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Veterans Reign in Their Own Parade a Book Review

Updated on August 25, 2017

25th Annual Run For The Wall - Veterans Reign in Their Own Parade - by Rainelle Elementary School Students

Authors Martin and Delia Wach "happened upon" the annual Run For The Wall arrival in Rainelle in 2006. Before the bikers arrived in 2007 they returned and helped the 5th grade class document their experience in a book called, Veterans Reign in Their Own Parade. The children anxiously wave flags and wait for the arrival of the bikers to get their signatures in the newly published book.

As a participant in Run For The Wall for the last 9 years, I have personally experienced the children of Rainelle Elementary School. Rainelle West Virginia is one of the stops on Run For The Wall, Central Route. The elementary school children anxiously await the 3 mile long parade of motorcycles. Additionally other veterans ride groups ride to Rainelle for the day and stay over for the weekend. Run For The Wall leaves Friday morning and arrives that afternoon in Washington D.C.

Veterans Reign In Their Own Parade - A book written by a community of children.

The children of Rainelle have grown up watching Memorial Day come to their town for 24 years. This year children who were in 5th grade 24 years ago will be serving meals to the bikers, while their own children walk the grounds and introduce themselves to the bikers. Rainelle Elementary School, Rainelle, West Virginia has a reason to celebrate as their community has welcomed this growing pack of bikers for nearly a quarter of a century.

The children are probably no more patriotic than any in other parts of America, but they have the awesome opportunity to display their patriotism and touch the lives of Veterans who are parading to their memorial, with a stop over in this little honored community.

The city has grown to love veterans and has continued their Memorial Day celebration through Memorial Day weekend after Run For The Wall leaves, other motorcycle event arrive, the "Moving Wall" is displayed and various events take place. Such an honor to participate in this first hand many times.

I Love Mornings with Run For The Wall - Riders Ready to Roll

I've ridden with Run For The Wall for 10 years. The anxiety and expectations are overwhelming early mornings before the pack of over 300 bikes leaves the overnight stops. There are meetings, reminders, breakfast, packing bikes, getting reacquainted with riders, riding to the staging area, getting all the gear on, and more waiting before the pack takes off, only to stop again in 15 or 20 miles for a memorial or a Veterans hospital. But every stop, every mile, every tense moment is worth it when you arrive at that location and flags are waving, people are clapping, tears are flowing, school bands are playing and communities show up because we rode into their town. A reminder of how patriotic America really is, and how many people really care that our children went to war and many never returned.

The veterans ... have made such a good impression on the students ... they have written a book.

Postscript of utmost importance

If you buy any of the books recommended above, this page automatically makes a donation to the incredible nonprofit, Donors Choose, which helps provide classrooms and students in need with resources that our public schools often lack.

Have you ever been to Rainelle WV? - Run For The Wall leaves California 13 days before Memorial Day

The Run For The Wall group travels through several states to arrive in Rainelle, WV one day before landing in Washington D.C.

What did you think?

Run For The Wall bikers and children in the school yard after their arrival. - They raise money to serve lunch to the bikers.

The children greet Run For The Wall waving flags and holding autograph books, letting the bikers sign their t-shirts and handmade books.


Pack gift items for the children at Rainelle Elementary School.

Run For The Wall 2013

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The best line ever:

Normally we would have lectured for 45 minutes to the whole school and then spent the rest of the day with smaller classes to answer questions. Instead we were told we could only stay until noon because another event had been planned. We decided to find out what was going on. At the front of the school the whole student body was standing - waiting - holding American flags.

(the authors)

Martin Wach, Delia Bowman Wach's official site - don't miss it!

They do more than write about veterans.

More books by Martin Wach, Delia Bowman Wach - Vote for your favorites, or add any I missed.


I snapped a picture - a child's drawing - from the book. A biker sitting under a tree with one of the students. - The authors Martin and Delia Wach did some of

Veterans Reign in their own Parade child's drawing
Veterans Reign in their own Parade child's drawing

This is a good image of the type of interaction between the Veterans and the children who welcome us. Our first visit to Rainelle was so emotional. Children walking up to me asking me to sign their autograph books they had made with construction paper covers, note paper and pencils in hand. They wanted information about our trip, where we were from, how many times we'd ridden the Run For The Wall event. They had us sign their t-shirts, and introduced us to their parents who were on the grounds for the closing ceremonies

Run For The Wall comes to Rainelle - The Children prepare:

Waving flags, holding their autograph books, ready for hugs ...

My mascot - Sugarbear Prepares for the Run

My mascot - Sugarbear Prepares for the Run
My mascot - Sugarbear Prepares for the Run

Rainelle West Virginia Elementary School - Children await the arrival of Run For The Wall riders ...

They can't wait to get our signatures on their book, they wrote about us.

Ever written a book about an event?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      No, I have not, but its a great idea to do something like this.

      God bless you and all the vets. :)


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