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The Best Rolling Papers

Updated on October 21, 2014

Rolling Papers

There are a number of rolling papers available in the market for individuals interested in rolling their own cigarettes. These rolling papers come in various sizes, compositions, and features that can provide smokers unique and enjoyable smoking experience. Some people enjoy hemp papers made of hemp, or Randy's with a metal holder inside so they don't burn their fingers, or they enjoy using the standard Zig Zags. Whatever your preference, there is company out there that will have what you want.

Rolling a cigarette requires effort and time, however you will be rewarded with a pleasurable experience once done. Majority of the smokers who roll their own cigarettes find this more meaningful instead of merely visiting the nearest store to purchase cigarette products.

There is also the build up of anticipation when rolling your own cigarettes. You want the task to be done right away to enjoy your smoke but you also love the idea that youâre building anticipation for a much more satisfying outcome after you have rolled the cigarettes.

Zig Zag Papers
Zig Zag Papers

Zig Zags

The Zigzag rolling paper derived its name from the zigzag packaging process created by the Braunstein brothers in 1894. Zigzag products feature the ZigZag man, a soldier from the battle of Sevastopol, who according to the folk story was the first to use a piece of paper to roll a tobacco. Zigzag is made from flax and wood pulp and makes use of acacia gum. The paper is available in five sizes. The Zigzag Single Wide Size comes in white color. Often referred to as the orange pack, the Zigzag 1 ¼ is slow to burn and convenient to roll. For smokers who enjoy a longer smoke, the Zigzag King Size comes with durable paper that allows smooth and slow burning. Zigzag 1 ½ has wider paper and the fifth size comes in double wide paper. Throughout the years, Zigzag has remained popular and continues to entice

customers with its revolutionary rolling papers.

Raw Rolling Papers
Raw Rolling Papers

Raw Papers

The latest rolling paper to hit the market, the all-natural RAW rolling paper is pure and unrefined. RAW paper was created as an answer to the growing demand for an additive-free cigarette. The paper comes in light brown hue because it contains a blend of chlorine-free fibers. The RAW paper is ultra thin, making it transparent. Rather than utilizing chemical glue, RAW paper makes use of sugar-based gum. This premium rolling paper is available in various sizes. Each paper product bears the patented CrissCross RAW watermark, which prevents runs. One of the best in the cigarette industry, the RAW rolling paper has been enjoying strong sales and quite a following.

Zen Rolling Papers
Zen Rolling Papers

Zen Papers

Considered as the original hemp rolling paper, Zen is made from natural hemp and Arabic gum. The Zen paper is resilient and provides smooth flavor and excellent burn time. It is available in various sizes, which include Zen Single Wide, Zen 1½, Zen 1 ¼, Zen King Size, and Double Zen. Its newest product, Zen Effen, is considered as Zen's thinnest hemp rolling paper. Zen line has acquired a new and

smart packaging in 2005 and now offers improved products for smokers to enjoy.

Trip Rolling Papers
Trip Rolling Papers

Trip Rolling Papers

Trip is one of the original clear papers originating from Brazil. Trip rolling papers are made from the high-quality plant cellulose of the Brazilian Eucalyptus. Because Trip papers are 100% natural, they burn slowly and evenly, producing minimal harsh smoke compared to the other clear rolling papers available. Trip papers are clear and transparent so users can see the tobacco through the paper. These papers do not utilize gums and can readily be used by simply sticking the papers together.

This makes it easy and convenient for smokers to roll cigarettes. All these make Trip rolling papers the popular choice among smokers and the top-selling clear cigarette paper in the Brazilian market.

Smoking Maiz Corn Papers
Smoking Maiz Corn Papers

Smoking Maiz Corn

Smokers who are looking for something new and different can try the Smoking Maiz Corn. This rare rolling paper is made from 100% corn, providing a smoke of distinct corn flavor. Smoke Maiz Corn leaves ashes however the paper is smooth burning. This rolling paper utilizes natural sugar-based gum and available in 1 ¼, King size, and regular size. Smoking Maiz Corn is made in Spain and offers a unique flavor

unlike any other.

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