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My first hub: What is happiness?

Updated on December 22, 2015

What is Happiness?

IIn our materialistic society now the word "Happiness" seemed more of a mystery, though we know what is it all about but I think not the truth about it. Because even the very rich people are not truly happy in life, yet a poor person can still claim that he is truly happy in life. I think true happiness has nothing to do with money.

Happiness actually is a "state of mind", it is how a person perceives life not in a positive or negative perspective as we commonly describes it. But instead a kind of realization, in our materialistic society the situations are, the rich wants to be richer and the poor wants to be rich, that means all of us are after of money and money should be everything but I have to disagree with these notions.

Can you imagine a situations in life when we will not think of money? And will it be possible? Because when one will say that "money is not everything" that may even be a foolish to crazy idea and therefore impossible.

Therefore, for true happiness to be realized and experienced even for a while....then forget matters which pertains to money.

There will never be happiness in a materialistic society we now have. If you have money and say you are happy because of it I will say it as a false happiness therefore only very few people knows what true happiness is all about. That is if you are able to separate or get away with money things even for a few minutes and obtain a certain degree of happiness out of it I will say there will be a difference and if ever you understand that difference all about does not matter at first at least you have seen the difference and might be able to say that money is not everything.

Because of money it created a category of who is wealthy and poor, that is the so wealthy or poor and was not able to discover that treasure will have to exist in hell which is right here ....this life we are having right now.

Because you are poor must not be the cause to make you desperate....remember ycalled poverty will certainly mean that you are hungry or eats less but I will say you can still be happy when you are poor.

Happiness is a treasure you have to discover in our existence I will say those peopleou got the greatest treasure and that is your very SELF have HOPE look around you and appreciate the beauty around us and those never needs money because it is for free then look at yourself, you have a mind and perceptions and I will say money is not everything!

I say money is not everything because it is absolutely nothing of course you will say how can I live without money? In this materialistic society you have no choice but to live in that way but not to close your eyes and become a slave of money which is representing ownership and possession. You can make a difference by simply opening your eyes and THINK! Because a barrier exist it is like we are existing in two perceptions one is wrong and the other is right. Those who are a slave of money must be selfish, uncaring or even worst since they have to be like that for the sake of money. It also mean people who is not very much after of money must be the kinder version in this life that is they can be satisfied with little things only unlike the rich and wealthy who wants more and more.

Happiness is not a simple thing it takes wisdom and understanding to perceive it. Saying I am very happy because of my wife is not happiness it is a personal opinion.

Being HAPPY of being what you are and not being happy of what you have. Sometimes you cannot accept the events which are happening in your life that is the ability to understand matters because happiness is not a simple matter it is knowledge gained personally and not from school and anywhere else it has to be your Personal Knowledge gained from your Existence as a person.

A hardworking person is not happy because all that matters is he is counting his money earned so you stop counting and do not be dependent on money I want to see what will happen next. That is if you can discover something then start counting for anything else that money cannot buy.

All of us are looking for happiness, we want it because it is normal. But there are lots of problems and too many says they are not happy in life. We are in a materialistic society so...if you are not happy then nobody cares, if you say you are happy good for you that is it is not something you can purchase money has nothing to do with it so it goes no one knows what is it all about.

Now, if I say there are a few who discovered it and it is not easy to be shared I have to remind you it cannot be offered or given because it is not made of anything material whatsoever. Happiness has its own language and no english words can be used to exactly describe it therefore Happiness is something strange to even a kind of foolishness or nonsense in this materialistic world. It is like you are going to a wrong direction when in fact it is the correct or right route but you cannot take that route since you will be a stupid or foolish to go that way and the the wrong ones which is this materialistic society is the one being indulged therefore true Happiness is impossible and if you commit suicide the more you cannot find happiness out of it!

I can eat what I want, buy nice clothes, take a vacation, etc. and that means you are happy. I say no, because it is all nonsense when considering the real one. Then what is it? If you have time or care enough I will say anything which are not those I mentioned or anything else which money cannot buy. One example is a hug from her child is enough for a mother to be happy or even the happiness a pet dog can give you but those are not enough how about appreciating the beauty of the skies, with the whiteness of the clouds along with the blue skies that happiness which no language known to man can express it except when you write several lines as a poem. The simple things around us is enough to make us happy and never consider money or wealth to gain it. Learn and discover more since it is your RESPONSIBILITY because happiness is just one of the reasons of our existence.

