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The Tot Mom

Updated on August 10, 2011

this is just a hypothetical theory

There are two sides to every tale, story or lie. The tot mom was about twenty-two years old, when her two year old daughter went missing. When you look at most twenty-two year old adults with the tot mom's personality, what do you see? I see a person who has just began to know who they are. Most of the time, this person is too immature to deal with motherhood. This person is still living at home or living with the group. As the tot mom's own mother stated how she had to contantly remind her of being a mother, tells you what state of mind the tot mom had.

The night not the day, tot mom's daughter became missing, no matter how childish it may sound, the tot mom had only one thing on her mine. The tot mom was determine to go out and party. Yes she let her flesh instead of common sense dictate her logic. Why didn't tot mom ask her mother to watch her daughter? There's a possibility that tot mom didn't want to hear the lecture about being a responsible adult, or she didn't want to risk having to contradict the impression of changing from the irresponsible mother to a responsible one. If this was the case, then here's what might had happened.

Tot mom is getting ready for her night out. She gets on the Internet to see what would be a more effective method, which would also give her more time to party. Because this is not the first time tot mom has made crazy arrangement for leaving her daughter alone. The first time tot mom left her daughter alone, tot mom used sleeping pills, but she probably found this method did not give her enough time. Tot mom did not want the risk of causing her daughter to overdose. Through researching the Internet, tot mom found information on chloroform, which she thought was a safer method of subduing her daughter for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, tot mom did not take inconsideration that someone still needed to be there to administer the drug, when her child woke up. In a fit of rage? panic? even stupidity, she did decided to place a piece of tape over the poor child's mouth... The problem I can't figure out is where would she have left the child. The theory about the tot mom placing her child in the trunk of her car, to me was too risky. My only theory is tot mom had to have done it at her parents' house. But how? Maybe while the parents were gone out for a couple of hours, the tot mom was able to carry out this heinous crime.

Theory #2: The night tot mom went partying, tot mom and her daughter were staying at the parents' house. While the parents were out, tot mom implemented her plan by sedating her daughter for the night. When the parents returned home, tot mom assured them that she had tuck the little one in for the night. So off to the club, tot mom went her way. A couple of hours past, grandmother goes into the room where her granddaughter was sleeping, to check on her. From first glance, her granddaughter seems to be ok, until the grandmother pulls the covers back and find a piece of tape across the granddaughter's mouth. The granddaughter has stopped breathing. The grandmother calls to the grandfather, he comes and rechecks the granddaughter's pulse. Even though the grandparents are professionals at their field, they stun, shocked and dumbfounded, here lies their granddaughter dead.

The tot mom returns...the grandfather did what came naturally, he begins to question the tot mom. To the grandparents dismay, the tot mom made a horrible decision whether it was intentionally or unintentionally. But the hole became even deeper, when all parties decided to cover up evidence of what really happened that night. They sat and debated over and over why, how, should they, could they, which eventually turned into thirty days, before reality took over. The reality is the granddaughter was dead. They have waited to late to report the crime, and now what are they going to do with the body? The answer is who transported the body to the area that was only minutes away from the grandparents' house? How will law enforcement ever find the killer?

My last theory: What about a lie detector test or truth serum? There are only four people who can possibly answer the question above?


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