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True Christian Leaders Being Politically Correct About Mormonism

Updated on February 26, 2012

Politically Correct and Socially Acceptable

On one of the major network morning programs a True Christian leader was being asked for his opinions concerning the Christianity of Barack Obama and the Republican candidates running for president.

During the questioning Mitt Romney's name came up about his Mormon Faith.Which was the opportunity for the True Christian leader to make it perfectly clear that the Mormon religion is not Christian.

However, His answer, was to say the least, Politically Correct and None Confrontational. I understand he was in a no win situation being asked questions by the leftist gotcha panel. But The True Christian community must maintain their SALT when it comes to the public perception of Mormonism.

For the Mormon hierarchy shrewdly screens their methodology from the public and even their own members with their surreptitious rhetoric

In Ezekiel Chapter 3:18 thru 3:21 God's Word clearly shows if we do not testify about what we know causing the lost to perish, the fate of those involved will be on our hands.

True Christians must always remember this and be bold when it comes to exposing the truth about Mormon doctrine, and all other false teachings found in many main line so called Christian churches. When True Christians are speaking the Truth from God's Word they will not be Politically Correct and Socially Acceptable.


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    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 5 years ago from America does one mix true Christianity with Mormonism???..........Most Christians consider Mormons to be part of a cult?..............sooooooo I don't get it?