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Top TEDx Talk List

Updated on February 26, 2016

Find the best TEDx Talks here!

Welcome to the Top TEDx Talks List, Here you will find a growing list of inspirational talks from TEDx events relating to Design, Creativity and Innovation. This Hub Page was created to provide other TEDx fans with a hub to quickly find some of the great TEDx talks available on the web but also to help myself find interesting talks as well through user contributions to the list.

Please feel free to share and help add to this expanding list of TEDx talks and vote for your favorite talks. This list can also be added to your website or blog. i only ask that you mention my Hubs or provide a link back.

Please leave any comments below so this Hub can be improved over time.

My Top TEDx Talk Pick - TEDxDelft - Theo Jansen - A new breed of beach animals

More TED and TEDx Brainfood

If you are interested in more of TED you can check out there homepage - or alternative my related lens below, here you will find a collection of resources and basic information about various initiatives of the TED conferences, ie TEDGlobal but also curated lenses focusing on Design, Creativity and Innovation and well as contributions from visitor over time.

Have your say here and be active in making this lens an interesting resource and hub for Newbies to TED.

What do you love about TED and TEDx?

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