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The New Slavery

Updated on December 13, 2017

What is Socialism?

Slavery is one of the lowest things a human being can be involved in. The mere thought that you are above someone else or that others are nothing than property is absolutely horrific. Taking the life of another and treating that life like it is a machine that does whatever it is told is one of the cruelest things that mankind has ever done. Throughout the years of man, slavery has been fought for and against. In the Western world it is looked as a blight in our history.

So what is slavery? In America we hear that word and think of the Africans that were brought over from Africa and sold into slavery from other Africans. We think of slavery as a swear word and something that should be avoided at all costs. It is a word that causes disgust and contempt for those that were involved in it. However, slavery is a lot more than that and we Americans need to realize and understand the concept of slavery. At its root slavery is forcing another human, against their will, to labor for another human. That is slavery. It has nothing to do with Africans being sold into slavery and being crammed into a boat with hundreds of other slaves to Europe or the Americas. Slavery is forcing one human being to do something, usually labor, against their will for another human being.

So what does Socialism have to do with slavery? We will first define Socialism. Merriam-Webster has three definitions for Socialism.

1.Any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
2A. A system of society or group living in which there is no private property
2B. A system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state
3. A stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

The website has this to say about Socialism.

An economic system in which goods and services are provided through a central system of cooperative and/or government ownership rather than through competition and a free market system.

Simply put, Socialism is where a certain group of people own everything, including labor, and they decide what happens to the productive capacities of the people, usually the government.

President Maduro eats empanada while addressing starving nation

Why Socialism Doesn't Work

In a socialistic society you have a small group of people owning the productive capacities of a bigger group of people. Much like how there were a small number of slavers to the bigger number of slaves. In the prison of Socialism there a few people that tell the rest what they can produce, how much of it, and set a price to sell. Within the confines of this parasitic society one will see how quickly the ruling class can take a thriving economy and destroy in a matter of a few years.

Venezuela is a prime example of this. Nicolas Maduro, the current Venezuelan president recently made headlines as he was eating an Empanada during a TV broadcast. As his people were starving, President Maduro was eating a delicacy. This is a very extreme example of the unchallengeable nature of Socialism can be the death of an economy and nation.

Why does Socialism ruin economies? The main reasons are that people don’t like to be told what to do, especially by the ruling class that thinks they know better of how people should live their lives. The other reason is that eventually the goods and services will have to be rationed. There is always a time in a socialistic society that things will have to be rationed. This is most prevalent in the healthcare industry with socialized healthcare.

In every nation that has socialized healthcare the wait times to see the doctor are hours. And that is simply to see a nurse that judges how severe you are to see the doctor. And then if you are deemed serious enough then you have to wait more to see the doctor. You are given a numbered ticket as if you are at a McDonald’s and ordered a Big Mac. You are treated like numbered cattle waiting in line, being judged on where you fit in on their scale of judgment.

However, if one requires more intensive care the rationing gets even worse. The government has complete control of the healthcare and decides on what treatments will or will not be done, including those that can be potentially life-saving. Charlie Gard is a prime example of this.

Charlie’s parents were unfortunate to live in the UK where socialized healthcare reigns supreme. They were denied the opportunity to try treatments that might have saved their son. They were even denied the opportunity to come to America to have those procedures. The government of Great Britain sentenced Charlie Gard to death without a second thought like he was some convict. He was abandoned to die by his country.

Charlie Gard in the hospital with his parents


Why Socialism

So with all of these horrible examples of how tragic Socialism can be why do so many people like it or even want it? For many people it is because they have been and are lied to about how Socialism works. The only selling point for Socialism is the so called promise of free things. Free education, free healthcare, free daycare for kids, even free welfare. Many politicians use this tactic to sell Socialism and decry free enterprise. So being fed with the lies of free things the populace flock to the standard of Socialism. These fooled people only hear the word free and they choose to ignore everything else and will fight tooth and nail for the supposed free things they have been promised.

Proponents of Socialism also denounce capitalism and do everything in their power to show the supposed evils and weaknesses of capitalism. They usually do this by trying to show the greed of corporations. Politicians always talk about how corporations are evil and full of greed. They talk about how all of their profits are stored in off-shore bank accounts and not being put back into the economy. They also show how many of the products are being made in other countries and thus there are less jobs in America.

