richmond, VA. I guess what goes around comes around?

    • TeacherSerenia profile image


      6 years ago

      Well up here in Canada, we are celebrating how we burnt down the White House and I am currently making a lens about that!!!!

    • lyinseeker profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      It is just amazing that this Bicentennial has really gone mostly unnoticed. I refuse to be surprised.


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