Happiness is a TREASURE if ever you are able to find and discover it you will have the appreciation of Life and most of all the REWARDS of SLEEP an experience you will have everynight because with true happiness anger and anguish are all gone, all the stress and pressure will be manageable so on and so forth.But the Happiness I am talking about does not when you bought or somebody bought it for you which that something will make you happy I am talking about a different ideas a kind of HAPPINESS WHICH COMES FROM YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF LIFE a very broad matter indeed that materialistic people prefer to ignore it is as simple as the HAPPINESS YOU FELT BY WATCHING THE SUNSET OR THE BLUE SKIES HAPPINESS SINKS IN YOU YOU CANNOT SEE NOR TOUCH IT it is just there deep in you I KNOW ONLY A FEW CAN UNDERSTAND but that is the real thing if you care enough it is all up to you.

Happiness must be not because of what you owned nor possessed it should be like a knowledge you discovered and that is you can be happy through all the pains and agonies in Life, actually it is inherent to all of us, we were Created never to be desperate and misirable if ever you are then it Must be your own fault and you should not blame anybody. In this materialistic Life rich or poor may not be truly happy, whatever and whoever you are Happiness must be found and treasured simply because it will be like FINDING Your Self again and again.....after a great fall or failure just take it as a mistake and LEARN from all of those our Creator wants us to be intelligent such that in one mistake you shall be able to gain knowledge a thousand times (unfortunately you will never find it in schools) so TEACH Your Self and I say the Omniporent Being will never leave you alone....He will be your Teacher so Trust Him for everything.

We are in an imperfect world! All of us poor or rich, whatever race you maybe, so generally all kinds of human beings will certainly get "hurt" in whatever degree it maybe it will be in such a way kind of personal the same way with individual reactions, therefore all of us will have our share of experiencing desperation or being miserable. Therefore again! Happiness in this imperfect world must be impossible a mere smile or laughter does not mean a person is truly happy I say, IT IS Like Looking OUTSIDE the Self then that must be an earthly happiness with medications to the extreme with drugs! The Truth should be LOOKING INSIDE.....Happiness Inside deep within you in that way you will be a strong and firm person Happy through all the good and bad situations in Life.....have you seen a Person's face GLOWING and his happiness is contageous you could really Feel it! Happiness can be faked and only the truly happy could identify which one is for real.

I say, Great Men could still experience Happiness though he is all ALONE because it is inherent or the nature of all the Creations of our Creator therefore it is a True Measure of a great man.

Happiness is Universal it is inherent or natural or the nature mainly of all human beings or the whole Creations therefore Poverty cannot be an excuse nor wealth or riches will be an assurance whatsoever therefore if you do not or can not have it then I say, you Blame Your Self, you can not have a Relationship with the O.B. or Omnipotent Being unless you must have the BRAINS since it will act as your transmitter that is you could never understand him without it, one of the ways to attain true happiness is when you are able to determine th e purpose of your existence. I say, you will never find these knowledge in schools or this materialistic society will never help you! It will be a Situations which you are going to get Wisdom and Understanding all on Your own therefore this should be a personal responsibility you will be all alone but with TRUST that the O.B. will never leave you alone that must be more than enough. Lastly in this context, Live for Others, that is if you are truly happy it can help others as well.

Are you happy? Yes....sometimes not or I do not know, it is something normal in this materialistic world. I say, happiness is an Attitude, has something to do with your temperament or behaviors. And only great Men could say and declare that they are Happy at all times or at all given situations in Life. Which it shall mean you are Capable and has the ability to understand and to ACCEPT bad and good things of Life. It has nothing to do with being rich or Poor and whatsoever religion you are involved with. I say, it will be how far and deep you have attained as a person shall I say Happiness is one of the gifts of Our Creator but it will at all times Depend on How Deep is Your Relationship with Him.