Another tactic politicians use is showing the so called inequality that capitalism produces. They always talk about how the top one percent of the richest people have more wealth than the rest of the nation combined. They show how there are single parents working three or more jobs to make ends meet while the rich sit in their mansions sipping on the finest of wines. The politicians say that if the rich would share the wealth than everyone would be better off. And then they say how Socialism does just that and that everyone is better off with wealth distribution.

And so with all of these things politicians and other proponents of Socialism weave their web of lies to the public. They talk about social justice and that Socialism and wealth distribution can save the day. However, life isn’t fair or equal, we are given opportunities but not guaranteed results.


Socialism Doesn't Work: Part Two

Furthermore, these politicians don’t talk about the downsides of Socialism. They don’t talk about how high taxes will be for everyone. In most socialistic nations the taxes are between thirty and forty-eight percent. Imagine working for forty hours and only getting paid for twenty of those hours. The people who make fifty-thousand a year would only make twenty-five thousand a year. Within the prison of Socialism a person now makes almost fifty percent less of what they used to make and they work the same hours.

So now this person is making half of what they used. However that is not the end of high taxes. Sales tax goes through the roof, property taxes go sky high, and in general all taxes are raised to astronomical rates. Now prices for everyday items are raised and people are making less than what they used to.

Socialism is painted as a noble thing because if the truth were told no one would want it. Instead of talking about how little people would make and how high prices would become, free things are promised. Free healthcare and free education are the two biggest free things are promised. However, there is no such thing as free. Taxes have to be raised and prices soar because of taxes to help pay for the free things to be handed out.

Instead of a thriving economy a decayed and rotting husk is what remains in Socialism. Instead of low taxes and high earning jobs there is high taxes and even more people struggling to make ends meet. Instead of more choices and more opportunities there is more destitution. Socialism creates a parasite that never stops and continually decays and destroys the wealth of a nation.

Within Socialism the few in power become slavers and the rest of the populace become enslaved in Socialism. There is no one to hear the cries of the defeated. There is no one to turn to when the burdens of life become too expensive. There is only those in power pulling the strings of the people like a dancing wooden marionette.

As we have seen in real world examples Socialism creates more inequality than anything else. President Maduro eats like a king while his people starve. And if the Prime Minister of England had a child that was sick it would receive the best care possible. And a child of the Royal family would receive even better care. Those in power have all the luxuries in life while the commoners get table scraps.

In socialistic nations the powerful attain more wealth while the poor and destitute find themselves even more entrenched in poverty and despair. There is no nation where Socialism thrives and grows. Despair and want is everywhere and there is no hope.

Milton Friedman shows how absurd Socialism is

Socialism is the new Slavery

In the end Socialism shows its true form as slavery. People are forced to work for half wages, produce only what the government demands, and the government sets the prices for everything. There is no real freedom to grow and better oneself inside of socialistic societies. It is very hard for someone to grow and obtain freedom when that someone is a slave to Socialism.

From the outside Socialism looks like something that is nice and cozy. It is full of promises of free things and that the government will take care of the needs its citizens. However, once the layers of lies and deceits is removed, the sinister nature is revealed. Socialism acts like a friend and ally as it puts the chains of slavery on people and smiles as they are forced into lower wages, higher taxes, higher prices, and less goods and services. Socialism promises free things and more freedom, while in reality it provides no free things and denies people quality of life.

Socialism is where the government is the be-all and end-all of the economy. No one produces anything without government permission and no one can set the price of said products. The government is in complete control of the economy. In a socialistic society, a person does not own anything they produce or earn. The government claims ownership over everything and then distributes what it sees fit. The socialistic government is the slave-owner and the people are the slaves. And slavery is the mindset of one person claiming ownership over someone else.

© 2017 RichardBBenson


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    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 4 weeks ago

      Socialism , the dirge of modern man , Why is America moving more towards what remains of socialism ? Because you are correct , people by nature want a life delivered to them , they want the dream delivered to them , they want the result delivered to them instead of the opportunity . Every new leftist scream out at the American system of government is to "give me something free ". You see it in everything from the highways crews to the college graduates . Excellent article .