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Updated on February 5, 2014

Watoto Children's Choir - Ugandan Orphans Raised to be Uganda's Future Leaders

Watoto's Mission is to raise the next generation of Uganda's leaders by placing parentless children in families where the necessary love, care, spiritual discipleship and physical needs are provided.

In 1994, Gary & Marilyn Skinner, who had started KPC Ministries in Uganda, which has millions of children who've been orphaned by AIDS, disease and war, created "Watoto Childcare Ministries" whose core vision is to

- Rescue a Child

- Raise a Leader

- Rebuild a Nation

Their work has been truly miraculous. They have created not orphanages, but villages - with homes, hospitals, schools, recreation, churches, and with a place to go and learn and work after reaching adulthood. But it's not just a place to sleep, eat and read. It is a home, with 7 siblings, and a new mother, and a faith in God and joy of life.

For a child, Watoto has provided the children with a nurturing, loving home and a chance to dream and have a productive, emotionally stable life. Over 1700 orphans have now been rescued - and more importantly - transformed by the Watoto village and the love of God.

Watoto Children's Choir - "Cast Your Burdens Unto Jesus"

This is my favorite song of the entire Watoto Concert. Maybe it's because it's the song with the audience participation - and let me tell you, keeping up with the children's dancing takes a lot of energy and rhythm! Maybe it's because I like the hand movements or the simple lyrics - or the infusion of the tradition "What a friend we have in Jesus" into the song. Whatever it is, this tract of my CD is getting well-worn!

Perhaps you've seen them at your church, or your friend's church?

Have You Seen the Watoto Children's Choir?

See results

Carry Watoto with You on your iPod or laptop

Get these Watoto MP3 downloads and have the heart of Watoto with you all day long. What a blessing!

Watoto Children's Choir Performances

How Do I Know?

I (and my church) were blessed by the Watoto Children's Choir. The love of life and of God shine through the children's faces and voices. They sing, they introduce themselves, they share their hopes and dreams (and a little of their painful past), and their testimony of God's love in their lives.

We then hosted them overnight at our home - what an experience for our daughters!

Get the Watoto Children's Choir to your church or community - and support the saving of children and the rebuilding of a nation!

I am One of Africa's Children - I Need Hope - I am One of Watoto's Children

Watch the transformation - from the children themselves . . .

[And you were complaining during your lunch-break today about what circumstance in your life? . . . ]

Baby Watoto - The Bulrushes - Saving the Abandoned Babies

Abandoned by parents or grandparents who can no longer take care of them, or who have been brutalized themselves, or who have died from AIDS or disease.

I heard a story in college once, about 2 people who were rescuing people out of a river, when finally, 1 of the people turned and walked away - and the other one asked, "Where are you going?", to which the one walking said, "I'm going upstream to find out what's throwing all these people into the river."

The Skinner's are proving with the Bulrushes that they are not afraid to keep walking up the river to:

Rescue a Child

Raise a Leader

Rebuild a Nation

For each baby saved, there's one less traumatized child, one less kidnapped-child-soldier, one more child with a chance at a whole life, and a chance of being a leader - and one more chance that Uganda may one day be brought to peace so that its people are safe, free and prosperous.

Watoto Children's Choir - "Will You Sing My Lullabye?"

One hint - definitely bring tissues with you to the concert. Songs like this definitely make you grateful that the Skinners have arranged to have new mothers be there for these children. We can have a part in it too - donations, hosting a choir, or even going to Uganda to build a new home.


See a real Watoto village - see mothers and their children rescued - hear about the transformation of lives from despair to hope - and now, to passing it on.

If they can do this, so can we.


Watoto Children's Choir - "I Am Not Forgotten"

Thank God that the Skinners not only had a vision for this work, but also the courage to do it, and for these children to be rescued - and now, for these children to overcome their past and to believe that they "are not forgotten" and that God "knows their name!"

Thanks to Watoto, these children now truly have a chance to become "Uganda's Future Leaders," which is Watoto's aim.

Project Gulu (a New Project of Watoto) - Stopping the Abduction of Children into the Militias

KPC (the Skinners' Church) are now starting "Watoto Gulu" to rescue the abduction of children by the LRA into their army. The LRA has abducted 30,000 children, and forced them into killing (others, other children, and their families), abusing others, and being abused and raped by others.


- Make a donation

- Schedule the Watoto Choir to come to your church

- Buy a Watoto Choir CD/DVD

Uganda Children & Orphans - Kidnapped to be Soldiers

I had absolutely no idea that Uganda's rogue military rebels and regimes use the Ugandan orphan population as their "recruitment" pool. Orphans are kidnapped by the military groups (e.g. LRA) and trained to murder - at the young age of 7.

So, feeding, housing, nurturing, teaching and raising orphans not only protects them from starvation and despair, but also from the evils and abuse of kidnappers.

You can't cure a nation, without first allowing a safe haven for its children to grow-up to be healthy adults.

Find out more about just how much Uganda's infrastructure is ruled by these rogue military groups, death and poverty, in any of these books.

Watoto Gulu - Saving Children kidnapped by the LRA militia


Donate now to help Watoto:

- Continue saving Orphans and Raising Future Leaders

- Save Children from being slaves to the LRA militia

- Make the Watoto Villages self-sustaining

- Help other churches replicate the Watoto model


Be connected to a real child - send emails & receive correspondence from a child - knowing that they are living in a home, with siblings and a mother who care for them, and are getting spiritual nurishment, as well as a good education and medical care.

What to give the person who has everything? THE GIFT OF LIFE - Sponsor a Child in your friend's/relative's name!

Can I buy it on Amazon?

Yes, somewhat - but there's a limited amount of things on

If your order through Watoto's website, then Watoto will probably raise more money. ORDER YOUR CD & DVD NOW through the Watoto website.


That way, 3 lives will be touched - yours, the gift recipient, and a Watoto child. Amazing how that works, huh?

I WANT TO help build a Watoto Village - with my own hands!

And you - and your team, if you'd like - can visit Uganda and help the Skinners build a home, a hospital, a school, Project Gulu, roads, and more!

And even better, you can experience the hope and joy of Watoto "up close and personal."

Plan your organization's or your family's next mission trip today - and make it to Watoto!

Watoto Children's Choir - Coming to a Town Near You

Find out when the Watoto Children's Choir will be visiting a town near you.

Don't see a town near you? Then, click the second link to ask for the Watoto Children's Choir to come to you!

Mission Trips

Have you been on a Mission Trip?

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Have you seen the Watoto Choir? Did you experience the energy and the joy? Do you sponsor a Watoto child or a child in another war/poverty/disease-torn country? Did you learn something about the children of Uganda here?

What about YOU?

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    • Jack2205 profile image

      Jack 6 years ago

      Excellent lens. Blessed by the Charities Squid Angel.

    • TheresaMarkham profile image

      TheresaMarkham 6 years ago

      @blessedmomto7: Blessedmombygrace, Thank you for your SquidAngel Blessing!

    • blessedmomto7 profile image

      blessedmomto7 6 years ago

      What an amazing story you have shared here. Blessed by a squid angel whose eyes have been open.

    • profile image

      kgduke 9 years ago

      I have one of your CDs and LOVE it. The kids sing so beautifully. It inspired me to record a CD when I traveled to Zimbabwe and use it as a fundraising rool for Nyadire, Zimbabwe. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • profile image

      anna_michaels 9 years ago

      I am completely impressed by the progress this project has made. More of this is what needs to happen. Welcome to the Something Can be Done about it Group!

    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 9 years ago

      I definitely learned something new about Uganda. Welcome to the Help Africa group.