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Too Bad the “Titanic” Must Die…

Updated on November 7, 2016

Here we are, Ladies and Gentlemen, stuck on a huge, luxurious Titanic in the middle of the Ocean of corruption, treason and deceit that are plaguing our once great country… I have taken a month of sabbatical away from my writings, as the news kept pouring in every day, but the topics were repetitious, and all the good words have been already said, except for the last week or so, when we also found out that both Clintons had a knack for sex with children, practically running the child sex trafficking ring with their Clinton Foundation. This last bit of information angered my feminine side and awaken a huge desire for justice to be served, although U.S. Department of Justice puts all stops to prevent this from happening. However ugly the latest findings by NYPD and Wikileaks are, I doubt it will make a deep dent in Hillary’s campaign, but the hope must die last, right?

However ugly this election campaign may still get, I have decided that I will still vote, even though there’s tremendous amount of evidence that the elections will be changed to the benefit of the most paid candidate from the Democratic Party. Democracy has become an oxymoron by now, and I cannot help to feel disgust every time I hear this word now. I cannot believe that I was voting for democrats during President George W. Bush’s reign, but back then Republicans kept choosing the candidate I didn’t like at all. I now bet those elections were also doctored because, if you remember, they were very close. When Barack Obama took the office, I switched to voting for the Green Party candidates, thought it didn’t help to prevent Obama from winning. After all, that’s when the Super PACs and half a billion dollar campaigns started influencing the elections.

Now that I have witnessed this crazy circus of the Elections 2016, although I really like Jill Stein’s peaceful agenda and planned to vote for her this year, I have realized that unless we all vote for Mr. Trump to overwhelm their electronic voting rigging system that’s based on manipulating percentages of the votes to favor the candidate of someone else’s choosing, the “Wicked Witch of the East” will be selected to win, whether we want it or not. So the best bet is to have Donald Trump win by a landslide, so that no matter how many percent they add up across the country, Hillary doesn’t have a chance… I don’t know if this plan is even realistic, but I do know that it’s too early “to throw [this country] into the towel.”

The second important thing is to ask everyone I know to vote on paper ballots. Last time I was voting in Primaries, I saw that there were only two paper ballot stations available, and much more of electronic machines, and I saw that everyone but me chose to vote electronically. This has to be changed if we want to stop the Democratic Party from rigging this Election! People have to demand a paper ballot, or else we’ll lose the control over our country for good. The problem here is not only that we’ll get Clinton for at least the next 4 years, but also that she will appoint the Judges into Supreme Court that would be as corrupt as she is, and we’d have to wait till they all die before we can replace them. This is how important this Election is! Therefore, voting for Third Party candidate is similar to voting for Clinton right now.

Obviously, I cannot make you to vote for Trump or anyone else, for that matter. Hey, I cannot even make you vote for Putin, though I’ve seen some people who wished they could… If you choose to vote for “children-loving” (a.k.a pedophile) Hillary Clinton just because you are afraid of Trump, it would be your choice, and you will have to live with that choice on your conscience. It now has become clear that FBI will not press charges against Clintons right before the Elections, and there’s little hope that NYPD will be allowed to do it, though they got the evidence, and I have an outmost respect for their integrity and service to our country. The big factor here is that the President Obama is too eager to pardon her before he leaves Office, so the only last chance our country has to right the wrong will be on November 8th, with you voting against her. And if the results are still showing that Hillary has won, demand a full and transparent vote recount, ballot by ballot (those ballots will have to be paper, though).

This is it, folks! The time is running out. Either we stand up now or live on our knees for the rest of our lives, which may be shortened by Hillary instigating a nuclear war with Russia and China to get rid of the 90% of the people on this Planet. That war is in their plans, and we now know it. The choice is still yours, so please make a wise one. If everything fails, make plans accordingly. That’s all I can tell you before saying good bye, because there’s no point of me to keep saying the obvious if no one is listening… Our “Titanic” of a country was huge and luxurious one, but it got so corrupt and dangerous for the world that it must die… Our only chance of survival would be if we “rename” it, and the countries usually get renamed after what? I hope you got my point.

I’m leaving you all now with undying hope for the World Peace and a prayer… God knows we need it!


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