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Value of Urban Green Space Add On and Wildlife Sanctuary Corridors Linked to Buried Cables and Pipes

Updated on January 18, 2013

Challenge of Adding Urban Greenspace Sanctuary

In the busy urban life styles today, it's easy to be careless about neighborhood greenspace and disappearing sanctuaries for small wildlife that adds meaning to everyday living.

I live in a historic townhouse community in Northern Virginia. Until recently in the last two years, neighborhood and community carelessness of greenspace and wildlife sanctuary has reduced the quality of life in my townhouse community as the neighborhood densitities have increased and greenspace has decreased.

Few years ago, when I went for a walk in the evening, occasionally I would see a wild rabbit dart out from under the bush or a chipmunk sitting still in the ground with a acorn held in the mouth ready to dart up a tree.

Extending Parks For Kids & Teaching Kids Wildlfe Survival Value

The wildlife sanctuary small they may be were still here till last year or so, here in the mid-decade of 21st century. But now that the greenspace around our townhouse community are gone and corridors to our community’s greenspace are no longer in existence, there are no more rabbits and I have not seen any chipmunks either.

Yes, we have a children’s park near us, and some greenspace exist around schools and urbanized facilities such as a metro stop nearby, some bike paths have been institued, but the idea of linking greenspace for the survival of the rabbits, and chipmnks have not been important.

An Observation Of Urban Life Style Subtraction - __Disappearing GreenSpace

Yet, my experience of being a father and having children of siblings visiting our home tells me, kids loved the experience of seeing a real rabbit or a chipmunk unexpectedly as we did experience before.

All kinds of creative triggers can blossom when such experiences are part of a child's education. Appreciation of such creativity triggers in children or even adults are intangibles that are easy to neglect by community leaders and even fellow residents of communities and neighborhoods as has been the case for me and as I perceive for my neighbors and community leadership.

Value of preserving life , humn as well as wildlife then become part of one's childhood and culture that sustain kindness, and empathy as part of one's ethics training in early life.

How about you dear reader ?

If you live in an urban neighborhood as I do, have you noticed the disappearing green space and wildlife sancturary in your neighborhood and community ?

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My New Group at LinkedIn.Com . Welcome to Community Vitality Boosters & Social Capital Builders
My New Group at LinkedIn.Com . Welcome to Community Vitality Boosters & Social Capital Builders
My New Group at LinkedIn.Com . Welcome to Community Vitality Boosters & Social Capital Builders

GreenSpace Along Buried Pipes - That Need Access

Safety First__Community

Wildlife Sanctuary__Pets Divide

Affordable Tool For Invisible Fences - Keep Pets In_Wildlife Out at Urban Sanctuary

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My New Group at LinkedIn.Com. Welcome ! - Potomac Knowledge Bridge Café Twin

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    • Onethindime LM profile image

      Onethindime LM 

      5 years ago

      Love the idea. Thanks for posting.


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