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War: Hillary or Trump

Updated on June 25, 2016

I believe the most direct and reasonable answer would be to say neither. Trump, we've seen, can take initiative and is very outspoken on national security. However, as many have said, he is (to be put bluntly) uncontrollable and impulsive. Perhaps this could be a good thing concerning certain areas? That said he is completely untested when it comes to actual war. The man is about business. Nothing says he'll be capable of leading us through war, nothing says he won't. We really have no idea. What we do know is the man is more than capable of starting a war, just be opening his mouth.

Then there's Hillary, who is the woman who allowed four of our men to die*, as a result of her inability to lead and respond in a stressful situation. Now I'm not saying she can't lead because of this, I'm only saying that in a time of war Hillary hasn't shown us her ability as a leader. Those four men will never come back, never hold their children, never kiss their wives again. As a leader this should always be your number one priority. Keep your people alive. That said, we don't fully understand Hillary's reason's for refusing them help, it likely isn't productive or innocent in any way, but we still do not know everything. We can only look at facts and assume, making the judgment of character cloudy and inconsistent. Hopefully, this isn't a woman who wishes America harm.

Now this said, it likely won't matter because our illustrious presidents of past only made final decisions after being advised by leaders in our government. Hillary and Trump won't be any different. If we're really going to be worried, it should be about the members surrounding our leader-to-be, since we're about as screwed as you can get when it comes to presidential candidates.



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    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 21 months ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      I'm With Jill .... that's why I Wrote a letter / hub ... Dear Bernie

      I agree with this hub.... keep sharing the option of "Real Change" ... It's time humanity united and everyone THRIVE

    • norcy profile image

      norcy 22 months ago from Gem state

      Hillary knows how to negotiate the tough world climate.