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The impact of government policies on the society

Updated on January 6, 2018

The Impact of Government Policies the Society

The various policies formulated by government go a long way to affect the general welfare of it citizenry thus it is penitent that such policies incorporate the basic needs as expressed by the masses because ultimately the government will be standing alone without the total support of the generality of the electorate that voted them in.

Basically these policies should include laws that give rise to the respect of human right as the dignity of the human person comes first in shaping the type of amenities to made available to the society my point is that our law makers should direct their thoughts on how to elevate the status and living standards of the masses. And in so doing have in mind those that every human seeks comfort and to be able to afford the basic things of life without developing high blood pressure in the course of such pursuit.

The continent of Africa house a chunk of the population of impoverished people in the world though SHE boast of the same deposit of resources both natural and human resources and it is saddening that many Africans Leaders have failed to harness these resources and channel it to uplifting the standard of living of its citizenry.Little wonders the youths are seeking the green fleece by travelling to America and Europe even as far as Asia in order to "escape" the harsh realities of the Economies that has no future plans for them or their unborn Children.

The responsibility of the Government and the resultant effect of Good Policies.

The developed countries of the world attained to the level that attracts both the rich and poor of Africa by enacting policies that enhance governance.These Policies has propelled to a large extent the emerging vibrant economies that have continued to sustain the political and social structure which in turn has made life a progression rather a retrogression for its populace.African countries need leaders that are ready to think,strategize and tackle poverty and i believe the answers is not too far fetched or "rocket science".The level of impoverishment is an evidence that persons elected to administer the welfare those who voted them have suddenly lost memory of their election mandate or jettison the will to transform their manifestos to manifestation of dividend of democracy.

I desire an Africa where its people of every nation and creed can have clean watersupply good motorable roads constant power supply and be able to have other basic things that make life comfortable.


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    • profile image

      Abdul Raufu Ibraheem Akolade 6 years ago

      I' really appreciate for your development to society

    • durublessing profile image

      Blessing Uchenna Duru 7 years ago from Germany

      @Andrew i am happy you appreciate my line of thoughts as expressed in this hub.I think Africa needs a radical change politically inorder to improve the status of its people Socially,Educationally,Financially and otherwise.

      The recent Social unrest in Tunisia and Egypt are examples of a Society slaving under an Unproductive and Unprogressive Government.Change is needed the people are no more satisfied living under conditions which they know can be better if only those whose responsibility it is to do so were down to business in making carrying out their mandate.

      I earnestly look forward to a Peace and Credible polls in Nigeria,because only then will there a sure road map to progress and advancement in all Spheres of the Polity.

    • Andrew0208 profile image

      Andrew0208 7 years ago from Zion

      @durublessing, that's quite thoughtful of you as expressed with this hub. In Africa, I believe that this desire will soon be a reality when the elected becomes civilized in their respective minds; being selfless, transparent and accountable to the people who elected them in.

      The quest for Power, fame and "too much money" have been the main focus of few African leaders other than improving their economies, lives and standing policies.

      In Nigeria right now, the quest for a positive change is very thick in the air as people(rich & poor, old & young) are tired of these odds thereby desiring a lasting positive change. I hope it works out well this time.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 7 years ago from America

      So you believe the GOVT should figure out ways to elevate the living status of the masses? This my dear is the recipie for failure! Always has been! America was made great by individuals figuring out how to elevate ones self through hard work, ambition, and achievement! Learn to be great, not a ward of the government!