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What Makes a Kid Violent

Updated on February 9, 2018

Violence Among Children

It is a common issue globally as kids turn ever more violent and the law is at a loss to deal with them. They run wild, use weapons, bully and provoke and are far too knowledgeable for their age than that society can handle.

From 10 years up they vandalise homes, rob folks, even committ murder, as shown here in Australia, and entire towns are in lock down at night because of them. So what is going on that needs correcting? While we blame a number of things from domestic violence, boredom, video games to teenage drinking and so on there has got to be greater emphasis on the root causes aside from assumptions.

Give a young kid access to a gun and chances are he/she will use it or at least pretend to use it if given a chance. If there is a problem that cannot be dealt with an explosive tempered child will use threats and weapons if available Thus, the school massacres in the USA, such as Columbine High School in Littleton Colorado by 2 teenage kids disillused with life and with guns secreted into the building. Not all violent outbursts result in such tragedy but rock throwing, damage to vehicles, and bullying of other children and adults are occurring with increasing incidences reported

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Triggers Resulting in Violence in Children

As a parent of three adult childrem it was obvious to me when they were young that violence was not something they should see. Television programs were screened for suitablility and cartoons were not generally acceptable.

There is something terribly wrong with a society that inundates young children with screaming, horrible, suggestive music and games that wastes their minds rather than activate them into useful employment. A society that cannot stop young people turning to drugs and alcohol and where parents are often so out of their minds that caring for their offspring is the thing furthest away from their immediate desires. A society that tolerates gambling and drug dealings that could be stopped if it had the will to do so. A society that feeds on sex, lust and destruction of values inherited from pervious generations.

Unfortunately today parents generally tend to park kids in front of the television for hours on end while they do other things. This happens from a few months of age and there may be no real supervision of everything they see. During that time the expected harmless show can be interespersed with ads and trailers of movies and other programs that could be very violent in their content. The child is screaming for attention but no one is listening, Anger, pain, frustration, stress, and then violence may follow.

Newsbreaks can also contain violence and be educating the young mind into such things as shoot-outs, harassment, armed hold ups and goodness knows what else. Aside from what they view the things they hear can be equally disturbing.

Music has, over the years, become increasing loud and violent in nature. The media is full of violence. What used to once be the harmless, funny cartoon can now expose the young brain to bullying tactics, murder, suicide, and other forms of unwanted influences.

Parents are also subjected to far too much violence through the media and bad relationships.

The following is a list of triggers

"Factors Which Increase Risk of Violent Behavior

Numerous research studies have concluded that a complex interaction or combination of factors leads to an increased risk of violent behavior in children and adolescents. These factors include:

* Previous aggressive or violent behavior

* Being the victim of physical abuse and/or sexual abuse

* Exposure to violence in the home and/or community

* Genetic (family heredity) factors

* Exposure to violence in media (TV, movies, etc.)

* Use of drugs and/or alcohol

* Presence of firearms in home

* Combination of stressful family socioeconomic factors (poverty, severe deprivation, marital breakup, single parenting, unemployment, loss of support from extended family)

*Brain damage from head injury"

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Dr. Phil on Violent Kids

What your child does and how it behaves now and in the future depends on you.

From the cradel it is your influence as a parent that will shape its mind, body and spirit and you should never give that right to anyone or anything else.

A Child's Behaviour

Who is responsible for the way a child turns out?


Keep Children Busy

My children were top priority at every stage in their upbringing, even though I had to work to support them. They never watched television on their own and if something came on that was unsuitable it was quickly turned off. In those days there was no computer or Facebook or such and they went to private schools where the discipline is better and more targeted than in a state run school.

They were kept busy with swimming and other sporting and music lessons after school. They were given opportunities to expand on their natural talents and only received rewards for good behaviour and for help around the home. They were not encouraged to spend time away from the home with other kids except when there was a function, such as a birthday party, or at school under supervision from teachers. They went on school camps and enjoyed popularity with their peers.

The most important thing for my way of parenting was educating them into how drug addicts and other undesirables acted when under the influence of things like alcohol, drugs, gang related pressures and so on. This stuck with them and my son was into his thirties before he even drank coffee.

That is not the case with most kids whose parents think it is cool to introduce their children to these things and often at a young age. They seem to have few barriers standing in their way and if they don't like their parent's rules they are just as likely to up and leave home.