You finally bought your first and perhaps only house and lot with your hard earned money, certainly anybody should be happy with it. But that is not the kind of Happiness I am trying to discuss here such as giving money to the poor, just plain giving and expecting nothing in return in that situations you must be able to feel a certain kind of happiness. How about saving somebody's life in exchange of your own Life and not to a person you knew instead for a stranger....are you willing to do it without any regrets? All of us was Created by a Creator for a Purpose and He is very, very happy with it though mankind rejected and ignored Him until now! Therefore Happiness must not be suferficial it is something you must be able to Realized even once in your Lifetime. Live or even die for others and never worry whatsoever for your loved ones because the Omnipotent Being will take good care of them IF they really UNDERSTAND......Life must be like that!

Happiness will never be for everybody it has nothing to do with wealth nor poverty though you may have happiness in this materialistic society but I say it is the false one achieving true happiness Sleep must be a wonderful experience that is one of the rewards you are going to enjoy in this Life. Because it is just a part of us we were Created by a Creator with it. The problem now we do not really understand it or if not you don't understand what I am discussing about our Brains shall not be used only for owning or possessing since there is something else beyond that of which we ignored and rejected, I say never LIMIT your knowledge get understanding beyond what you used to do....simply be AWARE!

Sometimes you may not realize that you are Happy because it must be a broad idea and I say, just simplify it Never Ever Complicate it. The best thing in Life is When you have achieved a certain level of Understanding of which little and down to the smallest things you can still be Contented in Life then Acceptence must follow, just accept what you have and never mind of What You Do Not have. Happiness can occur or happen any time, you may not know or be aware of it. And hopefully when you will reach Old Age at least You Shall have Achieved a Certain Level of Understanding about Happiness and will have something to tell or discuss with the younger people. And I say again, it has nothing to do with wealth because it is FREE!

Being Happy is simply being You, that isYou Know your Life, what to do with it and EXACTLY everything about it, which are exact and specific unfortunately almost nobody has reached that level of REALIZATION but there must be a few they may or not aware of it that is they do not even know what is Happiness is all about therefore NEVER Seek for it Just do what you have to do. I say, Happiness is a Part of our Being, we all are here for a purpose.

A good laughter is not an indicator of happiness sometimes it may be just a firm silence, I say, the real Happiness must be deep within us that is poor or rich, sick or sickly, abled bodied or not, so on and so forth.Happiness is for all of us! But it may not be so without Wisdom and Understanding you may start "having that" by accepting your self whatever you are be Humble by acknowledging that you will never be Perfect, a sinner.

Are you Happy? If you say Yes then I say, you are Lying true Happiness is not through what you owned and possessed it is a certain understanding attained or a level of perceptions about your knowledge On Life which is you have to Learn all by Your Self only and of course with the help and guidance of the Omnipotent Being only if you will have a certain level of Relationship with Him be Humble and Accept Him as Your Creator and everything else. I say, a poor man who died of hunger IS HAPPY....but materialistic people will be unable to perceive that because the Truth is THEY ARE NOT HAPPY in their Life Who Can be Happy in Hell? I have to say this, never connect religion with these ideas....just Study Life if ever you could, ALONE! Of course with Our Creator.

Happiness is for everybody it is not your rights because it is a part of every individual, it is the nature of everything. Therefore if you are not happy which will mean you are sad that is your own making or generally your fault for Nobody could take that happiness away from you. And I say, if you cannot be happy you are Rejecting your True nature. This man made materialistic society created Money I say, get the hell out of it and you will have happiness which must be everything and let the Omnipotent Being Manage Your Life. Sorry to say, do it without the influence of any religion He is just there For You Alone having a Relationship with Him will not only reward you with True Happiness and Satisfaction but wisdom and understanding obtained through divine relationship.

I am Happy because I got money, therefore I will be Happy for sure if I will make myself rich, the more wealth the better. As far as my concepts are concerned that is the mentality of this materialistic society....people are killing each other for Hapiness and therefore satisfactions expectedly comes with it. That is why I said right now we are in HELL the Omnipotent Being has no need to Waste His time to Create Hell of which religion presupposes to Punish WHO...arrogance really made mankind deaf and blind. WE ARE RIGHT NOW Killing each other and your acts and attitudes Will Never be Good to your Own! We are killing ourselves little by little. And Crazy people will never admit that whatsoever! Are you Happy?? How are hurting Your Self and you are not even aware of it.

