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unfair trading practices uk law

Updated on December 15, 2014

Consumer protection from unfair trading practices

The consumer protection from unfair trading regulations is in place to protect consumers mainly from aggressive selling and misleading actions made by the seller. Regulation 3 (1) prohibits any form of unfair commercial practice. A commercial practice will be deemed unfair if it falls within the 31 point black list.

If there is a misleading act or omission done by the seller under regulation 5 and 6 or aggressive practice under regulation 7.

A misleading action under regulation 5 will contain false information. or relates to goods or services that may create confusion with a competitor (mistaken identity). Or the seller fails to follow a trade honour to which he is bound by.

False information is covered by Regulation 5 (4). Where a misleading omission under regulation 6 hides or misleads. This is a criminal offence as stated in regulation 10.

Aggressive commercial practice is also forbidden under regulation 7. If it consists of harassment, coercion or undue influence.

Unfair trading laws

Unfair trading laws
Unfair trading laws

31 point black list

You can view the £1 point black list against consumer trading here

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