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The 11th Hour

Updated on July 22, 2016

It's time to choose sides!

We are at the 11th hour, and the 2016 elections are in full swing. America and its future is fully invested in the outcome of the election in November. We are heading for the edge of the cliff, and are about to go full Thelma and Louise, in a blaze of glory. In this case, it will not be all that glorious, catastrophic is more like it. America has always had its problems, from slavery in the 19th century, to the rise of progressivism in the 20th century, we have always adapted to and overcame whatever the evil of the day presented to us. Slavery was abolished in the 19th century but was resurrected under Lyndon B. Johnson in the form of a “war on poverty” via his “Great Society”. While trying to fight the further rise of communism in Vietnam, President Johnson was promoting and implementing communist policies here at home. The welfare state that has been created in America, has created a new generation of slaves. This new slavery, is facilitated and implemented by the oligarchs in Washington that is made up of all races and creeds. All of this is done in the name of “compassion” and “charity”. These arguments of “compassion”, “tolerance”, and “charity” are the modus operandi of the progressive ideology.

Weaponized "fairness"

“Fairness”, it is a word that is crammed down our throat at every corner. “Fair” according to a progressive, is not about fairness or equality. It is about special treatment for someone based on their race, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. So we say in our schools, “let’s make the tests easier for minority students, or lower the standards”. How is this twisted to appear like they are promoting equality? If all are not being held to the same standard, then there is no equality. In this scenario you are also insinuating that minority students are somehow inadequate, which is discrimination outright. The powers that be, would have you believe that minority students are not treated equally because they are not given the same “opportunity” as other kids. If there is any truth to this at all, it is a result of the breakdown of the family unit, evidenced by children living in single parent households, and not having positive role models in which to emulate. Society has become morally bankrupt, and the effects of this decline show in our children as they develop their personalities based on the environment that they grow up in.

God is under fire!

America has suffered a moral decline in one way or another, and this breakdown is reflected in the actions and inactions of our elected representatives in government. Ignorance and complacency has infected the minds of the American people and to make it even worse, the children are not being taught moral lessons in school or by their parents. The absence of God Almighty in American society is the root cause of all of this. Americans have been conditioned to believe that government is the end all. This conditioning along with the fact that God has been banished from our schools, our public square, and from the very fabric of the country, is a dangerous mix. The communists have been doing it for years, by taking God out of the picture, the government becomes the entity that people look to for solutions. It is this transition to the anointing of government, and the deity status that the government wields in this situation, that enables the regime to rule with an iron fist. George Washington once said the following, “Government is not reason, it is not eloquent, it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master”. Alexander Hamilton once said that if men were angels, no government would be necessary. Hamilton also made reference to the fact that the US Constitution and the American style of government, was created to govern a moral people, and that it was not adequate for any other.

America's tombstone will read, "death by suicide"

America is in decline, the media is spreading misinformation,and in some cases, just fabricating the so called news. They are trying to create the illusion that "everything is awesome", when anyone living in the real world, paycheck to paycheck, knows that this is not the Lego Movie, and that things are not as they should be. America is no longer the "shining city on a hill", as it has been overrun with corruption. Apologizing to the world for the perceived crime of being American, and our own President, telling the international community that America is ashamed of its roots. President Obama has a communist upbringing, there is no disputing that. From his father, to Frank Marshall Davis, to his stepfather, all of the male authority figures that he grew up knowing, helped him develop the collectivist mindset that he still holds today. The Federal Government now pedals big government solutions, to problems that at one time, were resolved in the private sector, in a capitalist economy. We have driven the national debt to almost 20 trillion dollars, our leaders refuse to stand up to evil, or even define our enemy. The President's DOJ prosecutes states that attempt to exercise their 10th amendment rights as sovereign states, along with whistleblowers that attempt to expose government corruption. The criminals are given the ability to prosecute themselves, in other words, the fox is investigating the henhouse. The IRS is being used to target political opponents, the list of these treasonous acts goes on and on. All of this, and we still have over half of the American population that does notbother to votein elections. Roughly 45% of Americans, actually believe that voting is worth it, or that it even has any effect on the outcome The principles that guided our founders in their quest for independence, seem to be non existent in recent times. Has there been a moral decline, the media has changed the perceived landscape of America, through oversaturation of twisted, immoral, and evil content, that is regularly consumed by people.

We are at a fork in the road, an election is forthcoming, and it will decide the fate of America. Although it may come off as being a bit cliche', this is the most important election in America's history. If we don't put a stop to the abuse in Washington, and purge and prosecute those responsible, we will never enjoy the peace and prosperity that America was once known for. 2016 will be "a time for choosing" as Ronald Reagan so eloquently put it decades ago. Last chance America, don't blow it!

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