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The Irish Economy

Updated on February 24, 2017

Ireland - What went wrong

With the economy in tatters and the banks and government looking around for some way out or someone to blame what exactly went on and more importantly what went wrong in the Irish Economy. I was lucky enough to start working in the construction industry in 1998 when jobs and money were easy come by. However, i no find myself in the middle east with no prospect of returning to Ireland for a long long time. Im sure there are many many people in the same situation as i am. Do i feel angry, do i feel sick and do i hold a grudge against the irish government. The simple answer is YES i do. With the level of construction work in ireland in the late 90's and up until 2007-8 did no one cop that a small country like ireland would have a problem when this work ran out.

David Lynch discusses irish economy

Going Backwards

And then the work did run out and we returned to the Eighties when half the country headed to London. This time its further afield to Canada, America and the Middle East. the prospects at home are still not too good. Its now 2013 and really, although the politicians would say differently, Ireland is not that further on.

Bail out

It seems that Big Brother Germany are bailing out while the most vulnerable eldery and children are feeling the pain. Im sure the government are doing what they can now to stop the rot but surely if someone had copped in 2007 what was around the corner then all this would have been knocjed on the head then.

The Rise and Fall

Profitable Business

Maybe they should consider handing the country over to someone like JP McManus, Michael O'Leary or Denis O'Brien. These men know how to run a profitable organization, unlike who is in charge at the minute.


The thing about Ireland is that if it was managed properly it could provide for everyone living their. Tourism for instance is still a huge earner. Our irish products are still a great export. What is killing people at the moment is the cost of living, which is due to the high tax being paid on goods, services and salaries. If their was some way of reducing the taxes it would encourage spending in the country and therefore help to spend the country out of recession.



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