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Donald Trump, Canada's Worst Nightmare?

Updated on May 2, 2016

As a Canadian, I have recently been considering the impact a President Trump would have on my country. First, it matters what Donald Trump becomes President. The pre-2010 Donald Trump, who supported the Clintons and many liberal policies wouldn't be nearly as bad for Canada as the post-2010 Donald Trump. Many question which Donald Trump would emerge as soon as he entered the oval office. Should be mentioned that many of those who question Trump's true allegiance are establishment Republicans who want no part of a Trump Presidency.

My main concern is the changes that could occur at the American-Canadian border. According to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, 50% of privately owned Canadian businesses import from the United States. Not nearly as many export to the U.S., but still 25% of Canadian businesses export to the U.S. Trump has made clear his disdain for Muslims and his irrational paranoia could lead to a border backed up for miles as the U.S. customs agents put every person with darker skin through an absurd interrogation process. This would put a huge burden on the Canadian economy and in particular cost trucking companies millions of dollars as hundreds of trucks waste hours and hours sitting at the border on a daily basis. However, many believe Donald Trump is all bark and no bite. I personally rather not find out if that is true.

Canada felt the economic burn of an incompetent Bush administration for 8 years and there is a definite fear among many Canadians that history is about to repeat itself. It can be frustrating sitting on the sidelines while your most important trading partner is seriously considering electing a well-documented racist, sexist television reality star as their leader. Trump's newfound beliefs on social issues will likely not be a threat to the Canadian way of life. Canada and the U.S. have a long history of disagreeing on many social issues including gay marriage, abortion rights and gun laws. These differences have never led to any substantial problems between the two countries. The economy is the only glaring concern of a Trump presidency for Canada.


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