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water pollution by MR president

Updated on July 23, 2016

the reasons

first of all, is the ignorance in a lot of poor countries there are a lot of people who is ignorance so they are throwing the garbage in the lakes and the rivers the seas so that is the first reason , in addition the factories the are making food to save us but in other hand making a pollution to kill us they are putting the waste of the factories in the rivers ,the lakes and the seas .

in the last our trips are another reasons to this problem there are a lot of people who goes a trips and playing and then they throw the waste in the rivers or .....

like here

that is the ignorance
that is the ignorance
the factories
the factories
and our trips
and our trips

some solutions

the first , is to try to teach those people who don't know how damage are they making to tell them

what they are doing . and try to teach them where they supposed to throw their garbage and to teach them some thing about this world and how is it going to make them a part of our world and then may be they will fell about the world and they will survive and we as well.

the second solution is to create a rules to stop the factories put the waste in the rivers so should enforce the factories at all to respect our lives and to respect our healthy-es

the third solution is to think in our minds how damage we are making when we throwing the garbage in the river and to try to advice each other to stop do that in order to survive and save our world

do you think if we did that we will end this problem ?

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