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was Hugo Chavez poisoned, like Bob Marley and John Gotti

Updated on March 6, 2013

Possible that Chavez's enemies poisoned him.

First off what does John Gotti and Bob Marley have to do with Hugo Chavez? Well, it seems they crossed the wrong paths, meaning certain powerful people we all have an idea, then ended up dead somehow, likely some type of poison. John Gotti the famous mobster died of throat cancer. But the issue I have is that Gotti didn't smoke, he smoked in the 1970's but very rarely. I've notice when in prison and there is a video of him talking on it, when his grandson visited him to chat he claimed to want to be a baseball player. Now what was John Gotti's reply? "You have to do a lot of steroids", this was around year 2000. when he died 2 years later what came out shortly after? Baseball and steroids (that was the cover but included any PED) scandal, Barry Bonds, A-rod, Mark McGwire, etc., and the Mitchell report. Next is Bob Marley, a famous reggae artist, he was actually more than an artist but one was a philosopher (Jamaican man once told me this). He was known for his songs on empowering the poor and lower class which the rich and governments didn't like, even his own government was against him. Plus the Cold War was still going on, this was the late 1970's & 80's, he was influencing the masses to be smart and the government had to do something. There was an assassination attempt on him on stage but was unsuccessful. It may have heighten Bob's physical surroundings because he then died of cancer. Why would somebody use poisoning? It is quiet, less detectable to the victim and can "seem" natural. This is not new but ancient.

Now what about Chavez? He want to Cuba for treatment, Cuba is the best place in Latin America for anything health related. The flag for me is that Chavez kept going back to Cuba for something a bit too fast, meaning his health deteriorated as soon as his stepped foot back in the homeland. Yes let's be real he had many enemies at home and abroad, especially when it came to the oil he helped nationalize. Plus he was into helping the poor and uplifting 3rd world countries and sovereignty of Iran. Most of Western European countries, Russia, US, China and Japan, it may be most countries in the world, have sophisticated programs to poison targets. It was the same fear that Saddam Hussein had, Saddam would have a machine to test everything he ate. But its null that Russia or China would do that since they are allies with Chavez plus he recognized the new nations in the Caucasus that Russia help created. Why take out Chavez? All that oil and stop strife with Columbia. Some other blogs and news clips mentioned why does Latin American leaders who are similar in mind with Chavez catching "cancer". Its way too fishy just as president of Argentina Christina Kirchner having cancer then some time later now she doesn't. Her husband who was also president had cancer then died from it. I don't think this is a political ploy because there are valid hypothesis on the matter. only time could tell or further studies on his body like Yasser Arafat being found to have traces of a poison in him.


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