You maybe Happy but not satisfied in Life so that if there will be such thing as Happy and Satisfied having that both ways I must say, is perfect but no such situations are possible in this materialistic world. When you will consider Happiness based on what you owned and possessed then I will say you are a loser. Therefore poverty must be the Matter of the Mind, perceptions, thinking, and generally about attitudes. I must say poverty shall be a good measure of How Strong and Intelligent are you in How You Learned About books are available for this kind of Education I SAY, YOU WRITE your Own book but Humbly and Silently which you could be able to Share and Influence Your wife and Children. In this materialistic society being in poverty is you are a victim BUT Your MIND is God Given therefore BRAINS is what Our Creator Wants From Us since it is the only You will be able to Understand Him KNOW the Purpose of Your Existence and with it you will have the True Happiness and even more than that it is also possible to attain such degree of Satisfactions in Life.

Happiness shall not be a matter of what you owned and possessed or it has nothing to do with money whatsoever. Therefore Happiness must be a matter of Perceptions in Life. Since in this Life it is like we are writing a Book and the last chapter if ever you reached old age will be your conclusion and I say, shall be mainly on How you were able to Give and Share to Others and the best of them all will be Knowledge you were able to Obtain in your Lifetime. Life is according to how you are able to accumulate wisdom and understanding...perhaps in Poverty situations you will have a lot of time to study Life and the Rewards is Happiness.

We can be all Happy because Happiness is for everybody, the poor and the moneyed therefore you must not Measure it whatsoever. It has nothing to do with ownership and possession IT MUST BE ABOUT the PERSON since Life is about Happiness and Satisfaction But it should be on Perceptions and your REALIZATIONS you must be able to get rid of being Materialistic first before you can or could understand what I am trying to discuss here. Therefore Happiness and others is wisdom and understanding about Life which you TRIED TO achieve personally even God cannot give it to you because it should be a Personal Understanding attained or a certain level of perceptions so, not coming from any religion whatsoever or educational attainment per se. But Happiness is at its best when You STOP thinking of Your Self only.....Live and die for Others.

In this Life all of us can be subjected to a lot of situations rich or poor in doesn't matter, you maybe sickly, lonely or in tremendous boredom....such sadness so on and so forth. Now what is this Happiness I am talking about? I say, it should be your strength and perceptions therefore no matter how many negative or stupid situations you might be IN You Remain Standing that is because you are capable of Understanding them so that the more Wisdom you got you could still Perceive the best Perceptions in this Life. It is crazy to say if you are not laughing or one cannot see Happiness in your face to be concluded as something is wrong therefore Happiness must be Deep INSIDE and manifested by firmness in Personality. I say, Happiness is an achievement of Wisdom and Understanding in your Perceptions of Life and it will come not from any Religion or books because you are going to Write your Own books on Life. And when old age comes that must be the Best or Great ideas you could share......Live and die for Others never Live for your self only.

Life is not about Happiness you must instead take it as a Kind of a Reward for what ever or anything You Do in Life it must be one of the results however I will say,if you are doing it for the good of Your Self only then that kind of Happiness must be Self Serving because it must be BOTH ways you are Happy at the same time so as Others. That is the only way to achieve Complete Happiness.

In this Life you could never say that you are Happy in Life because it is not as simple as that. In whatever situations you may be, good things is the prize after achieving something so that at hardwork you have to endure it and at misfortune it should be something you have to Accept. I am discussing what we commonly knew and experienced if ever you will be able to reached a certain level of understanding so that when you are in pain or anger there is Happiness Still because it is what I call as Happiness obtained from wisdom and understanding about Life and the purpose of our existence. Therefore Life is not about what you owned or possessed but the Realizations, Understanding....just keep on working to be a better person than before than before than before. And you will have Happiness and the strength to endure this materialistic Life.

