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Wall Street Protests Target Corporate Greed

Updated on November 23, 2014

Economic Revolution

The European currency is in crisis since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Riots in Greece against austerity measures designed to help it out of its debt problems have hardly done anything to stop the squeeze on its citizens who see the injustice of governments bailing out bankers while leaving ordinary people in hardship, poverty and often homeless.

When the American Recession was at its worst the bankers not only got bail out money but those whom are suspected of being responsible for it received millions in bonuses. Why? That is the question so many are asking and demonstrating against, outside of and around financial institutions. The demonstrations are now being carried out in many countries as the balance of power is not in the people's hands but in corporate boardrooms which pull the strings that activate politicians and ultimately go against their interests. So who is listening to them and what chance do they have of bringing about change?

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Wall Street Demonstration

The Guardian newspaper reported on Wednesday September 21st that the Wall Street umbrella group of organisers stated "On Saturday we held a general assembly, two thousand strong. By 8pm on Monday we still held the plaza, despite constant police presence. We are building the world that we want to see, based on human need and sustainability, not corporate greed."

This is the sentiment that is sparking protests world wide and it is time politicians and others listened,

When there is little money to go around and you are balancing paying rent or a mortgage on a home, have children and others to feed, are in need of essential services that are being threatened, and cannot find a job it is a slap in the face to hear of billionaires and millionaires being paid millions in wages and bonuses for their part in ripping you off. That's the key to understanding the sentiment that many have against them.

People are struggling to live. They need warmth, protection, a decent life style and they need governments to help them. But the politicians are failing in their duty to represent them because they are either in the pay of the rich or are frightened of them. What is so hard to understand about this imbalance of wealth and power?

Wall Street Protestors

The Poor are Dying while the Rich Thrive

The Inequality in Pay

The irony is that we are all in the same boat and when it sinks everyone will go with it. While the Millionaires pay the same as the poor for food, medicines, health and other services it is beyond understanding that they should get high pay packets while the poor are dying of starvation and homelessness.

No one can live in more than one house at a time or sleep in more than one bed. Many, however, have no house and no bed and are doing it extremely tough. With such inequity there is tragedy on the horizon and wars are already breaking out in many locations. Governments are also falling and while the rich may prosper now it is only a matter of time before they too feel the heat from the consequences of what they are doing.

Who is worth Millions in their Pay?

Do you think politicians get paid the right amount?

See results

Bankers and Greedy Executives

Bankers are paid according to the amount of money they bring in for their company. They charge interest on all loans, mortgages, credit cards and so on so one would think that should be enough, But it isn't. Now they charge you for withdrawing your own money. You pay at ATM's, across the counter and even when you use your credit card you are often charged a fee by those you do business with.

Fees are applied in every possible way as the banks post huge profits on a year by year basis. Then the executives get their bonuses - millions of dollars. The people who have paid the fees are usually those struggling to make ends meet.

Forfeit on your mortgage and the banks seize your property which may then be worth considerably more than you paid for it. Huge profit for the bank. Forfeit on an overdraft and the bank can seize your business, home or other assets to recover their so-called loss but they don't just take what they are owed and return you the rest. They keep the lot.

Is China Taking Over?

Jobs, Innovation and Inventions are Being Stolen

Companies charge what they can get for goods rather than what the products are worth, This is a rort. Manufacturers raced off to China and othe Asian countries where they paid peanuts for goods they market back to you as top products. In a recent television exposure of an Australian Retailer, who has acquired its own factory in China, it was pointed out that a shirt manufactured there for fifty cents, $0.50, sold back in Australia for $99.05. It had a high profile label and the owner of the name was paid some 25%, the importer 25% and the profit margin to the seller was over 45%. So where is the justice when people at home see their jobs have disappeared to the Chinese mainland.

Now Chinese Companies are buying heavily into Australian agricultural land so they can grow their own food here and bypass our manufacturers and get an autojmatic right to mine the minerals and gas underneath. This will put this country into a worsening situation as more jobs and wealth is driven off shore.

It does not take a genius to realise that this type of control over assets and populations must give way. The pressure is building and will eventually explode. Then we will see more dictators take over, more socialist values come into play and the free market society become a thing of the past.

The people are fed up with the corporate greed and stupidity on the part of governments that has allowed this to happen. There has got to be an answer and it has to start with common sense,

The Tragedy of Commerce

The Economic Revolution

The Industrial Revolution changed the world and brought about capitalism that has grown into the greed we see today. We are still slaves to the big boys and now it is time to end that servitude and to balance the books more evenly before something worse happens.

This is the age of the Economic Revolution and now the people are strong, communicating in seconds to each other and they have powerful weapons that are not yet on display. Universities are training people into how to be better at acquiring wealth and governments are learning the strategies. That's why in Australia the 2014 Budget has sliced the economy to the bone.

Many will die as they struggle to survive the horror they face in the future. Jobs are already going in the thousands and some have already turned to crime with a young father of 3 shot dead by a security guard as he used a fake wooden pistol to try to rob him. This is only the start of the next lot of inequality in this country.

Pigs at the Trough: How Corporate Greed and Political Corruption Are Undermining America
Pigs at the Trough: How Corporate Greed and Political Corruption Are Undermining America

A truly worthwhile read as this journalist ploughs into corporate greed and complete disregard for anyone but themselves.


Is it the start of a Revolution?

Why Do Governments Support the Wealthy?

Why the Little Guys Can't Win?

The thing to be understood is that those who are rich donate to political parties and help politicians get elected. Those who damage the environment the most are the biggest contributors on average because the little people can't afford to donate to political causes. Besides the little people are the workers that have to be kept poor in order to provide the work force for the rich.

It's been this way for centuries and there is possibly no way that this status quo can be overturned. While protesters demonstrate the same scenario will continue. The structure of society demands it.

Back to the Beginning for Answers

The Start of Commerce

Trade has been around for thousands of years and even the most isolated tribes have exchanged goods, but not for money. The idea of commerce started with Constantine, the Roman Emperor who is nominated in Revelation 13:13-18 as 666. He established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and forced everyone to worship the image he put up of the Saviour, Jesus Christ, whom he invented based on previous avatars, such as Chrishna (Krishna), the third person of the Vedic Trinity.

We learn in that part of the bible how he took over the world through his domination of trade. "so that none might buy or sell who have not the number of his name or the mark of the beast." We can see from what trade has now become to understand the meaning behind these words. Nature is exploited to the death so that a few can be millionaires while the rest of us remain without power of control over our own finances.

In today's world people must work and pay their taxes, and that is the power behind the trade that 666 implemented. He set up the system and every government since has grown in power because of it.

Talking About It

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    • randomthings lm profile image

      randomthings lm 

      5 years ago

      Great information. Thanks for putting it out there, we need more of that.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Being poor is a commodity for corporate. They want you to be hungry enough to work for pennies. They conspire to make people poor just for that reason. This is in full evidence when you see how those two sugar millionaires (billionaires?) down in Florida devastated a town by filling it with people from another country in order to pay even less in wages. It looks like a third-world country there, from what I can see.


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