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Unity in Diversity

Updated on November 14, 2010


Origins of a bully?

There has been a lot of christian bashing, jew bashing, muslim bashing, gay bashing, immigrant bashing, american bashing and racial bashing going on all over the world, and most of it is frankly quite disheartening. The most troubling part of all this bashing is that it is being done by adult men and women, mostly educated, whose job it is to shape the lives of our young children.

The free for all bashing is so pervasive that it has become entrenched in our social culture. It is now an acceptable fad to hate a person or group; and this hate is becoming acceptable as political positions. The hypocrisy in this practise is that adults are waging war on childhood hate (bullying), when infact they are the ones that have created the model. The adult is writing the script of hate, and our kids are playing the part..

We have to think long and hard as a society at what we bash and why; do we bash because we are scared? do we hate because we have not opened our hearts to know others? do we hate because we have been hurt.

Hate begets hate; hate does not promote knowledge; hate does not offer peace. If our neighbor is unsafe, we are not safe; if our neighbor feels oppresed, we are not secure. Security comes from accepting that all men are different in physical form, but similar in spirit, hopes and dreams.

We have to look at the youngest of kids, and learn from them. You will see no bashing in an elementary school or daycare center because kids do not discriminate. Martin Luther King's dreams for the sons and daughters of negroes and whites is fully realized, in the halls of the clark school elementary school in Worcester, and other fine elementary school. The majority of adult institutions and colleges have a lot of work to do to catch up.

My hope is that if adults choose to continue with this pattern of hate, they will keep it at their offices and country clubs. Adults should leave the schools and home dinner tables sacred and uncorrupted, so that the young generation can bring to fruition that dream that the children of whites, blacks, gays, christians, jews,muslims and others can walk hand in hand to the promised land of peace and tolerance.


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  • fayx24 profile image

    fayx24 7 years ago from Australia

    I agree! People fear what they do not know or understand.

    Great piece of writing!

  • epigramman profile image

    epigramman 7 years ago think that human behavior would just be based on the theory of common sense because we all feel better when we treat each other with love, dignity and respect - everytime!!!!!! And believe me my friend there is a lot of love, dignity and respect in your writing of this hub - and I absolutely adore that title - Unity in diversity - amen to that!!!

  • mquee profile image

    mquee 7 years ago from Columbia, SC

    Very good and meaningful hub. It seems the more educated we call ourselves, the more bigotted, hateful, and fearful we become. Thanks for sharing.

  • wearing well profile image

    Deborah Waring 7 years ago from Lancashire U.K.

    Yep this is soooo true..I got fed up of all the playground bashing and two faced jealous immature parents at my local primary school and that was just on the school run trips;we moved to a better village school with equal ethics for all and that's the way it should be and can be and most importantly my children are happy and thriving now.If adults and parents cannot set a good example then I'm afraid that the bullies in society will continue to breed.Great moral hub,thanks Rogochucks:)

  • suziecat7 profile image

    suziecat7 7 years ago from Asheville, NC

    I couldn't agree more. People need to learn to live and let live. And teach their children that as well. Good Hub.