Both the rich and the poor can be materialistic it is just a matter who owned and possessed more or less and I say, neither of them could be Happy. The kind of Happiness I am trying to discuss here is when you will not be materialistic whatsoever but that must be impossible in our current situations right now! Therefore you have to fight for the Truth and that is "to Live and die for others" a kind of Happiness you will have Deep Within You. It will make you firm and with full resolve as to your perceptions about Life How much more if you will be able to discover "the Purpose of your Existence". And I could absolutely say the Omnipotent Being will be at your side as long as you are Humble to accept your mistakes or wrongdoings and CHANGE to become a better to a much better man than before but NOT to be wealthy instead Wisdom and Understanding will be the basis of your Happiness.

We are in a Materialistic Society and I say, it is the same thing as HELL therefore if the basis of your existence is just like anybody else, as I've said being materialistic then You will never have True Happiness whatsoever so that the kind of Happiness I am discussing about will be the Direct Opposite. I will say, a materialistic person is arrogant and those who are not are Humble and listens and learn from their every mistakes or faults in Life, but due to it you should be making a BETTER to a Much Better Person than before that is the capability to Learn and CHANGE. And not to become rich and wealthy! Though you or we could not absolutely avoid this materialistic life we have right now But Knowing and Realizing the Difference Matters a lot! So, it will be a kind of a situations you work or find ways to earn money but Deep Inside in your Person it is not Everything! We may, be a way to Change tha world Someday. That is if people will really seek for the True Happiness in Life.

My concepts of Happiness has nothing to do, if you are in a poverty situations, physically handicap, very sick or dying so on and so forth. That Happiness must be something which is Deep Inside you and should be like a Treasure you Discovered therefore will never be according to how much money or owned or possessed a newborn or child can be naturally Happy therefore it is something Universal not unless if that child is attacked or maltreated. We all have it! But man ignored and rejected it and instead invented his own version of Happiness and as far as I am concerned is WRONG. With wisdom and understanding you could discover a lot of good things in Life. Never use being in poverty or sickly situations that you will perceive Life as something unfair, unreasonable or stupid and attack or hate others.Because with Hatred that natural Happiness must be impossible. I'd rather FORGIVE and be Truly Happy in return. That is with wisdom and understanding you will be able to perceive perseverance, patience, and to be able to ENDURE anything to whatsoever in Life but if you cannot be humble even a single step is impossible. Stop thinking of wealth instead spend your Life searching for the true Happiness.

The Whole Universe was Created for a Purpose, everything I can say with Happiness, because there is no need to search for it since we all have it. And wealth has absolutely nothing to do with it therefore Happiness shall be a part of our Nature, that is a Natural characteristics of a Person. In whatsoever situations you maybe either in poverty or sickness. But the Omnipotent Being is not a Dictator in which He will Forced us to have that Wisdom and understanding as you can see right now we are in a Situations of I have to say more.....? Because Divine Creations must not STOP, we have to do Our Part and Create Our Selves until we could see that Happiness is is Built In in our selves but the inability to Perceive it is the hindrance instead we have a kind of Happiness right now which is Dependent so that if a loved one dies or perished so as our knowledge of Happiness...I say that is WRONG! We could even live and exist in an island all alone and have Happiness For Life and not for anything or somebody else. Therefore Happiness is a kind of perception one shall discover in Our Self, just a matter of Knowing The Self. When you are already Happy then that must be may even die for it and still be Happy in knowing that others are Safe and Happy to go on with Life and Existence.

To Know the Self is Everyone's responsibility and the first thing must be, you must be able to ACCEPT how Bad you are! But without Humility then it will be impossible and you will live and exist in this Life without the Firmness and the True Nature as to what you are Created existing without a Purpose and you will have a Miserable and Desperate existence, shall I say full of....being iresponsible, no directions, having knowledge yet it is the false one....the best example is Our Existence right now, of which I shall say, HELL!

