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The Esoteric Agenda

Updated on October 4, 2013

It is believed by many that 2012 marks a time of devastation, earth quakes, tornadoes, flooding......but I find it hard to wrap my brain around it due to the turmoil predictions of the year 2000. According to the more than 30 predictions the world was coming to an end, Jesus was coming back, world war 3 would happen, Armageddon was here.........People were stock piling toilet paper and water and food by the cases. But we're still here just waiting to do it again. One thing that life has shown me is that man is easily distracted from the truth, maybe that distraction is intentional. Maybe we are suppose to keep our focus on destruction like in the movie 2012. But why would we need such distraction if there is nothing that we can do to avoid or stop it..................


" The more humanity strays from his origin
The more we deny our bond with nature
The further from perfection we become "

The Mayans and their calendar predicted a time of death and rebirth. Death to things as we know them and birth to a new age to come. Suppose this rebirth is merely a time of enlightenment, to help us avoid our own destruction. I believe that they were trying to open our eyes up to the new transition of things to come. Maybe their calendar ends at 12/21/12 because it has come full circle. They have given us the heads-up and the rest is up to us. Just suppose that all this merely marks the time of a new world order. What purpose would knowing our own demise serve if we cannot leave this planet to avoid it.Could there possibly be a new world order going on while our back is turned.Could all of this cosmic alignment mark that day.I do believe that it marks a new age and that things as we know them will change. What kind of changes I personally can't say since some of my knowledge is based on the wisdom of others. I choose not to except or dismiss information based on the suggestion of another, I have to take me there. Is this end time destruction based on the fact that the Mayan calendar ends at that time and it's our way of answering why. Or could the changes that are coming be already in the mix of things. One thing that I have noticed is that I have not been able to find not one prediction from the Mayans on any of the sites that I have visited these past two days that state that the Mayans said that the world will end.That prediction is all man, but again I say why the distraction.The esoteric agenda is about the veils that are over the eyes of mankind as a whole. How we except too many things as truth without examining their origin.

While researching this subject I came across predictions that did not end with the Mayans and their calendar, Nostradamus seems to have his own end time predictions.

Quatrain 155 :

" There will be a great shedding of blood

heaven will appear unjust

both on land and sea and in the air

cults, famine, kingdoms, plagues, confusion."

Although Nostradamus died over 500 years ago his predictions are interpreted as highly accurate. Because Nostradamus has proven himself worthy of the title prophet my present view has taken a slight turn.I must admit that it does not change the fact that the final decision of acceptances is still up to me. Sometimes we need to stop killing the messenger and read the message. Just suppose that the predictions of the catastrophes that Nostradamus saw are valid. Could we be going through those things now or are they predictions that go beyond the year 2012. Either way I will embrace the knowledge before me, I will eat the meat and throw the bone away. I will live each day as if it were my last because one day I might be right.

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