The bottom line is about parentling and how good one is at it. There is no need for books to guide you when instinct and the children themselves show you the way.

Company publishes many great books on helping children grow into worthwhile and successful adults. It specialises in the betterment of children worlwide in both family and community situations. Don't struggle with the hard bits - check out the website for more

This company produces fabulous products to aid in a child's development while engaging in lots of fun. Its world renowned products are available direct by ordering online and there is next day delivery available for most states. It ships to USA and Canada only but check out the web site for more info.

Violent kid on Dr. Phil

Who's To Blame

Many children start off on the right track but then something happens. The behaviour alters and telltale signs of violence and a troubled individual appears. So what happened and how can we discover the solution?

In many such cases you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to unearth the problems and to discover the cause. That is if you are alert and caring enough to follow the symptoms and open the dialogue for discussions with the child involved.

Family Education has listed these signs as ones to watch out for"

"Detachment - a lack of bonding and "connectedness" to others

Withdrawal, or feelings of hopelessness

Threats of violence, and efforts to establish the means and opportunity to carry them out

Significant changes in behavior, appearance, etc.

Disciplinary problems in school, and/or delinquent, criminal activity in school or the community

Unusual interest in, or preoccupation with, weapons, bombs, and violent entertainment (music, movies, etc.)

Abuse of animals, suicide threats or attempts, self-mutilation, etc."

You can read more on FamilyEducation here

Family Fun and Activity

This is the best way to engage your children in bonding type activities. Get the family involved and get the kids into the kitchen at an early age to learn cooking and to try their hands at other things. The following products will help you in this:

Company has an amazing array of wonderful cooking kits, accessories and fun tools for your children to engage with you in the kitchen. They also supply party decorations, treat bags, invitations, cook books and cooking games. What more could any child want? Check it out on the website through the banner.

Company has some great products at a fantastic price. All DVD's are from award winning producers and their work is educational, entertaining and great fun. The many titles range over several genres and all are guaranteed quality. Check the web site for more information and prices plus shipping.

The busier the brain and the more skillful the hands the less likelihood there is of a child becoming violent, unoccupied and gang related. Providing early education and help with achieving in both school and socially is a sign of good parenting and a secure family home.

An abused child
An abused child

Abused Children

Many children are abused physically, emotionally, verbally and/or sexually from a young age. Their chance of success in a competitive world fades from the first slap, the first abuse and the falling apart of their security. The abuser may be a parent, a relative, a friend or, as is becoming ever more newsworthy, a teacher or priest.

But sexual abuse can also come from inappropriate witnessing of adults engaging in sex or from the television or elsewhere where senses are heightened and the curiosity aroused. Emotional abuse can also come from school students, teachers, social networking sites and elsewhere with extreme loss of self esteem. Verbal abuse can also come from any of these sources and the confusion it causes may stunt the brain and cause a form of backwardness in otherwise bright kids.

An extract from The Parents Zone states:

"A recent study demonstrated that verbally abused children develop interpersonal problems, physical aggression, and delinquency at a higher rate when compared to others. Due to this aggression, they may hit other children or may quarrel with the classmates.

The main effect of verbal abuse on children is delayed development. You may see a slowdown in the physical, social, emotional, and academic development in your children. Your children may face problems with making friends, may fall behind in school career, etc"

Personally I have seen this effect first hand. But emotional abuse is also possible when divorced parents pull down and ridicule their former mate and the mother or father of the child. The result is a loss of confidence in that parent, which is even more devastating if it is the carer. The child may react with verbal abuse and violence that might otherwise not have occurred.

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    • sheriangell profile image


      7 years ago

      Well done Norma. There can never be too much written on this subject. Angel blessed today!

    • dc64 lm profile image

      dc64 lm 

      7 years ago

      Thank-you for featuring my foster child lens here. I am deeply honored.

    • jlshernandez profile image


      7 years ago

      Thank Norma for featuring The Bpgeyman in this lens. It just amazes me that parents from every culture use the bogeyman as a scare tactic for their kids.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great Job Norma, children, society and teenagers of today absolutely fascinate me and learning more of what makes their little minds tick makes for some humorous and at times horrific reading. Thanks for featuring "Keeping Our Kids Safe" on your page. Greatly Appreciated!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This is a very important topic. We all need to be vigilant with our children and know the signs of potentially violent behavior. Thank you for including my lens here.


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