Happiness in this materialistic society seemed something insignificant whatsoever if you are poor yet healthy and it is okay for you but that does not mean you are happy perhaps just enduring and then getting along with this kind of Life since you cannot do anything to change the situations according to What You Want. That is we are here to FIT IN! So that, if you don't like it anymore committing suicide is a possibility and I may say that is the decision of a coward. Therefore we could just endure to exist but Happiness in its True sense is absent we are Created by the Omnipotent Being to enjoy Happiness and Satisfaction but Mankind Refused and rejected it simply because of our Ignorance and Neglect, it is supposedly clear if we have wisdom and Understanding of Life yet we educate our selves according to What we Want and did not Live According to what God Wants......we instead Rejected Him. I say, if you want Happiness and Satisfaction then you will never find it here....we are in Hell! Learn to adjust and ENDURE however you still have a chance to be able to perceive the way towards the door of is not a place but Perceptions. And I will never agree that Religion could help to CHANGE our perceptions since you may find peace of mind with it but (again) it will be only temporary and may be even used to divert and deceive people from the Truth therefore (again) it shall be your sole responsibility to search for it we all have Brains....use it. It is Wisdom and Understanding first instead of money. Wars cannot be resolved when two crazy people are talking or discussing. The situations will be, I have all the Rights to Defend My self/country because you want to kill all of us and and the only way is to KILL or get rid of you! Creating the Defenders and the Offenders/Attackers these two groups and their situations will never end!! Because we have to do what God wants us to do! And NOT what we Want to do! To CHANGE a person means to Change the way he Thinks or generally his perceptions on Life. It is like I want to kill you for reasons that I was CONVINCED and you Beleived on them! And crazy enough to die for it therefore(again) the other side will have no choices or pushed to wall but to Kill likewise.....self defense. The bravest person is the one who is able to CHANGE and value wisdom and understanding to be able to Understand the Omnipotent Being and exist according to What He wants.....surely He will never leave you alone.

Wisdom and Understanding refers to knowledge outside of school. Our daily experiences from life which starts basically from birth but consciousness starts later and those are, I say, You Have to Study and LEARN. Shall I say, your Relationship to Your Self, then to others, your environment and everything else. Of which these things are neglected as far as my discussions here are concerned. You will never learn anything as long as there is that Arrogance attitudes however in this materialistic society Humility will be almost impossible.

What is Happiness? In this materialistic society nobody really cares that is you are Happy if money is there and if not then you got a problem that is all to it. But whether you liked it or not it is MAN's nature not unless you will be able to Understand which is the one to be MISSING in your existence at no wisdom and understanding, It can be manipulated to become Hatred and Anger, a person who choose to Close his Mind then allow him self to be used by smarter person/s. To kill or to murder is "insanity" or stupidity done by a person/people BLINDED or manipulated through drugs,taking note of "great" ancient conquerors who used cruelty or kill those who don't do what they want or disobedience means death!, therefore with money and cruelty you are able to control groups of people.I say, die with honor and dignity and you will get the true Happiness. Man was Created for a purpose which something not a single person could escape from it and we were allowed to disobey those resulting to...what we got now?......shall I say more? It is like warriors who are cowards because they are blinded and has no purpose.....JUST TRY to AWAKEN them from the TRUTH, killers or stupid person/s or people are not really murderers they were only Fooled by persons/people, deceived and made to believed of something to die for. However, the Truth is LOST! And what is it all about such as these concepts I am discussing about must be boring or hopefully mis understood. I say, man has been LOST if you will not care enough to understand me then these situations.....we are killing each other .... manipulators/deceivers killing each other and others are Forced to kill for "self preservation because invoking self defense is just like waiting for those murderers to come in in our life to kidnap,extort or go directly in our houses and forced us to submit to what they wants and even worst when "legalities" are not functioning properly "batman and ruben" will become the honorable persons? As a vigilante......

It is like a Normal Human Being who knows and understand Happiness such that in bad or worst situations it remains and you could share it not in terms of money but knowledge and perceptions. I say, honor and dignity will never ever have monetary equivalence.

