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Health Tips Based on Dream Analysis

Updated on December 26, 2014

Health and Wellness

You may follow many supposedly healthy diets, but still suffer from serious health problems.

This happens because what really provokes health problems depends on what you think, and on what you do in your life. Your health is regulated by the divine unconscious mind that also produces your dreams.

The unconscious mind sends you physical diseases when you have a negative attitude, in order to prevent you from doing what will cause suffering in the future.

You can prevent all diseases if you follow the unconscious guidance in dreams; like a good student. You can also find your health if you are already sick.

Everything depends on your attitude. If you are an obedient student who follows the lessons you receive, you will be cured.

Tips For Good Health in Dreams

How to Know What is Good for Your Mind and Body

The unconscious mind is a superior mind that sends you precious messages in dreams, and organizes the functioning of your mind and body. However, it cannot oblige you to do anything. Otherwise, you will be a slave and not an independent human being.

Your own intelligence has to be developed. You must know what to do without depending on the unconscious mind, even though you are always helped when you ask questions. You receive answers in dreams, but at the same time, your own intelligence increases. The solutions given to you depend on your understanding.

The unconscious mind never gives you ready-made solutions, but helps you discover them by yourself. It only gives you many clues, as all good teachers must do. Good teachers help their students learn how to find all answers by themselves.

If you want to continuously know what is good or bad for your mind and body, you must study the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung. His method is the only correct one. It works like psychotherapy and mind development. It also works like alternative medicine, since it provides you with a holistic therapy that takes into consideration all the aspects in your life.

I greatly simplified Jung's complicated method, and now you simply translate images into words.

You'll easily learn the dream language, and then reap all the benefits of this knowledge forever. Dream analysis will be your best tool in life. You'll have permanent physical and mental health.

For example, if you hate your enemies, you will have problems in your stomach, or intestine. These are the regions of your body that indicate problems related to anger and hatred. In order to stop suffering from these health problems, you must stop hating your enemies. This is not a simple matter if you don't know how to forgive other people's mistakes.

In order to avoid suffering from stomach ace or having intestinal problems, you must learn how to automatically forgive your enemies through dream translation. However, not all health problems can be defined this way. There are many other complicated explanations. You have to study the meaning of a series of dreams in order to be able to prevent all health problems. This is how you'll achieve the wellness you desire.

Your dreams are like chapters of a novel.

The unconscious mind always gives you more information in each dream, until you'll have the general image of your psychological problems.

Your physical and mental health depend on the solution of your psychological problems.

This happens because you live in order to become a wise human being, instead of being an indifferent creature who makes many mistakes in life.


Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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All physical diseases and mental illnesses can be completely cured through dream therapy because our mind and body are connected. This notion is given to us thanks to the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me.

I could better clarify the meaning of dreams, finding more answers about how to recover our physical and mental health.

All skin diseases reflect our attitude.

When we have a negative attitude, we will suffer from an allergy. This allergy can have a short duration or torture us for a long time.

You may believe that if this was true everyone should suffer from skin allergies. The truth is that this is a very common problem. People who have a negative attitude; yet, don't suffer from a skin allergy, will suffer from something else. Each case is different.

All physical diseases are warnings sent by the unconscious mind that produces our dreams and regulates the functioning of our body. They protect our mental health. This happens because we can very easily lose our mind.

We inherit too much absurdity in the wild side of our conscience (anti-conscience). Anything can lead us to craziness and despair.

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams works like a natural doctor. It helps us understand, and correct our mistakes.

In order to give you an example, I'm going to use a short dream from a series of dreams I translated yesterday for a young woman.

In one of her dreams she was at the top of a mountain, but she wanted to go to a beach she saw near the mountain.

When we climb a mountain in dreams, this means that we manage to face an important life challenge. Since she got to the top, this means that she could successfully face this challenge. However, she wanted to go to the beach. The beach is near the sea, and the sea represents craziness in dreams. Thus, her attitude had a negative meaning. She had the intention to go in the wrong direction. I'm not going to reveal details about the dreamer's life because this was a private translation. I'm only going to use the two very important symbols of her dream to give you an example.

Let's suppose that you were the dreamer, and you had this dream warning. By thinking about what is happening to your life, you will understand at which point you were wrong.

