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The World's Unsolved Mysteries

Updated on March 11, 2014

Despite the advancement in technology that has enabled we as human beings to understand many things which were impossible centuries ago, there are mysteries that have been unable to be solved.

Man has been able to land on moon, discovere the building blocks of life, DNA, find cures to diseases and the list goes on. We are a lucky generation to have to witness the advancement of technology and the vast knowledge we have gained.

Nevertheless, there are puzzles, mysteries that still leave us in a state of wonder not knowing if these mysteries will ever be solved.

Read on to learn some of these unsolved mysteries that have baffled most of all scientists and technologists.


The Taos Hum

In New Mexico, in a small town called Taos, there is a low-pitched sound that can be heard. The sound is heard in a quiet environment sounding like the humming of a refrigerator or a distant diesel engine.

The sound can be heard with a naked eye. Nevertheless, the sound cannot be detected by various sound devices such as VFL or microphone. Therefore, it has proven very hard to locate the source of the sound.

In 1977, the United States Congress requested scientists and observers from various research institutes in the country to try to find the source of the sound.

The scientists and observers have never been able to find the source of the sound. Although it can be heard worldwide, this low-frequency noise got its name ‘Taos Hum’ from the small town of New Mexico, Taos.

It has remained a mystery for many years without the cause of the ‘hum’ sound ever known.

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Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich manuscript is a document which was written in middle ages or medieval time.

The manuscript is written in an unknown language and unknown script. The alphabet system that was used is unknown. It is handwritten in an unknown writing system. It has a combination of illustrations and diagrams written from left to right.The attempts to break the code or interpret the document have never borne fruit for over a hundred years.

The surviving leaves of the manuscript include illustrations of plants and astronomical information. Some of the plants in the manuscript are not known to modern botanists. It is possiblet he book was meant to address medicine during the medieval age.

It is believed the book is divided into six parts: Biological, Herbal, Pharmaceutical, Astronomical, Cosmological and recipes.

Although it has been suggested the document is the work of an alchemist, no one knows for sure. The book remains as mystery as the ownership of the book.

The manuscript is dated to early 15th century as it is thought to have been composed during the Italian Renaissance in Northern Italy.

Kryptos | Source

The Bermuda Triangle

Alien abduction? Maybe. The Bermuda Triangle is a large area of water in the North Atlantic Ocean. This area has been a source of boats and planes disappearances.

There has never been any verifiable explanation for the mysterious disappearances of ship and planes. The most explanations that have been brought forward seem not to add up or they are opposed. They range from alien abductions, time warps, bad weather, mechanical or technical failures to suspension of law of physics.

Although substantial evidence shows that many of these disappearances were exaggerated; the few remaining beg the questions: How did they disappear? What caused their disappearances? It seems we will never know the cause of the disappearances or how they disappeared.

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper was a serial killer in the half of 1888 believed to have murdered 11 women. However, five of the women can be clearly verified they were killed by Jack the Ripper.

The brutal murder took place between August and November 1888 in the East End of London in a poor Whitechapel area. The murdered victims of this serial killer were all prostitutes except one. Their bodies were mutilated beyond recognition and their throats cut.

It is not known whether Jack the Ripper was a man or woman. It remains a mystery who Jack the Ripper was.

Voynich Manuscript
Voynich Manuscript | Source

Dan Cooper

On November 24, 1971, a man in his mid-forties claiming to be Dan Cooper hijacked Boeing 727. The plane had 36 passengers.

He had a briefcase to which he said contained a bomb. He demanded $200,000 in cash as ransom money and two parachutes. He was given the ransom money at Seattle-Tacoma airport. He allowed some crew members and passengers to leave the plane.

Cooper had a strange request to which it baffled the authorities before they realized, too late, what he meant: the rear door to remain unlocked and the plane to be flown slow and low.

As the plane flew to Reno, Nev., this man claiming to be Dan Cooper jumped into the night using the parachutes he ordered. The law-enforcement officials tailed the jetliner using five different planes. They never saw him jumping. A man-hunt for Cooper began. It was the most expensive and extreme manhunt of its kind in the history of America.

FBI believed Cooper never survived the jump. However, in 2007 the FBI opened the case again releasing sketches of the man claiming to be Cooper in the hopes they will finally close this case and lay it to rest.

As is the case, it remains a mystery. His identity still remains a mystery to date.

Black-Eyed Kids (BEKs)

They don't have white corneas neither do they have colored irises. Their eyes are big and entirely black looking like eye-shark eyes.

Looking at their eyes, there is bound to be a kind of overwhelming terror induced as described by witnesses who were approached by these BEKs.

These kids described to be close to teenage years or in their adolescent stage always have a request to make. Either they will knock at your door and then request to use the toilet or phone, or in case you are in the car they will ask you to drive them home.

They are insistent and demanding. As a good Samaritan you will be compelled to help them. They are just kids. However, looking at their eyes makes you not to give in to their request. You resist the temptation to do what they asked or requested. There is a feeling of fear or terror that overwhelms you. There seems to be a kind of influence from their voices that pushes you to do their bidding but you fight the urge not to give in.

If you happen to see them for the first time, it is not the end. The mysterious encounters don't end there. What do they want?

This is the case with a man who let them in his house to use the toilet and phone. At first he didn't see their eyes. He saw them once they were inside. He felt fear and a sense of a terror. However, when they moved closer and told him something, he couldn't contain the fear anymore. He fled the house in a state of terror. The chilling message he received was, "We have come to collect you."


Kryptos is a sculpture situated at the CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia. This sculpture installed in 1990 by James Sanborn has left cryptographers and code-breakers in a state of defeat. Don't forget even the best minds in National Security Agency and CIA cryptographers have been unable to solve the fourth puzzle on the statue.

James Sanborn embedded four puzzles or encrypted messages in the curved copper panels of the sculpture. Three of the four encrypted messages were cracked in the first few years. The fourth one has remained a puzzle, hard to crack running now for 24 years even after Sanborn giving a six-letter clue.

The fourth encrypted message is found at the bottom of the statue. It consists of 97 characters.

Is there any hope of breaking the 97 characters puzzle? Well, for now it remains a mystery what the 97 characters encrypted message means. The first puzzle was a poetic phrase, the second something buried in the grounds of Langley, and the third, was a passage from an archaeologist, Howard Carter's diary or account of opening the tomb of Tutankhamun on November 26,1992.


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