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Wedding Chair Decorations

Updated on April 22, 2008

Wedding Chair Decorations

There are plenty of options when it comes to wedding chair decoration. Flowers, covers or just leaving them plain, the choice is yours. Here are some photos of the options that you have and some ideas to make sure that you get the best for your day.

Wedding Chair Covers

This is one of the most popular ways to decorate wedding chairs. It is particularly good in hotels or country clubs where the chairs are functional but not very elegant. Chair covers can have the effect of completely transforming the room.

It's a good idea to go to a specialist linen hire firm. There are some small businesses that just do chair covers but most will also do table linen as well.

Using one company for both things will enable you to get a coordinated look to your wedding reception. In the photo you can see that the colors of the tables and chair linen coordinate and are perfect for this tropical outdoor reception.

If you have used a chair cover company, they will often give you the option of having colored sashes / bows on the chairs.

If you have a certain color theme, you can accent it with these bows. Many companies will be able to give you the option of material for your sashes. Organza bows give a nice light appearance whereas silk or satin is more luxurious.

In this photo the green sashes give a real touch of style to the the whole table arrangement. Some people like to use striking colors for the sash, others prefer a more subtle color that coordinates with the chair cover.

Another popular idea is to place a flower in the back of the chair or at the side. You can place it in the back of the bow if you are using chair covers.

Alternatively if you are having a more relaxed wedding you can have the flower simply tied to the chair. This is appropriate for an outdoor wedding.

You can get your chair decorations to match your table decorations. In the photo the subtle color of the chair covers matches with the place settings and menus.

You'll also notice that these chairs are square backed. Make sure that your linen hire company has the right covers for this shape of chair if you have them.

If you are having favors on the tables, you can also get these to match. Check out this site for one of the largest selection of wedding favors on the web.

If you like the traditional look, you may prefer white linen on the tables and chairs. You can see from this photo that this gives a touch of elegance and is a wonderful backdrop for wedding flower centerpieces or other decorations.

It's very difficult to make a mistake if you stick to white, so if you are unsure this is a good choice of color.

This type of cover is made from good quality linen and looks top class. With chair covers becoming quite popular I've noticed some cheap stretch nylon covers being offered. These look very cheap and will not be as pleasant to sit on.

Don't be afraid to ask your supplier what their covers are made from. This is especially important if you are ordering over the Internet without seeing the quality first.

If you prefer something a bit more modern, you can choose from any number of different colors. As you can see from this chocolate brown scheme, changing your wedding table and chair decorations can have a dramatic effect.

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    • davis66 profile image

      davis66 7 years ago

      Whether it is for a wedding or an afternoon tea party, it is really eye catching to coordinate your chairs with your table decor. Nice lens.