Let's suppose that you were approved in a university, but you don't want to study there because it is very far from your home. You are also afraid of this challenge because you don't think that you'll manage to study as hard as you'll have to. You are ready to abandon your studies.

The unconscious mind will send you a skin allergy, along with this dream warning, in order to prevent you from making this bad decision. You managed to get accepted (top of the mountain), which was a difficult accomplishment, but now you want to abandon your studies only because you are afraid of working hard?

This is a bad decision (the beach). You are able to study hard. You are also able to live far from your comfort zone, like many other people.

You must not abandon your battle.

If you ignore these warnings, your skin allergy will become worse, and you'll have many nightmares. If you insist on your plans even after understanding the dream messages, you won't be cured. You'll be cured once you correct your attitude.

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Health Tips Based on Scientific Dream Interpretation

Alternative and Preventive Medicine

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams has a divine origin, which proves that all the references to dreams found in the Bible provided an obvious truth.

If you pay attention to your dreams and translate them according to the scientific method of dream interpretation, you will prevent or cure all diseases and mental illnesses.

This method is based on the discoveries of the psychiatrist Carl Jung, and on my discoveries, after continuing his research.

Today science is able to give explanations to religious teachings because we now understand that everything in our existence is related one to the other. Nothing works independently of the whole it belongs to. Thus, holistic medicine, which takes into consideration the person's mind, body, and spirit, is today able to give scientific explanations to various unexplained phenomena.

God's existence was already scientifically proved through dream interpretation. Various scientific discoveries in different fields, like biology, astronomy, and physics, confirm this truth. They explain that without a creator, our young planet would never be as well organized as it is.

Basic health tips for preventing and curing all diseases and mental illnesses:

* Everything you do to others comes back to you, in one form or another. If you do what is bad, you will be punished.

The same happens when you don't do what you should have done. If you deny helping those you could help, you are going to suffer from a grave disease.

I will relate the information given in dream messages to my religion, for reference. If your religion is different, you will surely find the same teachings when you'll look for this information. All religions were created by the same God.

"The server who knows what the Lord demands but denies fulfilling his mission will pay twice for his sins" - These are the words of Jesus.

They mean that God shows compassion when punishing ignorant sinners who commit crimes because they cannot understand His will. However, He shows no compassion with those who can understand His teachings, but deny doing what He demands from them.

Thus, if you know what God expects from you, you have the moral obligation to save those who depend on you. You will be helped in this task through dream translation.

* Respect your moral principals with loyalty. This truth is also observed by psychosomatic medicine. All moral mistakes bring diseases and mental illnesses. They are the worst poison for our health. Your dreams will show you how to preserve your morality in all cases.

Those who are not immediately punished for being immoral, will be punished later. Everyone is punished when they are able to finally understand their sins.

* You should never compare yourself to the others. You have your personal journey. 'Those who have received a lot, will have to give a lot'. Perhaps God expects more from you because you are more intelligent and more sensitive than the others.

* If you are constantly sick, or you have serious health problems, this means that you are following the wrong route in your life. Write down all your dreams in a dream journal and translate them according to the scientific method. The wise unconscious mind will show you how to correct your mistakes and achieve good health.

Dream Power Collection


A Big Surprise for The Atheistic and Materialistic Modern Civilization

Atheism and materialism characterize our world ruled by terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, indifference, financial power, and greed because we are violent primates. We don't want to pay attention to what is bad. We don't want to understand the importance of goodness.

The information you have in dreams helps you surpass the narrow limits of our barbarous historical time. You are able to see many hidden truths that average people cannot see because you learn how to develop your intelligence and your sensitivity.

You have information about how other people think, feel, and sense, besides being able to predict the future thanks to dream predictions.

Your dreams represent a bridge that unites a sinner like you with God, even though you are so imperfect and ignorant that you would never have the chance to approach God without this extraordinary alternative. You understand that you are absurd and evil because you have inherited a wild conscience, but you can become a perfect human being, independently of the negative characteristics you have inherited.

You will gradually eliminate the wild behavior of your anti-conscience through consciousness. Your dreams will help you understand your mistakes. You will also understand how to have a wise behavior in all circumstances.

good health
good health

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Christina Sponias

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      thanks for your useful basic health tips. well presented lens.

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