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Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) - Weathering The Most Powerful Storm And Where To Provide Donations

Updated on November 12, 2013

Philippines Along The Path Of Destruction

Being in an earthquake and typhoon belt in this part of the world, the Philippines is a country that is accustomed to natural calamities. Floods, earthquakes and typhoons are household terms to many Filipinos as situation such as these befall them on a regular basis. They have learned to survive the worst of the worst of what mother nature can throw at them. Until Typhoon Yolanda or Haiynan came along…

Typhoon Yolanda was said to be the most powerful typhoon in recorded history to hit land. This statement proved to be true as winds from the powerful storm reached over 300mph. To simply put it, it was a storm that was off the charts. The magnitude of typhoon Yolanda was overwhelming.


Backtracking days before typhoon Yolanda made landfall over the southern Philippines, heavy warnings of the storm’s intensity were issued by government authorities. Massive forced evacuations were put into effect along the areas that were directly in the path of the super typhoon. Many have heeded and sought shelter in various evacuation centers. Others opted to remain behind to secure their properties.

Most of them had one thing in mind which was that the storm was to be like any other storm. They were wrong. When events unfolded, it was beyond their expectations. No single structure withstood the force of the powerful typhoon. This included the evacuation centers and concrete structures that most evacuees were sheltered in.


The Magnitude

Storm surge reached 15 to 20 meters causing a tsunami like effect along coastal areas. Winds reached over 350kph similar to that of a F5 scale tornado.

As of this writing the extent of the damage is yet to be determined as communication lines are down, roads are impassable and basic government service are non existent in the affected areas. The death toll is estimated to be in the thousands while the cost of damage can reach in billions of pesos.

Though not being directly affected by the super typhoon as my home is situated south of Metro Manila in central Luzon (which I thank God for), we were still able to feel the partial force of the wind associated with typhoon Yolanda. It was definitely strong considering we were not directly at its path.


Call For Donations

As a nation that constantly seems to be tested by mother nature, Filipinos have shown time and again that no amount of unfortunate events can break their spirits to come back and rebuild their lives. But as the saying goes that “no man is an island” . We (the fortunate) have the obligation to do our part to ease their pain. As a writer and a Filipino citizen, I feel that I have obligation to spread the news of this tragic event and to appeal for donations in whatever amount that anyone with concern can spare. Donations can be provided to: (Red Cross Philippines) (GMA Kapuso Foundation) (abs-cbn Sagip Kapamilya Foundation) (Department of Social Welfare and Development)


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