Having a family and food on the table.....Happiness, what else, in the case of a materialistic society, that's it and you don't care about the others. I say, it is not complete because Happiness is universal it can't be right when you think of your self only. Right at this very moment what we knew is Fake Happiness! We all want it but when we don't CARE anymore that is CUT....we have to exist at the same time being dependent on each other, not for only 1person or family. The planet earth could very much accommodate 8billion and should Live perfectly Happy (that is I wish), instead we ended up killing each other, full of distrust....and the worst one cannot even TRUST HIM SELF! Yes, we could adjust, sustain and live with no real happiness but do I have to enumerate the effects of it on our Health? Therefore, what is Happiness, that question must be Strange and not interesting whatsoever....who cares anyway , it doesn't matter anymore! One can replace Happiness with Hatred, in war that, attaining peace must be based on HOW MANY I could get...any Favors..Gains, so on and so forth. I say, Happiness is something we could just shove away....not needed or irrelevant to our day to day life in this materialistic society. Therefore, reaching a True Compromise between the 2warring factions is Possible but only temporary and the future must not be certain...Life then will never be stable and the notion....if you want peace then always be ready for War anytime. I say, the best ways is to take a LOOK at Our Selves Study it and Learn......Deep within us is Our Creator....waiting, when we will wake up from all these insanity and Immaturity. Since, the Reality nobody wants what I am discussing about because you cannot earn money on these ideas. What is it all about ....deep within us? A human being is unique, listen and scrutinize your self, you only have 1whole lifetime to do it! Never be a constant or permanent or fix instead be a variable.....CHANGE from a bad person to good and from good to bad WHY!!! Wisdom and Understanding is present in those situations....sorry there is no money in these kind/type of activities but I say this is the Greatest will be a much better person and surely Life will be perceived a lot better.

We are in a materialistic society and that means our Life mainly concerns everything about money, therefore absolutely impossible to escape from our problems except just to Manage it wisely....where is Happiness, forget all about it for a while and LAUGHTER is for free. Take a drink or worst, drugs. Happiness is still possible as long as you got Wisdom and Understanding, unfortunately no schools for these but like Laughter it is for Free. We are all Created for a Purpose and with BRAINS! Happiness is for everybody, it is Universal so that, it is Real if you get rid of Your Self about money. Though only temporarily, the Problem with these ideas, a materialistic person cannot, having difficulties or what, be able to Perceive these! If it is money then you have to be selfish and greedy, to some higher or lower degree depending on the person, culture, religion....up to a certain level of Perceptions. That is when you be able to REALIZE that money is not everything because it is absolutely nothing! This is the kind of Life we have right now, we cry, smile, becomes happy once in a while so on and so forth while other countries are Killing each other and you are wondering when we die....who is going to Hell or Heaven?? I say, you are looking at it! When death comes, the Energy of Life will just go back to the Creator...who are you anyway, He Created, Kill or destroy and Re Create, we were given all the Brains to Understand Him it will be just when one will try to look back and bow your head and recognize the Omnipotent Being! Happiness belongs therefore to those who had found Wisdom and Understanding, with it you could formulate a certain degree and level of Perceptions about Existence and also its Purpose. Right now we are in a brutal situations so that sometimes it becomes necessary to Kill others just to preserve life and live with honor and dignity as well as Happiness. But all of it requires wisdom and understanding with it you will know if you are doing the RIGHT Decision because the Omnipotent Being will never Leave you ALONE! there are situations when a group of people fully neglected Happiness and replaced it with Hatred and Anger, I say, we must not be Afraid of them instead they must be the one to be because with badness they rejected our Creator which will make them.....a dog has brains than them. Though we have Laws for everybody but I say the Law of the Omniporent Being is supreme...just be on His side yet you must have (again) the wisdom and understanding to Know Him! So that, your decision will also be His Decision? This is not about religion but Brains.

Happiness is not a part of our emotions and it will never be because the only way to be truly happy is when you Discovered the Truth. Therefore in this materialistic society Nobody is Truly Happy! And the Truth is when you Stop being materialistic...that is you go AGAINST the flow, if you won't agree with me then you will never be able to understand my discussions. Going against what people used to perceived of in this materialistic world you don't have to fight for it instead take it inside your brains and exist with life with it silently because nobody will asked you about it....never expect that. Happiness will then be your strength and no matter what happens in health or sickness that Happiness will lead you towards understanding the ways of the Omnipotent Being who will Never Leave you Alone in good and bad times. Like Love, Happiness can be seen in your will glow, that is the energy until now is a mystery to mankind.....anyway nobody cares about it. I know what I am talking about is Impossible, it is like getting rid of your wealth in exchange of being truly happy but I say, BRAINS matters having that wisdom and understanding will make you a much better person, actually it is CHANGE in a person....sorry to say but, arrogance or extremely so is a sign of being Brainless while being Humble yet SURE is the Real Brains. Another way of is not about getting what you Want or Desire but Knowing the Self is what really matters. How can you understand the purposes of the Omnipotent Being when you are not in total control of your self, therefore it should be the most important control your hatred and anger and replace it Happiness. We must be Responsible for our deeds, the decision is yours and suffering for its consequences is yours alone you have NO rights to Blame anyone/ simple as that.

