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What is a conspiracy theory and which ones should we cross off the list?

Updated on February 19, 2015

What makes a great conspiracy theory?

There is no debating that a really juicy conspiracy is comprised of a few necessary parts.

  • Not enough definitive information to quiet any naysayer who might challenge the event and its reason for being.

  • Tangible information like video’s or photographs that depict something other than what is reported.

  • Any event that is so horrific that the average person cannot rightfully wrap their minds around how another human being could be responsible for such a devastating and immoral act is the perfect ingredient for conspiracy theory.

  • Lastly anything extraterrestrial enough said


Edward Snowden

The most recent event to stir up controversy and really get the “truthers” aka conspiracy theorists blood boiling is the revelation and calculated release of government intelligence by Edward Snowden, former Gov’t official and current resident of Russia by way of Russian asylum. Although Snowden could obviously never be left out of a conversation about conspiracy theory his legitimacy in that category is highly debatable giving the fact that what he has enlightened the US citizens too leans much more towards fact than it seems related to fiction.



Anyone who has even an inkling of an idea of current events has not been lost on one of the newer conspiracy theories that vaccinations are somehow linked to Autism. To anyone who wonder’s how vaccines could possibly be linked to a conspiracy theory let’s get you up to speed. From Jenny McCarthy to Robert Kennedy Jr. and many more notable people in between have been spreading a message that has rang loud and clear, trying to connect the ingredients in vaccinations to the explosion of children being diagnosed with one or more of the large spectrum of disorders associated with Autism. Combing through vast amounts of material associated with this subject has turned up no link whatsoever to substantiate a link between vaccine’s and Autism although one very clear sentiment is consistent and clear and that is a general distrust of “Big Pharma” period. People who are growing increasingly nervous about the amount of control pharmaceutical companies have over our everyday lives and our pockets tend to sympathize with anyone who has a bone to pick or stone to throw in the direction of their pharmaceutical enemy.

As mentioned above Jenny McCarthy blames her sons’ case of Autism on the vaccination’s he received as a baby, but since having been diagnosed with Autism he and many other children through hard work and dedication by their families and the medical field have been cured and are enjoying children who are living free from the confines of Autism. Now that it’s known to be curable in some cases, and the rate of children who are vaccinated every year without developing Autism it’s safe to say that vaccinations lack enough grey area and unexplained questions to really be considered a conspiracy theory for the ages.


The Holocaust

Yes you correctly read Holocaust listed under conspiracy theory. This would point back to the 4th example I gave of what is required in order to perpetuate a lasting conspiracy. Knowing that 6 million people were mercilessly killed in concentration camps throughout Europe, and Adolf Hitler’s own words and documentation of his desire to exterminate (sic) Jews; combined with all the other evidence of this having been a very real darkness in human history one may find it implausible that people who refute these facts are alive and well and living among us. What could they possibly think happened? They believe that the Jews staged the Holocaust as a way of advancing their own agenda’s and justifying the creation of Israel. They believe that those starving and sickly people portrayed in pictures and in writings were people who were already sick and dying and whose deaths were inevitable regardless of whether they had been gassed or incinerated. Ultimately it was supposedly the bringing together of all the ill people in Europe and pulling off this rouse called the Holocaust. All in the name of advancing the Jewish agenda into finance and the Western world. It’s safe to cross this one off the list of conspiracies that you can get behind.



Now that you know about 3 conspiracy theories that do not deserve your attention you are free to explore the thousands more out there waiting for you to join its ranks of believers and spread its truthful message. If you’re on the edge of your seat, salivating at the thought of becoming part of a subculture that reigns in the millions you should head over to and meet Mr. Alex Jones. He is the king of conspiracy who has an unending supply of charisma, conspiracy and quick wit that intimidates most anyone who dares oppose him, oh that’s another thing a conspiracy needs to stand the test of times- a voice loud enough to wash out the opponent’s and a tongue that cuts deep enough that his is the only one you hear.

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© 2015 Karen Ranoni


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