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True Faith Can be found Anywhere.

Updated on October 5, 2009

True Faith Can Be Found Anywhere

© -1971-MFB III

We stood in the foyer of that southern church,
me with shoulder length hair, and my friend in a shade of skin
a bit too dark for the comfort of those inside.

The deacon at the door politely suggested we go elsewhere,
because a coat and tie were necessary to attend the services.
we both got Sunday schooled that day, in a lesson of self righteousness.

We gazed in briefly spotting a sea of crew-cuts and pale flesh.
Several faces turned to stare at us with distaste,
and so we left that so-called house of God.

We both chose to worship him instead in the sunny day around us,
with a choir of birds above, at a lovely glade with a pond,
sharing a sanctuary for our crushed spirits,
where all were welcomed to partake in a glorious ritual.

We found communion in an offering of worms sacrificed
on the question mark of two fishing hooks, baptized in the pale green depths,
where we captured some of God's bountiful abundance below.

We took home several rather large wide-mouth bass that were,
not quite as wide as the gaping mouths of those hypocrites at the local church.
We paid lip service to God's greatness, praising the delicious wonder of his
breaded and deep fried gifts from above with much appetite uncensored.


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