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verge of WW3, camparing Bashar Assad with Saddam Hussein

Updated on September 4, 2013
photoshop of Bashar Assad and Saddam Hussein
photoshop of Bashar Assad and Saddam Hussein

A general assessment

They are both from Middle East and dictators with henchmen, including family members. A family member was ruling their country before they came into power, difference is relation from Bashar it was his father in Syria and Saddam it was his uncle in Iraq. Both are from the Baath party, it is a socialist pan-Arab group. Started by 3 Arabs in 1947 Syria, a Christian, a Sunni and an Alawite. Meaning of the party is "rebirth", likely from former colonial influence. The party has members from many countries in the region but only held power in Iraq and Syria. Both men ruled countries that are secular and seem not too religious.

Both men are tall for Arabs, in feet units Saddam is about 6'1" and Bashar is about 6'2.5" (can find some say 6'2" or 6'3"). Both have sported mustaches rather than a full beard compared to many rulers in the region. Differences are Bashar is skinny while Saddam is chubby and Bashar has light eye color, either blue-grey, blue, blue-green depending on the photo or camera.

There are Differences in their character and upbringings, Bashar had his father Saddam didn't. Bashar since childhood is more calm and mellow. He actually didn't care about politics although his siblings did. He went to college in Syria, medical school, and became a doctor. He did post graduate study (basically eye doctor) in the U.K. He has no real military or armed forces experience even though he was a doctor for the Syrian military. He became ruler by accident because of the deaths of his heir apparent older brother and ruling father. He also inter married with a sunni who was not distant family, basically Western style courtship, who he met at college in the U.K. He also speaks English and French. Now Saddam was the opposite, he was a fighter and bully. He was into politics like his family. He was a college drop out, had studied law but became a teacher to make a living. He has some armed forces experience in the Baath party, was a hit man. He came into power by taking it by force. He Married a close cousin, either 1st or 2nd, it was arranged while they were children. But he also had 3 other women as wives too and a child. He visited the U.S. city of Detroit and met hall of fame champion boxer Muhammed Ali.

Both Syria and Iraq had solid history with Russia, including then U.S.S.R. before 1991. Russia provided both with weapons, Iraq got extra weapons from the U.S. during Iran war, chemical weapons. But there is a big difference Saddam and Bashar have. Saddam was fighting all alone in both Gulf wars. He had no outside support not even Russian. And were still using out dated weaponry. It wasn't easy beating Iraq even in conventional warfare, Iraq is still wrestling against forces. It never was completely under control by the West. Bashar on the other hand has outside support, from Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and Shiite groups in Lebanon. He also has more updated military hardware. Those other groups helping also have extra boots on the ground, Shiite fighters and Russian special forces. In a conventional warfare setting it will be tough for the West to just go in. Even if Syria is defeated it will not be over because then China, Russia and Iran could strike, because they need Syria for their oil besides Iran. likely Iran will be next and China and Russia won't have it their economies run on oil. We know China and Russia have more superior military technology and will try to take it back. There is no way to avoid a bloodbath without nuclear strikes.


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