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UN Control Over Internet

Updated on November 26, 2016

Ever since the Internet was created, it's been organized around basic principles of openness, fairness and freedom. There are no gatekeepers deciding which sites you get to access. There are no toll roads on the information superhighway ~President Obama

Under the guardianship of the United States and the First Amendment, the Internet has become truly an oasis of freedom, but that could soon change. ~Ted Cruz

Am I wrong or right the UN ’takeover' of internet is a bad thing?

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The US no longer has the keys to the kingdom when it comes to domain names and now we have new gatekeepers. As of Saturday 1 October 2016, the USGs oversight over ICANN was given to the UN. In short ICANN is the Domain Name System in charged of looking after web addresses.

Although the Internet is a decentralized network, to some giving control is a dangerous and even stupid exchange. ICANN was previously a technical body that under a contract had no ability to regulate content on the Internet. That was true under the previous contract with the U.S. government but will it remain true without a contract?

What makes this control a concern is the question of, when it comes to the global governing body the UN, who is in charge.

If your still reading this you haven’t decided I’m a conspiracy theorist and flipped the page on me, yet. Thank you. Most people don’t believe this changeover gives the UN the power to control privacy, content, taxation and interconnection fees, but it does. It will not sanction or prohibit independent states from suppressing their own free speech but there is nothing to stop ICANN from regulating which websites appear on the Internet. The thing is you don’t have to be a computer genius, or an expert on foreign affairs, to come to the same conclusion Ted Cruz and president elect Donald Trump have.

Okie Doke

The US has failed to pass tyrannical laws to control the Internet in the past, The Communications Decency Act of 1996, The Intellectual Property Enforcement Act of 2007, The Protect IP Act of 2011 and SOPA 2011, and The Cybersecurity Act of 2015. Time and time again these laws have all failed against the first amendment.

Power of the internet had to be snatched away from the protection of the Constitution and giving up the Internet was the first step to the globalist take over. Now they can move forward cleansing the internet of all matter unacceptable to the global elite and their toadies at the United Nations.

Obama’s attack on the internet is another top down power grab. Net neutrality is the Fairness Doctrine. Will target conservative media.

~Donald J. Trump 2014

Net Neutrality is Obamacare for the Internet; the Internet should not operate at the speed of government.

~Senator Ted Cruz 2014

Net Neutrality in America

Obama recently took a weeklong trip to Asia pushing through the Trans Pacific Partnership. The TPP will not only create another way of outsourcing similar to what we saw with The NAFTA Agreement of 1996, it will also fashion an international internet police that will censor content and eliminate websites. Mega corporation’s are all for the power it will give them to censor their opponents. The TPP will also require that all Countries that are involved align their laws with the agreements copyright laws.

Some people believe that net neutrality is going to screw everyone. Service is going to become slow and much more expensive. But nothing seems to have changed thus far, just as it is with the shift in control over ICANN from the USG to UN.

Time will only tell what the future holds for the internet and President Elect Trump has criticized net neutrality in the past, so there’s an ever-greater chance of the rules being tossed. He will have the power to veer the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) back to conservative control, and his latest advisers are a sign that may be exactly what he’s planning to do.

Fake News has become an issue of debate in the news and on social media in the past few weeks. Many people are coming to the conclusion that something needs to be done about it, but what?

Take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. ~Elie Wiesel

People who demand neutrality in any situation are usually not neutral but in favor of the status quo. ~Max Eastman

Do you believe net neutrality is good or bad?

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