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Trump is the man

Updated on January 17, 2017

Trump is the President Elect

Seriously, what is going on with the American people? Well not all of them, just the Trump “haters”. They seem to be outweighing the Trump supporters, which makes no sense whatsoever. Everyone does understand ow the election works, correct? The one with the most votes wins. We can at least agree on that point, can’t we? Well guess what Trump got the most votes. Which leaves me to ask you “haters” one question…..What is your problem? Oh, I know none of you voted for Trump. Guess what. In the grand scheme of things that point carries no weight. Not now. It did during the process, but that’s over and Trump is the President Elect, and no matter how much hate you people spew, nothing is going to change that. So I ask you, for the good of the country would it not be more four to do? You do not have to love Trump, just accept him.

What has Trump done to deserve all this hate? Has Trump personally wronged each and everyone of you? I seriously doubt that. So, is it because Trump freely speaks his mind, and then acts on it? Sounds to me like a pleasant change from what we are use to from people in office. History shows the mass majority of those in office have always said one thing and either denied saying it later, or never done anything about it. Trump is the complete opposite. I guess you “haters” like being lied to. Is it because Trump is rich? So what? Trump made his wealth one step at a time, lost it, and had to do it all over again. His businesses are perfectly legal, and operated the same. If they were not do you not think something would have happened by now? Trump is a very rich man, so what.

Or are you “haters” so simple minded that you follow what a few people from Hollywood say about Trump? Why would you even listen to these people? Who are they to you? Your favorite actor/actress/former talk show host/singer? You can’t be serious, they can’t be taken seriously. The only power they have is the power we give them. They are just abusing the social standing we give them to stand on their “soapbox” and cry because their President hopeful did not win. In the majority of cases these Hollywood types are not educated, and have only made it to where they are today for two simple reasons. One at some point they were given a break by a director, and their careers went from there. Two we the general public buy tickets to their movies or concerts. Making it in Hollywood has very little to do with skill, and everything to do with luck. Right place at the right time any of us could be the next “big thing” to come out of Hollywood. So why listen to, follow, or care about what these people say about Trump. Off the stage and screen they are nobody. They just have jobs like everyone else.

Didn’t one of those Hollywood types just have a meeting with Trump? I am pretty sure one did. If I remember right this person went into the meeting thinking he was going to get nowhere with Trump, but quickly found out he was wrong. This “star” thought just because he wanted Trump to help with the poor, that Trump would turn him away. This “star” found out what type of person Trump really is. Not only did Trump support what he was being told, but he put the “star” in contact, right there in the office, with the person Trump has instructed to help make the plan this “star” has to happen, and told the person to stay in contact with the “star”. What did this “star” want? Housing for the homeless. If I remember correctly the “star” did not think Trump would help him with this because Trump is super rich. Sometimes the best feeling in the world is finding out you are wrong.

From everything I have seen, read, and heard Trump is all about helping the low – middle class families, and the homeless. Trump plans on creating jobs, doing whatever it takes to keep businesses operating in the States, lowering taxes on the poor – middle class, and raising them on the wealthy. Sounds pretty much what every American should want in a President. So, I ask again, what’s is your problem?

In closing, what everyone has to realize is Trump is not going anywhere for the next four years. Do you really think all your hate is going to hurt his feelings and he is going to quit and go home? Of course not. I suggest all you “haters” stop and allow Trump to get into office. Only then will you truly see what Trump is all about. I think you will all be surprised.

These are just my thoughts. Take them however you wish.


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    • profile image

      Sanxuary 13 months ago

      I am sorry that you do not pay attention to politics much. I do not see a bunch of Trump haters. Even if you voted for Trump you can still disagree with his nominations, The Republicans in both houses are not Trump but you do not have to agree with them either. Maybe there is something at the local level you do not agree with. You can protest anything in this country if you want to. I find that Trump has simply opened a big can of worms and a lot of people disagree with his policy's. I think they have every reason to disagree. I do not agree with all of these reasons but I agree that they have every reason to disagree.

    • Sharlee01 profile image

      Sharon Stajda 14 months ago from Shelby Township Michigan

      I am saddened watching the hate and rhetoric leading up to the inauguration. I will also say it has made me even more convinced I voted for the right candidate. And no they have not over powered anyone but themselves. All the Dem's are doing will make us more resolved, and dig in much deeper... The Dem's are sealing their fate. They will surly not win back the WH for decades. They have made themselves very transparent, and what we see is corruption, lies, and down right belligerent. Obama made a mess of the country, and Trump will walk into a mess. Hopefully he can fix it....