One of the most important Discoveries in Life is Happiness, be you in good health or not; sick or sickly; physically abled or disabled; dying or in sick bed...these consequences in Life as long as it is a True Happiness you Discovered and that will make you a different person than 10 or 20 years will make you a much better Person than before. That will make you Strong and it will help to attain a certain degree of Wisdom and Understanding....REALIZING that Happiness is non physical so that as long as you will be able to build a certain degree of Understanding....which is the Truth should be deep within us...have the Brains to be able to perceive it.....I am Happy because I Understand it! Therefore it has nothing to do with ownership and possession and what remains is your body or physical self and if ever at whatever circumstances when sick or dying you still have the mind or Brains, I say it acts as a direct transmitter to our Creator...since He is the One Who Created the decisions shall come from Him whatsoever if you are going to die just accept it! If not and suffer just accept! That is Live and Exist according to what He wants and not what You Want for you are only the Created....there will never be that True Happiness if you won't ACCEPT that concepts, therefore mankind must CHANGE! The Creator Has a Purpose for all of these if you won't Accept it Doom and destruction is Certain now I will say, Can You Do Anything? You decide you Exist for your Own and be alone...all by yourself or Live and Exist according to What the Omnipotent Being Wants and He will never leave you Alone! So Happiness is yours no matter what.

Happiness is not on what you owned or could be Happy by watching the beauty of the beach, clouds, the sunset....but it will be impossible for a man to be Happy watching violence or somebody being murdered, therefore it is specific and a part of all the Creations....though by choice and decision one may neglect, reject, or ignore it, logically it would be like killing your self. There is no need to search for it but just a matter of recognizing it. Such that, if you are in a situation when you will be asking your self WHY you are not Happy with all the wealth you got and I say, it is because you have just neglected it, in this case I want you to Think......happiness cannot be bought with money. Therefore such thing will be impossible for materialistic people to understand....and I expect that, I just want to share what I got but it needs an open mind and much more than that because Life is a matter of Wisdom and will be up to, you have to Study Life and not how to get rich! May I say then that rich people are not Happy in life yet poor people are so.....good enough then though they don't really understand what is it all about. Therefore having the wisdom and understanding about life belongs to the people who Really Searched and Study those.

Happiness is a part of our existence, we are all created for a purpose and one of it is because our Creator wants to share happiness. So that happiness has nothing to do with with wealth, being famous, or having influence over others or people. How about it, these are my perceptions of which you may disagree and I could never insist that it is the truth! We all have our own minds and perceptions, that is I go my way and you somewhere else as far as I am concerned the true purpose of our existence is lost. We may have a religion telling about the truth but it has never change a person and made him a much better person. And I say, it should be your responsibility to obtain your own perceptions therefore Life is a good case study, we have to study life as long as we live and never mind about going to hell or heaven what matters will be never to waste this life, I suppose you will never get happiness when because of your doings other people are suffering or even get killed. (to be continued)


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    • thishumility profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Thanks for your comment. I am currently working right now about the "exact meaning of Love"....and I will say for sure that Love is an Energy.

    • CoolSkit profile image


      9 years ago

      I agree with this 100 percent, and I believe that happiness also derives from doing the things that make your heart warmer.

      The succeeding part is easier when you're enjoying yourself:

    • thishumility profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago

      Thanks a lot for your comments.

    • St.James profile image


      10 years ago from Lurking Around Florida

      Wonderful words and a Wonderful Post. Very True words are written. It seems we share a common perspective.

      Thank you for writing this.


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