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The color of Ones Skin

Updated on March 29, 2016

For centuries Afro-American's has been disrespected, discriminated and treated worse than animals because their skin coloring.As much as we want believe that it's a thing of the past," it's not". To look over the facts and pretend that all is ok is a false interpretation .

Afro-American's are discriminated daily because of who they are. A primary Example: In some Stores Black's are followed because they are expected to steal..Whites are not followed compared Black's they are superior

Colorism is a major part of discrimination between Black's those with light skin are treated better, it is said the lighter you are the more opportunities you have. The color of ones skin should never infer with one's ability to be human.

Being born Black doesn't mean that our souls and view points are any different from the white race, both races are a creation of God.. President Obama has showed the world that it's not impossible, for Afro-American's to succeed. Who would have ever thought that one day a Afro-American with Black skin would be president of the United States.

Some Blacks degrade themselves by not excepting who they are . Some bleaches themselves hopping for a change from Black to white. There will always be a divided line between Afro-Americans and whites. Just because we want to racism in the past it will always be here.will always be here. As American's we have to work to make things better. The Great Martin Luther king had a dream that was effected and benefitted both Black's and white's .



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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 3 years ago from Boston MA

      Regardless of all the racism that has been displayed,Blacks and whites are here to stay.Jada67