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Funny Phobias

Updated on March 28, 2012

What Are Phobias?

Simply put, phobias are just irrational fears. When someone will go to great lengths to avoid an area or object because they have such a great fear of it, that is a phobia. Many of these objects or areas have no reason to be feared. This lens is not about the obvious fears people have like spiders or heights, this is about some pretty "irrational" and admittingly funny fears. Hope you get a couple laughs out of it!

Phobophobia - Irrational Fear of Fears and Phobias

Fear of Bald People


Reasons for People to Fear Baldness

Brittany Spears

Sinead O'Connor



George Castanza


WWE's Kane


Reasons for People to Embrace Baldness

Vin Diesel

Bruce Willis

The Rock

Michael Jordan

Demi Moore

Natalie Portman

Chris Daughtry



Reasons to not be Scared of Clowns



Ronald McDonald

Reasons to be scared of Clowns

John Wayne Gacy

"Pennywise" The Clown from the movie "It"

The Poltergeist Clown

Zombie clown (Zombieland)

The Joker (Batman)

The Klowns (Killer Klowns From Outer Space)

Krusty (The Simpsons)

Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal series)

No wonder everyone is scared of clowns! There aren't any nice ones!

Violator (Spawn)

"Something about the painted face, the fake smile, there always seemed to be a darkness lurking just under the surface, a potential for real evil." ~Johnny Depp



Reasons to be Scared of Boogers





General Grossness

Gag Alert

Fear of Beards


Reasons to Love Beards!


Santa Claus

Brad Pitt

Johnny Depp

ZZ Top

George Clooney

Abraham Lincoln

Colonel Sanders


Sean Connery

Mr T



Uncle Sam

Reasons to be Scared of Beards

Osama Bin Laden

Mr T

Karl Marx

Fear of Bowel Movements


Will leave this one well enough alone.

Funny Phobia Videos

Fear of Garlic


Good things about Garlic

Scares off Vampires



Reasons to Fear Garlic

Bad Breath

Poison for Dogs

Fear of Numbers


Related Phobias

Tetraphobia - Fear of the number 4

Chronophobia- Fear of time

Chronomentrophobia- Fear of clocks

Chrometophobia- Fear of money

Phobia Poll Module

Which phobia do you have?

See results

Fear of Sourness


Sourness Fears I Can Understand

Sour Milk

Anything expired

Sourness Wonderfulness that there is No Excuse For Fearing!



Gummy Bears

Sour Patch Kids




Whisky Sours

Those fake plastic lemon and lime containers that let you squirt the juice in your mouth! Yeah! Remember those?

Celebrity Phobias - What Do Famous People Fear?

Alfred Hitchcock had Ovophobia, the fear of eggs. While he was filming the Birds, actress Susan Pleshette was scolded by Hitchcock's assistant. saying 'Don't put your cigarette out in your eggs, He hates eggs, he hates cigarettes, and frankly, he hates you.' "

Christina Ricci has Botanophobia, the fear of indoor houseplants She says, "They are dirty," she said. "If I have to touch one, after already being repulsed by the fact that there is a plant indoors, then it just freaks me out."

Billie Bob Thorton has Panophobia, the fear of antique furniture. "Maybe it's a past-life thing and I got beat to death with some old chair," Thornton told Oprah Winfrey. "I don't really know. But anyway, I'm totally serious. And I can't eat around antiques."

Orlando Bloom has swinophobia, the fear if pigs, while Lyle Lovett has Bovinophobia, the fear of cows.

Nicole Kidman fears butterflies or Mottephobia.

Ironically, Carmen Electra, who starred in "Baywatch" has Hyelophobia the faer of water because she can't swim.

Just as ironic, Sarah Michelle Gellar has Coimetrophobia or a phobia of graveyards so they had to make fake one for her Vampire Slayer sets

And while we're on irony Jennifer Love Hewitt of "The Ghost Whisperer," is afraid of the dark (Achluophobia) and monsters (Teratophobia) under the bed.

Matthew McConaughey is scared of revolving doors.

The celebrity with the most fears is Woody Allen, who fears insects, bright colors, sunshine, dogs, deer, children, heights, small rooms, crowds, cancer and anywhere except Manhattan.

Other Strange Phobias

Fear of Pipes

There is no name for this but it's real and not uncommon.

Fear of Fire Alarms

Again no name for this, but a very real fear.

Leave Your Comments Here! - Hope you enjoyed this silly lens!

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    • OrganicMom247 profile image

      OrganicMom247 5 years ago

      Thanks for the new information. I learned a lot.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I learned new words here. Thanks.

    • ForestBear LM profile image

      ForestBear LM 5 years ago

      haha, very funny lens, thank you for sharing

    • wheresthekarma profile image

      wheresthekarma 5 years ago

      @anonymous: Oh wow Sonali!! That is my mom in the picture, and she actually cried right after taking the picture! You are not alone!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I have pipe phobia. And I always thought I was the only one.

    • beaworkathomemom profile image

      beaworkathomemom 5 years ago

      Learned new words from this lens.

    • siobhanryan profile image

      siobhanryan 5 years ago

      This was great. What are boogers?

    • wheresthekarma profile image

      wheresthekarma 5 years ago

      @sousababy: I definately have an "addicton" to it haha i guess that would be Squidoophilia!

    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 5 years ago

      @wheresthekarma: Ha!

    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 5 years ago

      This was lots of fun! I wonder if anyone has a 'fear of Squidoo?'

    • wheresthekarma profile image

      wheresthekarma 5 years ago

      @TriciaLymeMom: THats the first one, phobophobia!! lol!

    • TriciaLymeMom profile image

      TriciaLymeMom 5 years ago

      ...and fear of getting one of those phobias is??? Great lens :)