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Political News of the Week

Updated on September 15, 2011

Weekly Politics

There is plenty of political news to follow up on as the election campaign heats up for the Republicans in the quest to take back the White House. Will update top political news stories on a weekly to monthly basis. Here are the some of the political highlights of the week.

Week of September 12 - 16 2011

Obama's job bill gets the cold shoulder

President Obama's jobs plan is not being well received by his Republican opponents in Congress. The $467 billion jobs bill aims to increase employment, build infrastructure, help state and local governments to stem the layoffs of educators and emergency personnel. The American Jobs Act would also cut the payroll tax by about $1500 for people making 50k per year. The Republicans do like the payroll tax cut however they do not like how the President has proposed to pay for the bill, Obama is looking at tax increases for wealthier Americans. President Obama is hoping to get the bill passed in Congress however it seems it has very little chance of succeeding because Republicans are not going to increase taxes to pay for it. Also Obama is facing his lowest ratings so far in his presidency, 62 percent of Americans disapprove of Obama's handling of the economy so far. The bottom line is this bill is dead on arrival, no major piece of legislation is going to get passed until after the next election.


Tea Party Debate

The Tea Party Debate had Republican candidates ganging up on the front runner Governor Rick Perry. Perry came under attack for issues such as vaccinating school girls, state tuition for children of illegal immigrants and of course for calling social security a big Ponzi scheme. The debate so far has not knocked Perry off as the front runner however it may have wounded him a bit however it remains to be scene if will have any significant impact over the long run.


Anthony Weiner's district goes to the GOP

Of course we all know about the Anthony Wiener scandal and how it ended his political career due to a candid picture of himself that he sent out. The real surprise in this story is that the Democrats lost this seat to the Republican Bob Turner. Democrats in the 9th district in New York outnumber Republicans 3 to 1 and has been held by the Dems since 1923. I think the result of the election is more about Obama's disapproval than anything else, however it is still a shock and the Democrats should pay close attention to this.


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