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the way indian politics works

Updated on December 6, 2010

the poor play

i know that i'm young to comment on the indian politics..........but what to do?All is so starkly visible to my naked eyes!!Most of the time we have riots and on many occasions we find curfews imposed.Its simply a blackmark on the indian democracy ............the world's largest democracy so as to say.But what have we got after 63 years of independence???nothing but riots,corruption and nothing else!!!The politicians are busy making money for themselves.

What happened to common wealth games.India had all the resources that were necessary to host a brilliant show but what we did seems just so average!and by god's grace no one was injured due to 'falling objects'.

One more striking aspect is riots and strikes.Even if there is a better method we get only riots in all parts of the country.One riot leads to loss of money and power to a huge extent and moreover in addition to that there is pollution!The strike causers participate in campaigns to save environment but ironically we get to see them make a lead in the pollution.Thus the need of the hour is to prevent corruption and then to find better methods to resolve problems.


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